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November 08, 2016

Securus Bags another Accolade to their Name

Securus Technologies, an industry leader in providing civil and criminal justice tech solutions, recently achieved the A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB). This new accolade boosts their relevance in the market and puts a stamp of authority in whatever statements they make as a company.


This new certification doesn’t really come as a surprise, given how much I admire Securus’ efforts in revolutionizing inmate service systems. This is the company that united inmates to their loved ones through the In-House Domestic Call System established in prisons. And this call system accommodates 220 inmates at a go, making it the largest in America. So large that it put Securus right at the forefront as an industry leader in how inmate call services are handled.


The next step was to get accreditation for the amazing innovations the company has achieved and this is where BBB comes in. Not every company gets to qualify for the A+ rating because there are a couple of standards to be met.


To begin with, a company must show a positive track record in the marketplace and must practice honesty in all their endeavors—whether it is advertising or selling. Companies must be truthful in the products and services by giving clear disclosures to consumers. Transparency is another requirement, meaning the business has to openly define their location, nature of their business, and the management team running it.


Additionally, a company must be responsive to consumers, honor all agreements (whether written or verbal), safeguard the privacy of the consumer and practice integrity while dealing with customers or fellow business establishments. Securus has been working hard, and closely, with Better Business Bureau to prove they are a legitimate business that puts the client’s interests first. This is why they can now boast of an A+ rating which makes them even more credible in the industry they serve.

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Easier Complaints for Inmates with Securus

Inmates love Securus. They are the company that helps them get and pay for the commissary that makes their jail experience more bearable. They are also the company that is responsible for handling the phone calls that go out to the loved ones who they have on the outside. While the jails are the ones who furnish the monitoring of the phone calls, Securus is responsible for the actual phone calls and the system by which payment is made for each of the phone calls to people on the outside and from people on the outside. Securus is a company that works to ensure inmates have the communication that they desire on the outside.

Another program that is offered by Securus is the email program. Inmates in the past had to rely on phone calls and paper mail. These things took a long time and could sometimes be costly. Securus came up with the idea of emails and implemented it in many different prisons using a kiosk system. The emails are monitored in the same way as phone calls, but it is much easier for the jail to monitor the emails than it is for them to monitor the phone calls.

Securus is making waves again with their automated form program. Inmates who are having issues are able to use forms that automatically get sent to the correct person instead of having to go through different avenues to get taken care of. This ensures that the inmates’ complaints are taken care and that they have fewer complaints.

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