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Malcolm CasSelle: A Source of Future Mindfulness

As technology progresses it seems like there is a constant race between programmers and hackers. Guaranteeing security online is always a challenge. Even the most security-minded company is often run into blocks that they can’t develop software defense for fast enough. The problem with fraud also extends to the world of online transactions. People are often worried about their personal information being stolen or not getting what they paid for. As common as this may be in day-to-day life it naturally follows that this issue would extend to online communities as well. A major issue in the sale of digital goods such as those related video games is the problem of fraud. Even putting fraud aside there is also the problem of finding a legitimate buyer. There seems to be no popular central market for these types of goods. This makes it incredibly difficult for buyers and sellers to find one another. Luckily, there are entrepreneurs such as Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm is a graduate of MIT and Stanford. His bachelor’s degree in computer science was earned from MIT and his subsequent graduate degree was earned from Stanford. He also speaks fluently in Japanese as well is Mandarin. This aids in his international business interest that tend to focus on Asian markets. He has filled many key roles such as formally filling the role of CTO at Tronc. At this moment Malcolm is the president of WAX, which stands for worldwide acid exchange. He also is CIO of OPSkins. WAX is a project launched by OPSkins to address the needs previously mentioned.

Through their research and experience in the tech field, they believe that the answer to this issue is finding a way to curve the fracturing of the market as well as the fraud within it. Initially, this undertaking seemed large but they were able to put their expertise to work and developed a new form of blockchain which ensures security among these types of transactions. They also believe that that they can create a centralized market for these types of transactions. This development was spearheaded by Malcolm and is only one small example of his futuristic thought.