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September 19, 2017

Doe Deere’s Five Steps to Success

Doe Deere is the founder and current CEO of the spunky and unique makeup company Lime Crime. The goal of Lime Crime is to help every woman discover her inner unicorn through bright and fun makeup. Doe Deere has always loved wearing loud and wild makeup. She doesn’t believe that makeup always has to look natural but that you can use it to express yourself however you want whether that be with blue hair or purple lipstick.

In a brief article, Doe Deere, explains how she became such a successful entrepreneur in such a short amount of time. She outlines her success in five simple steps. The first is to find your passion and follow it. Doe Deere has a passion for fun makeup and now it’s what she does for a living. You’ll never get half as far doing something you hate than you would if you were doing something you love.

The next step is use and expand on your skill set. This is similar to finding your passion and following it. You’ll go much farther focusing on things that you’re good at rather than forcing yourself to do things that you struggle with. In today’s society, we tend to focus on our areas of weakness to overcome them. But Doe Deere has shown just how ineffective that is. She capitalizes on her strengths and is exponentially more successful for it.

The next step is to tackle problems head on. Letting them fester is the best way to seriously hurt your company. Problems will prove easy enough to fix if you just handle them as soon as they pop up. Doe Deere believes in sticking it out until you’ve overcome the problem so that you can move on to handle the next one. Learn more:

The fourth step Doe Deere recommends is to learn from others. Doe Deere says she has learned a lot and avoided tons of problems just by opening her mind and ears and taking advice from anyone and everyone around her regardless of their station in life or position in her company. She doesn’t push people’s concerns aside because she knows they may make a huge difference. Learn more:

The final step is the take risks. Creating a company that sells solely vibrant and unusual makeup seems like a risk in and of itself. Yet Doe Deere has taken that risk and it has brought her immense success. Learn more:

September 28, 2016

Malini Saba : Philanthropist and Inspiration

Malini Saba is the founder of the company Saban; a company that has investments in different industries across the globe. Such examples include real estate, technology companies, and the oil and gas markets.Some of her earliest investments in her career included several technology companies, including Paypal and Netscreen Technologies Inc. Malini is known as a very devoted philanthropist. In 2001 she founded “Stree: Global Investments in Women”, to help with women that are pregnant or who are at high risk as well as low income, see themselves in society. Former United States President Bill Clinton as well as Jordan’s Queen both helped inaugurate Stree.



Stree itself helps women access legal empowerment, healthcare, and a way to connect to local governments a policies in a number of countries including Africa and India. In 2004 she visited the areas hit by a tragic Tsunami that year in India and Sri Lanka. She pledged ten million dollars to help with recovery efforts. In 2005 Malini donated one million dollars to help with the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.



Malini has been awarded several titles for her work over the years. Some of these include Entrepreneur of the Year from the Business Women Network of Washington, D.C. , in 2001, The Mother Theresa Award from Los Angeles County, CA, in 2004, Philanthropist of the Year by Pratham, an Indian NGO that promotes education for children, and much more.



Malini is an inspiration to those who read about her from all over. She initially pursued a masters in Psychology at The University of Western Australia in Perth, as well as Stanford University, but continued her education in pursuit of a PhD. While taking classes from the Universities, she took odd jobs around campus to help pay for her books, board, food, and other expenses. Eventually she began sitting in on business lectures and started to meet some venture capitalists. Taking what advice she was given, Malini began investing some of her savings in stocks in different companies as well as commodities. Her best investment returns to date have been from the various oil and gas companies that she had invested in.