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February 27, 2019

“Marc Beer raises $42 million in funding for his women’s health startup, Renovia “

Marc Beer Renovia is among the owners of the Renovia Inc. which is an upcoming venture. It focuses on producing fresh commodities for pelvic floor disorders. This is after a 42 million agreement was concluded with a medical firm. The company is located in Boston and is producing diagnostic drugs to treat the disorder such as urinary incontinence. The initial product Renovia created, Leva, was approved by the FDA. Longwood Fund is an institution that concentrates on healthcare and it invested in Renovia from the start. The funds obtained from the company are used to improve therapeutic goods such as modernized Leva machine. He undertook his studies from Miami University where he graduated with a BS.


Marc Beer Renovia is grateful to have the assistance of the funding company since their main objective is to improve diagnosis and treatments. In addition, the goal of the company is to better the lives of women who are suffering from a pelvic floor disorder. By joining technologies and form factors with advanced health platforms, this will give clients better services. They will be in a position to feed their clients with information on the disorder and reduce health fees. This is going to help the clients save the cost on charges and utilize it in a beneficial way.


Besides being in the health sector, Marc Beer Renovia is a strategic consultant to OvaScience. The biotech firm is based in Waltham where it announced that it is partnering with Millendo Therapeutics to improve their products. He has over 25 years of experience in biotechnology and diagnostics. Moreover, he has a wide knowledge of pharmaceuticals which makes him a competent health expert. Renovia was established in 2016 and closed financing with prominent capital funds. This was in the best interest of every individual of the company so as to develop it.


Marc Beer Renovia came up with ViaCell in 2000 making him the ultimate owner. It is a biotechnology firm which focuses on the collection of umbilical cord blood stem cells. He managed the company for seven years, which made it prosper in the commercial sector. Under his management, the firm developed to contain over 300 workers. While managing the company, he had several tasks with Genzyme. Lately, he served as the vice president of Global Marketing in which he had a duty of launching multiple commodities. The products being presented were of rare illnesses on a worldwide measure. Learn more:


September 29, 2018

Renovia Inc. Obtains Funding for Women’s Healthcare

Renovia Inc. co-founder, Marc Beer, has obtained funding in the form of a $32 million Series B round along with $10 million in venture debt. This backing comes from the Longwood Fund, a group of top investors with an emphasis on healthcare and will support Renovia’s research and development of products for diagnosing and addressing pelvic floor disorders, such as female incontinence, a condition shared by 250 million women, along with four other products, including an updated version of Renovia’s first product, the Leva device, which was approved by the FDA in April 2018.


Beer said in a statement that Renovia is thrilled to have the backing of a healthcare investor that shares the vision of improving the lives of women affected by pelvic floor disorders. He added that Renovia’s platform will provide customers with the data to evaluate treatment options and to gain understanding of pelvic floor disorders, with an end goal of eventually lowering long-term healthcare costs.


Renovia’s research is backed by Beer’s 25 years of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices and diagnostics.


Starting in April 2000, under Beer’s 7-year tenure as ViaCell Founding CEO, the company, which gathers and stores umbilical cord blood stem cells, grew to over 300 employees. During that period, Beer also devoted his time to serving on the board of directors for the biopharmaceutical company, Erytech Pharma.


His previous experience includes Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme for which he handled the global launch of products directed toward addressing effects of rare diseases and time spent working with Abbott Laboratories where he handled pharmaceutical and diagnostics sales and marketing.


He served on the Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board and was a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Other time spent on boards include Founding Chairman of the board of directors of Good Start Genetics, Inc. and for Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Beer was a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council and the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee and Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council.


Beer has a BS from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Learn more:


September 07, 2018

The Chainsmokers Set Fire to Billboard Charts

Every now and there will be a production group that comes to the forefront that knows how to connect with fans behind the scenes and on the front lines. In the past Kanye West and Timbaland have been able to turn put their producer hats on for their own music and step into the spotlight at artists.

Right now this is what The Chainsmokers have become. They are the producers that are taking a lot of interest in producing music for others, but they are also taking time to build their own their own music. Their debut album is still hanging on the Billboard charts after more than a year. This should be an exciting thing for the duo, but they have been working so hard one might wonder if they have even noticed.

The “Sick Boy” single dropped, and it had a darker flow than their previous material, but the fans are still embracing this. They have won awards like the Grammy for “Best Dance Recording” and Billboard awards for the “Top Hot 100 Song.” They have also releases new singles like “Side Effects” that further cements their connection with Generation Z. For people that that are fans of this group there may be a method to how they attract so many fans, and the “Side Effects” alterations provide a clue.

There are six versions of this “Side Effects” song that have been released, and that is part of the Chainsmokers charm. Emily Warren is singing the vocals on the track, and actress Camila Mendes appears in the video. The Chainsmokers, in terms of the visual imagery for the song, are nowhere to be found. Yet, there are 6 different versions of the song for fans to listen to. They have created different EDM sounds for fans to embrace. They know how to capture the attention of a multitude of listeners.

The Chainsmokers are making a splash as the producers that know how to keep people entertained by moving back and forth from production to the spotlight as artists. Stepping back as producers for “Side Effects” was a calculated move.