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September 24, 2018

Francisco Domenech Shows What Unique Leadership Skills Can Do

Although leadership isn’t something that everyone else has, it seems that some people were born with it in their hands. Looking at how the life of Francisco Domenech has been, you can conclude that leadership has been his lifestyle. He was born in 1978 on April 29 in Puerto Rico. He serves at Politank today as the Managing Partner. Politank is a law firm that mainly deals with the affairs of the government. The law firm ensures the private interests are properly presented in the government forums. According to Francisco Domenech, creative strategies are required to make this happen.

He has also served in the Puerto Rico Legislative Services Office as the Director from 2005 to 2008. When you see someone take up some positions, you are sure they are well skilled and educated. Domenech has been an active person in politics for several years now. He avidly supports the idea of adding another state in the United States to make them 51. He supports every move aimed at ensuring Puerto Rico becomes the new state in the United States. Francisco Domenech was a busy man in 2007 to 2012 since he served in the Democratic National Committee as an avid member. Read more about Domenech at

He represented the American Young Democrats in this forum, and his efforts were conspicuous to all. Domenech had the privilege to be a delegate of the previous four Democratic National Conventions. He was one of the key people in the campaign team Hillary Clinton had selected in 2008 and 2016. He showed great leadership as the Deputy Campaign Manager. His political skills and campaign strategies helped Clinton to win the senatorial seat against Obama in 2008.

Francisco Domenech also helped Clinton to defeat Sanders in the senatorial race in 2016. Hillary Clinton picked him to play some pivotal roles at the National Finance Committee that organized her presidential campaigns in 2016. He proved to be a person with great leadership skills when he streamlined the Local Legislative staff as the Director. Domenech improved the operations Legislative Library offered to ensure that people with disabilities could also access them. He ensured the more than 800 legislative pieces were handled professionally and within the scheduled timeline. His philanthropic causes show that giving back to the community is a noble task for everyone.



Soros’s Campaign Donation Tops Six Million

The 2016 campaign trail is blazing. According to recent articles, Hillary Clinton is leading the PAC with contributions. She has more than 112 million and is thankful for the donations from George Soros. George Soros is one of the billionaire financiers that is donating to the campaigns of Hillary. Commercials and other campaign items cost a lot of money. Campaign funds are necessary for the candidates to continue telling us why they should be the next President of the United States of America.
George Soros gave Hillary’s Campaign over 6 million dollars towards her Democratic campaign. He hopes to ease another Clinton hopeful into the Presidential seat of the White house. According to the following article,, Soros donates to American politics and is trying to keep the Bush family out of the race in 2016.

Soros, Hungarian Forbes billionaire has spent a few hours speaking and interviewing about his beliefs in the world’s economic status. He believes that the dollar was in crisis in 2008. The way he sees it is, the European market is on its way to a crisis because of the open refugee policy they have. In the past, the Europeans have taken in more than one million refugees and strained their own economies. George Soros also believes that he is one of the few that will speak out about his beliefs in this manner.

Born in Budapest, George Soros survived the Nazi occupation and eventually moved to the United States where he learned how to make money. An active individual that believes in human rights. He has written several books and appears regularly in magazines with his opinions and knowledge. He knows how to make money and is hoping his donation will get the right person in the office for President Of The United States of America. George Soros may not be standing beside of Hillary Clinton on the campaign stage but he is actively watching her campaign from the comfort of his abode. Soros is going to be very important to the campaign trail and he is watching closely the donations that other people are receiving towards their campaign.

Hopeful to be part of the campaign celebration for Hillary, Soros is happy being the one that is financing and holding the records for donations.