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February 02, 2019

The genius of Blockchain, Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is called the Bill Gates in his country for founding blockchain technologies. He is very instrumental in the financial world for the invention of applications and development of software. He is the inventor and use of blockchain technologies. Serge Belamant’s invention has become the base for the creation of cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant achieved this by the use of smart cards and a micro-controller. The micro-controller can create distributed transaction ledger independently. Several banks and governments use the blockchain technology for various operations including the depositing and withdrawal of money in a very secure manner.

The story behind this genius, Serge Belamant

About Serge Belamant, he is French by origin having been born in France at Tulle in 1953. He moved together with his father to South Africa. He stayed there and learned English before joining the Johannesburg high school at school. He was highly recognized owing to his participation in various outdoor activities. He excelled in games like rugby and athletics in general. He also did well in his academic work. He was respected for the achievements and was made the house captain in the bridge and science club. After a year, he was made the perfect, continued to excel until he completed his high school, and performed exceptionally. The results landed him a position the university. At Witwat University, he studied engineering but later changed to computer science and applied mathematics. In the third year, he transferred to UNISA and studied information systems. He dropped from the University for failing to redo the courses he did at previously.

Work experience and the blockchain technology inception

He landed his first work at matrix. He worked in the technological department. He developed computer models for CSIR. He was later made the manager of the department. He also worked for various other technology firms, and it was through these activities that he created the much-loved application, UEPS from FT. The moment of N1 Technology ser in and Serge Belamant used this technology to improve his creative invention and came up with the smart card using microtechnology. The invention led to his promotion to the CEO and chairperson of Net1 Technologies.


December 20, 2018

What does Shervin Pishevar Really Express in his 21-hour Tweet Storm?

Following his unending words, you have probably come across this man, Shervin Pishevar, in various social media platforms. As, such, it is not surprising at all how he went ranting in a tweet storm for 21 hours and over 50 messages on predictions of a possible decline in the U.S economy.

Among the many issues, Pishevar, the founding father of Sherpa Capital discussed in this particular tweet include bitcoin, bonds, immigration, and SpaceX. According to him, bitcoin is likely to experience a significant drop off between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars. It will then start rising bit by bit.

From the predictions of the coming financial storm as a result of a drop in the stock market, the early Uber investor touched on the crippling situation of Silicon Valley. The tech crunch also expressed his thoughts on a wide range of other issues that are likely to affect the U.S economy. Some of the problems Shervin Pishevar predicts are;

The expected continuation in the ongoing bitcoin crash.

The United States is losing dramatically to countries like China, especially on matters involving infrastructure developments.

The likelihood of bonds volatile nature extending across other significant markets.

How California has lost its firm grip on technological innovations and cultural stability.

An extensive reduction in the stock markets by 6,000 points is on the way.

The big business organizations in the U.S will continue gaining more power due to the low rates of new business start-ups.

Notably, the 21-hour tweet storm happens to be Shervin Pishevar’s first public statement since his resignation in December following a series of sexual harassment allegations. Having been off the public eye for a considerable period, Shervin’s come back with the two-day extravaganza is quite significant. It is hard to determine his motivation for re-emergence into the limelight. Some see revenge as the motivating factor on those who tainted his excellent reputation.

Over the years, Shervin Pishevar has greatly contributed to the world of investments through his helpful insights and analysis reports on various industries. In most cases, his predictions are always true. As such, despite painting a dying picture of the state of the U.s economy in his messages, every investor who wishes to succeed should heed his warnings and prepare accordingly.