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July 04, 2018

Information About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin started working at OSI Group in more than 40 years ago where he brought the success of the organization. This is because he brought his skills as an investor and also banking executive. He is the man who pushed OSI Group into the 1970 success and global growth. This is after he became a third partner where he had equal leverage but he later became a half partner, this is after one brother who was the originals sold his interests to him. When the other brother retired, he was able to gain 100 percent of voting control. That is the time he felt that he needed to expand strategically.

The purchase of all joint ventures and acquisitions under Sheldon Lavin are under the well-planned strategy. Sheldon Lavin is a person who feels that purpose is something important and he has been playing an important deal on green innovations. Today OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees and its located worldwide. The happy thing for Sheldon Lavin is to see that his company is having uniform culture and also cohesive despite languages, oceans and industry focuses which separate the facilities.

Sheldon Lavin is aged 85 years and he has no plans to stop but he has the commitments of reducing the impacts of the environment. He has been promoting sustainable supply chain where he has made socially responsible contributions to communities and workers throughout the world. He has also been donating to charities for college funds, chronic illness, sic children and Jewish Organization.

OSI Group started as Otto & Sons in 1955. it was the time when McDonald’s chose the company as its hamburger supplier. It even in 1973 opened a special plant that was to serve McDonald. It is a later period when Sheldon Lavin joined the organization as a board member and later he became the organization partner of the two brothers. The brothers who owned the company were the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. He steered them into the global market because even McDonald was still continued to the rapid market growth.

It was in 1975 when the Otto & Sons were formed to become OSI Group. As time went, the company kept growing and continued to expand. In the 1980s, the group was able to expand to Spain, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, and Germany. It later had to open two more plants that were located in the US. The company also had some expansion later into Poland, China, Mexico and Philippines in the 1990s where it later continued to brief its production in the US.

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May 19, 2018

How Sheldon Lavin made a sharp turn from a financial consultancy to become the CEO of OSI Group

After graduating with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Sheldon Lavin never thought that he could step a foot in the food industry, and if he did so, he would be working in the finance department. However, the path that he took right from his graduation led him to the doors of one of the biggest food industries in the world not as a financial consultant, but as the CEO of OSI Group.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is tasked with overseeing the operations of OSI Industries, a premier food company dealing in the production and distribution of value-added products. The company started over a century ago by providing high-quality meat but it has now evolved to include other products such as pizza, beef patties, sausage links, pork, poultry products, and fish.

OSI Group is a large food company with operations in more than seventeen countries and more than sixty processing facilities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Canada. In 2011, OSI Industries had grown immensely and it was making over $3 billion in annual revenues. However, these figures were just pocket change considering that the company doubled the annual revenues in just four years to hit the $6 billion market. It is no wonder OSI Group was ranked among the top hundred largest private companies by the Forbes.

Where did Sheldon start?

In 1975, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of OSI Industries had thought of expanding the company but had no access to capital. They approached Sheldon Lavin who owned a financial consultancy firm that helped food companies to access funds from lenders. Sheldon did not only help the company access funds from the lenders, but he also became a partner in the business by acquiring 50 percent stake. After accessing the funds, OSI Group managed to penetrate into new markets in Europe, Asia, and South America.

A string of acquisitions

Under Sheldon’s reign, OSI Group penetrated the lucrative Chinese market and built several food processing facilities. OSI Group also purchased other outlets such as Flagship Europe, Baho Food, and the former Tyson Food plant.

Winning awards

Besides helping OSI in winning, Sheldon has also bagged several accolades. Among them include awards for environmental and health management, safety and the recently awarded Global Visionary Awards which is given to top leaders who have managed to turn their dreams to reality.

Sheldon Lavin participates in numerous charitable and philanthropic causes. Some of the notable charities that Sheldon supports include the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House of Charities and Inner City Foundation of Chicago among others.

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January 06, 2018

OSI Industries Inc. Quietly Leads Food Industry

Do you eat a restaurants or get your meat from the local deli? Do you ever what’s in your food? Do you ask yourself where does your food come from? Government regulations requires food industry provides to give full disclosure on their food content and where it comes from originally. Furthermore, OSI Industries Inc. is committed to answering to a stabilized food industry when their competitors were forced to do so by government inspections on infractions. Their president, David McDonald says, their focus continues to be providing stabilized meals to each family who eats from an OSI Industries Inc. diet.

Latest News On OSI Food Processing

There was talk among OSI key executives including COO, Sheldon Lavin about expanding their business portfolio to include increased international growth. They understood the value of the EU food industry and their recent partnership has been a success. OSI Industries now operates one of the largest food outlets in Europe under the Flagship deal. The deal has created major business growth for Europe. Sources associated with both parties have estimated the deal to be worth $7.1 million dollars. Dutch food pioneers Baho Foods has also recently been added to their business portfolio.

They also devoted their time to the commutes they serve as a corporation and as individual executives giving generous donations to local charities. McDonald says, he’s glad to lend his local area support to his local area chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. He is glad to lend his professional knowledge to the future business leaders of tomorrow. They also made a bid for a Chicago Tyson food plant and were successful. They were able to save the jobs of hundreds of current employees. The move causes the local community to recognize their community outreach.

OSI Industries Inc. is proudly based in Zurich, Illinois and is a proud American food processing plant. They process pie/sandwich fillings, hot dogs, frozen poultry, food condiments, dessert, and organic vegetables. Their strict meal plan is one of the safest you could feed your family. Would you like a job in the food industry? Would you like a professional career overseas? OSI Industries offers many unique job opportunities with diverse employment. They pride themselves on being an equal opportunity provider. You’ll enjoy coming to work each day being directly involved in putting a well balanced meal on millions of tables worldwide. Visit the OSI Industries website fir more details in their career opportunities and how to apply today.

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October 25, 2017

OSI Group- leaders in food processing industry

Food processing industry is one of the most promising business sectors in the world that requires dedicated companies if they want to achieve success. OSI Group is one of these companies that have been involved in food processing industry for many decades, and it has received tremendous success. With its headquarters in Aurora Illinois, OSI industries have become a global leader in processing value-added protein products such as beef patties and sausage links. The company also processes products such as pizza and sandwiches to other leading retail and food service brands. The privately owned company operates more than 50 food processing facilities located in more than seventeen countries around the world.

Operating in foreign countries comes with its own challenges. However, OSI Group industries have been able to overcome this challenge by taking into consideration the culture of every country that they operate in. the company has created an employment opportunity for more than 40,000 people either directly or indirectly. In every country that OSI Group operates, the local staff makes the biggest number of overall employees working in the processing facility. Acquiring local staff members to run OSI Group food processing facilities has helped the company to have influence and trust in several countries that host its processing facilities.

OSI Group has continued to acquire several food processing companies that have either closed down in their businesses or ventured in another business sector. For example, OSI Group has acquired two food processing company in Germany and India. For example, OSI Group will now be able to expand its operations in Germany after it bought one of the local leading food processing companies in the area. The company had several facilities around the country that OSI Group has turned to its own processing facilities. This case also applies to India where OSI Group has acquired another local processing firm. For more  info about us: click here.

The Indian market is a new avenue for OSI Group to continue realizing its success and achievement. The big population in India will make sure OSI Group products have a ready market. OSI Group will also diversify to come up with several food products to satisfy the Indian market which may not well embrace beef products. Because OSI Group has a wide range of products, the Indian market will benefit especially with pork products and other products designed to fit in the Indian food culture. OSI Group is still expanding its operation and hopes to be located in many countries in the near future.