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April 27, 2018

Learn More About The Philanthropic Journey For Tony Petrello

When a calamity strikes, it leaves most people suffering and others with no hope for a better tomorrow. It takes a person with a philanthropic heart to help the victims of any calamity to rise again and see some light amid great darkness. This is what Tony Petrello is remembered for. Texas is among the states in the world that experienced devastating hurricanes in 2017. The hurricane brought widespread property damage, devastation, and flooding that left many communities helpless. Most of the people who knew Texas as their home got displaced by the hurricane Harvey. For this reason, several corporations and individuals came in to save the situation and Tony happened to be one of them.

An oil company based in Texas called Nabors Industries came in with help that surpassed what the victims had expected. It is the company where Tony serves as the CEO and the most paid for that matter. Most of the victims of hurricane Harvey saw hope at the end of the tunnel the moment Nabors Industries landed in that place. This company is known for the top-notch oil drilling services it provides to its customers. It is quite amazing that all the employees in Nabors Industries decided to follow the steps of their CEO Tony on philanthropic matters. They decided to give all they could to make Houston and Texas better places for the victims.

The relief efforts surpassed what most people expected and this became a memorable thing in these states. Tony helped the employees to help the victims by ensuring they got paid time off for the duration they worked on the ground to support the survivors. Tony says that this company has played some integral roles in seeing the locals happy again. For this reason, Tony couldn’t deny any of the employees any chance to offer the support they felt compelled to give the hurricane victims.

One thing Tony Petrello has always ensured is that the resources of this company are utilized in the right way, especially, in helping the natural disaster victims. Tony, however, has a daughter,Carena, who suffers a neurological disorder. She suffers from periventricular leukomalacia, which was diagnosed when she was about six months old. This disorder is known to hinder oxygen from accessing the brain part. Tony and his wife Cynthia later decided to support the Duncan Neurological Research Institute with the aim of finding a solution to this problem. This institute is committed to finding some treatment options for such neurological disorders that affect children.

January 27, 2017

The Brilliant behind the Success of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is a renowned entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. He is an expert in the alternative investments field and has worked in this industry for over a decade. He has always been passionate about the investment industry and took a keen interest in the goings on of the industry at a very tender age. Mr. Schneider graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor’s degree and soon after, he started working as an investment advisor. He has worked with a number of high-profile financial institutions over the years. These include Smith Barney, Axiom Capital Management, Alex Brown, Paradigm Global Advisors and Merril Lynch. He worked his way up the corporate ladder in these companies and gained extensive experience in the various positions he held.

Ascendant Capital, LLC

In 2008, Mr. Schneider founded Ascendant Capital with the aim of raising capital for sponsors of alternative asset funds—both the emerging ones and the established ones. He currently serves as the CEO of the Austin-based company. Ascendant grew in leaps and bounds over the years and now has an expansive network of private banks, brokers, investment advisors and family offices which it works with to meet its clients’ needs. It offers its services to both the private and public sector in the U.S. and beyond. It is made up of a team of about 30 professionals who are all experts in their fields and always have their clients’ best interests at heart.

Jeffry has fostered a culture of open dialogue and teamwork in the company and this has contributed greatly to the company’s success. He believes in using alternative investments to diversify one’s investment portfolio and hence minimize the risk of making losses because of the investments performing poorly. Ascendant LLC has helped raise millions of dollars for various asset funds since its establishment. These funds have been used to purchase auto dealerships and real estate among other things.


Jeffry believes in giving back to the community and is therefore a close affiliate of several charitable organizations. Some of these are God Loves We Deliver, The Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and Cherokee Home for Children. He makes donations to these charities, both personally and through Ascendant Capital, to fund some of their projects. He also takes part in their activities as service to his community.


Ascendant always strives to offer excellent services to its clients and it is no wonder that its clients keep going back to it for more services and referring other companies and individuals to it. Jeffry is a fitness enthusiast and a lover of life. He enjoys traveling in his free time. He is very active on social media as is evident from his Twitter page where he shares inspirational messages, business tips and other life hacks with his followers.



Investing in Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Banking Company

One of the most interesting sections of banking is the investment banking industry. While the investment bank has its roots in the banking industry, a regular person may not use services offered by investment banks for banking. The reason is that many investment banks have specified banking services separate from that offered by conventional banks. People that deal in investment banks earn significant money or have an impressive net worth. Investment banks are companies geared to assist investors in the high-end market. Most deals involved in the investment banking industry have a minimum of six figures. Most of the banking services provided by investment banks provide assistance to funding, mergers and acquisitions, and business deals. Investment bankers seek to help people that want to venture in the investment industry. They handle all the money and investments by their clients.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who runs his investment banking firm. Martin has shown interest in the investment banking industry through his hard work and passion. He has earned the praise of many clients from different parts of the United States, especially in Florida. Apart from his interests in the investment banking industry, Martin is always passionate about helping others. He has helped many people that do not know how to invest and save money for their future. By working hand in hand, he has helped many develop a solid financial plan.

Through his investment banking company, many people have built their success on the investment industry. Martin has shown a proper understanding of different investment strategies critical for the success of any business. He has shown a clear understanding of the investment industry and how it works. Most of his clients stop by to hear several thoughts on the financial markets. Martin finds this a great way to interact with most of his clients. That is one of the many reasons why people love to work with him. Martin is highly active on several social media platforms. He uses the platforms to update clients on possible lucrative investments and his business operations. Although the investment industry can seem difficult at first, a good investment banker should make everything simple.

Bruce Levenson Helps Make Nonprofit Center

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership has become the best place to do research on philanthropy in the United States. The center has a bunch of courses that all end with the addition of 10,000 dollars to non profit organizations. There is an upcoming challenge that is being hosted by the organization that will try and cause social change for a cause. The center’s mission is to try and cause social change, and also to generate a new generation of people with the correct skills to lead in the non profit sector. Bruce Levenson is the one who donated the money that made this program able to launch, and then helped keep it afloat a few years later. He is an owner of the Atlanta Hawks and a Forbes billionaire, he does many wonderful things in the world of philanthropy.

Bruce Levenson Contniues To Push In A Bid To Hwelp Non Profit Students

The Center For Philanthropy And NonProfit Leadership at The University of Maryland has been a labor of love for Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson as they seek to provide the best equipped students for nonprofit groups around the world. The UCG co-founder and wife Karen have been at the heart of the center since its inception, which saw them provide seed money to help establish the school. Four years after its establishment the school has again benefited from the generosity of the Levensons who have provided a $5.6 million donation to allow the center to continue growing. Bruce and Karen Levenson are determined to continue to push forward the benefits of the school for the local community and nonprofits around the world. Since the initial donation from Bruce and Karen Levenson the center has grown to include a sixty person dorm dedicated to those undergraduates aand graduates studying the many different programs. University of Martland alumni Karen Levenson and husband Bruce are reported by PR Newswire to believe the mission of the school is to provide each student with teh skills needed to be a professional philanthropist; other areas the Levenson’s are keen to impress on the public include the need for the center to continue in its aim to produce students acrioss campus who are informed and aware of the needs of others as possible. The full article about the donation by Bruce Levenson can be found here: