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November 18, 2017

Life Line Screening And Its Commitment In Preventing Diseases

A private company situated in Austin, Texas, Life Line Screening is a prevention and wellness company that was first established in the year 1993. The main founders of the institution were Timothy Philips and Colin Scully. Within a short period o time, the services of Life Line Screening expanded to the United Kingdom and USA. By the year 1998, Life Line Screening had its presence across the US and offered screenings to over 500,000 individuals. The company in 2007 started offering finger-sticking blood testing as part of its screening services so as to offer screening for a lipid panel ( Complete cholesterol count), C-reactive protein ( inflammation) and Glucose ( diabetes).

In 2007, Life Line Screening managed to launch their preventive health screening services in the United Kingdom. Services such as atrial fibrillation screenings were also introduced in 2008. The health screening services of Life Line Screening were introduced in Australia in the year 2012 whereby it used the name Screen for Life. Since its official launching, Life Line Screening has performed more than eight million preventive health screenings. The institution also conducts more than a million screenings every single year which normally includes electrocardiographs, blood screenings and ultrasound scans. These screenings are effective in detecting common diseases such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and atrial fibrillation.

Life Line Screenings only charge a small fee for their screening health services. It also conducts more than 16,000 local community events each year which are meant to offer screening screenings. The staff that serves at Life Line Screening has the required expertise and experience needed to conduct effective preventive health screenings. The main aim of Life Line is to help their clients identify potential problems early in enough and also seek medical attention if any diseases are identified. In order to identify common health problems, Life Line Screening has entered into partnership with professional doctors to improve the quality of life.

Providing for health screenings is normally easy and simple. Most of the procedures are non-invasive and a patient does not need to be admitted. It’s important to remember that one should put on loose clothing that will not interfere with the screening procedures. A patient should also keep off turtle necks and long sleeved tops. Book an appointment with the institution conducting the screenings early in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. If any diseases are detected during the health screenings, make sure you get treated immediately.

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