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March 26, 2019

Innovate the Industry With Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is one of the famous and successful innovators in the world of entrepreneurship because of his power in executing smart ideas, products, and methods that greatly influence and impacts our industry. He knows how to carefully look at problems in a wide manner and in various perspectives and point of view. Petrossov has been recognized by Forbes and awarded as the top working professional in Florida by Sun-Sentinel. He knows how to come up with specific and practical solutions by providing endless ideas and value to companies worldwide. Sergey Petrossov is a talented man who is capable of assisting other companies in reaching its full potential and success.

Innovation is crucial and significant in the fast and tough world that we live in today. Technologies continuously advance and we have to grow along with it. Sergey Petrossov has the right amount of understanding as to why innovation is important and a must which is why he invested his own capital and gathered his brilliant team from his projects in the past before planning and executing an app that has the power to link people and jet setters to fly with outstanding exclusive jet operators. JetSmarter, a company founded by Petrossov, launched its beta-version in 2012. He was able to partner with hundreds of people who have the same vision as him as well as increasing the funds for the improvement of the company. His company was officially launched exactly six years ago.

The team and management of JetSmarter are skilled and well-trained. A lot of his employees worked from big companies in the past and has executed projects for Microsoft, BMW, NASA, Uber, Nokia, and a lot more. Sergey Petrossov wants to use the advantages of technology by implementing new products that will benefit millions of people in the long run.