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June 13, 2017

The Rules of Brian Bonar’s Success

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is a good example to consider when trying to become a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes, you have to acquire a good vision of the future, make significant decisions, go against what others are telling you, have a lot of dedication and then, by the end, a little bit of luck as well.

But with Brian Bonar, you will learn not to give chances to bad luck. The maximizing effort is the best effort, and there is no such thing as working too much to pursue your dreams.

Being the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the investment company Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian has a special love for finances and the business of capital management. For Brian Bonar, It’s not just about the money, but about making strategies and allies to help other people grow together in a very competitive environment. When Brian Bonar began to succeed in the face of dozens of other prominent personalities in the financial industry, he started to realize what it takes to be successful.

Initially an expert in building design and the real estate market, he quickly saw the potential that he had for the more technical side of financial management. After a few years, he began to study and develop his mind to become prominent in procurement and contract administration.

With a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University, he had the potential to become a great engineer, but he knew that he had a particular passion for the administration side of the industry, and decided to abandon the easier path of leading the mechanical engineer career to pursue the life of an entrepreneur.

Before making such a drastic decision though, he had a very stable spot at IBM, as a procurement manager who was responsible for the job of outsourcing motherboards for machines that were being sold by IBM. He would then leave this job to be an active engineer at QMS, where he was also in touch with the administration side of the industry, as he had to manage a large team of junior engineers, and administrating a group of 100 professionals is no easy task, but the man managed to do it.

Leading to the foundation of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, he first worked as the Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Sector for the Rastek Corporation, where he began to get in touch with the profession of his future. The marketing industry was his passion, he noticed at Rastek, and suddenly, he realized that maybe it wasn’t too late to get specialized in the sales and financial management market.

After a few years dedicating his best into pursuing the financial manager career, he would then become the President of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a company that he has been with for many years now, steadily growing alongside his customers.