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How to Keep Up with Your Online Reputation the Right Way

Protecting your online reputation goes beyond those major review sites like Yelp, OnlineReputationReviews, Google, Amazon, and Choice just to name a few. There are numerous sites to be on the lookout for when searching for mentions of your brand, whether it be good or bad. It’s time to arm yourself with tools to help watch these review sites and scour the internet of any posts that may say your name or brand.
Monitoring Tools Can Lighten the Load
A single person that dedicates all their time to looking through publications and sites for any place your brand name could appear, would take up all of their time.

Luckily, there are tools to help track down your brand’s name across the internet. There are premium, free, and freemium tools that will make the job easier. They have customizable settings that will alert you whenever a new mention or review of your brand pops up. Google Alerts is a popular free service that will send notifications according to your settings to notify you of new posts.

Making User Reviews Play in Your Favor
We all know it’s impossible to have perfect 5-star ratings and keep them as time progresses. It actually makes consumers a little weary if your record is too clean. It almost implicates that the company cannot be trusted and the reviews faked! Naturally, when you do stumble across a negative review, do not try to bury it. Instead, address the problem and offer solutions. Your audience is paying attention to how you deal with disgruntled consumers and will respect you more when handled like a professional and the situation is addressed, solved, and the complaining party satisfied.

Rush Jobs Equal No Jobs
Let’s face it. Those who rush will at some point overlook something critical that could cost you more than reputation points. This is why it is pertinent to take your time and properly invest concentrated sections of your day to solely focus on managing your online reputation. There is an overwhelming amount of platforms that you will have to search, monitor, and address constantly in order to stay on top of the curve and keep your reputation intact. If you’re feeling a little frantic—don’t panic, there are online reputation firms that do this for a living and can aid you in keeping your reputation managed. Just be sure to do your homework on them to make sure they’re a good fit!