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April 17, 2019

Jeremy Goldstein Just Brought In A Large Amount Of Funding For His Favorite Charity

New York-based attorney Jeremy Goldstein is known for his practice Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates as well as being well known for his involvement in providing legal representation for some of the biggest events in corporate history over the last few decades but he is also known for his generous dedication to the cause of philanthropy. One of the organizations that Jeremy Goldstein is most well-known for supporting is called Fountain House. Fountain House is notable for the diligent work that it does to provide much-needed assistance to those that suffer from mental illness. As this is one of the greatest crises of our modern times, the work that Fountain House does is truly critical. The organization has been fighting this battle for over seventy years and the charity has become very near and dear to the heart of Jeremy Goldstein. He recently organizations a pair of wine dinners in New York City and the result was a huge installment of financial aid that has been provided to Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein partnered with Omar Khan as well as Jim Finkel in order to put on these fabulous wine dinners in support of Fountain House charity. This pair of evenings with great food and wine were put together in order to help the men and the women who receive assistance services from the team at Fountain House. These are individuals who have real and tangible differences made in their lives due to the generous work done by the folks at Fountain House. Jeremy Goldstein and his associates were very proud to be able to organize this event in order to help out this great organization.


The pair of wine dinners turned out to be a huge success and the efforts of Jeremy Goldstein and his partners brought in more than $56 thousand for the Fountain House team. The first of the two dinners brought in more than $33 thousand and was so successful that the second one was held. The second wine dinner brought in $23 thousand. This critical funding will go toward helping Fountain House to continue in its important mission of philanthropy.


Along with his work running his own practice Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, Jeremy is also a major figure with the American Bar Association’s business department. He serves in the capacity of Chairman within the sub-committee for Acquisitions and Mergers. His academic background is an impressive one as he has his BA and MA degrees from Cornell and the University of Chicago. Jeremy attained his JD from New York University.


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January 11, 2019

The Romantic Rebel in Wilson

Trailers of Rebel Wilson’s upcoming release ‘Isn’t it romantic’ has sure set the expectations of a romantic fantasy comedy. Comedy and funny roles are not new for Wilson and playing an Australian should come naturally to her. Wilson, who was born in Australia and spent her childhood in Sydney is one of the rare successful actresses from the continent in southern hemisphere. Rebel Wilson’s journey in Hollywood has been a long, hard working and in many ways fierce and intense one.

Isn’t it romantic is the story Natalie, of an Australian architect in New York city, who is cynical about love. At work, Natalie gets tasks that are the envy of an office assistant, in spite of being an architect by designation. A twist of fate finds her entangled in a love triangle she desperately wants to get out of. The movie draws many parallels with Rebel Wilson’s own journey.

Wilson’s family does not think she is as funny as they are in reality. As a matter of fact, Wilson never aimed for comedy at the beginning of her career. She took serious roles on stage, but the audience found her funny and laughed. The reaction initially upset Wilson, but would later on turn out to be her unique selling proposition in Hollywood.

The movie brings Rebel Wilson to the limelight, instead of her usual supporting roles or comedy supplemental touches. Trailers show Wilson fitting smoothly into the lead role with confidence. Also in the movie are India born Priyanka Chopra, playing a yoga ambassador and Adam DeVine.

The interesting part is the change Natalie s fall creates – It takes her to a world of her own PG-13 rated romantic comedy, swear words censored and her sudden shift into beautiful apartment and more attractive, expensive clothes. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Wilson was raised in Australia and studied at the Australian theater for young people. For someone who started as a shy girl in school, stepped cautiously into theater simply due to encouragement from her teacher, a young Australian woman who came to Hollywood with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and performance studies, Rebel Wilson s journey has been an inspiring one.

She began her journey with her stage musicals and followed up with some high quality stage productions. She moved to Hollywood in 2010 and her Fat Amy role in Pitch Perfect brought her the attention and acclaims. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Wilson’s immense talent was in full display in How to be single and she carries that strong character into this movie. Wilson’s natural inclination to comedy blends capriciously with her central character role in Isn’t it romantic and makes it a widely anticipated movie.

The movie is slated to be released on valentine’s day and that is very apt timing for a romantic comedy. The fantasy of garbage free NYC, huge apartment, romance hitting the most cynical architect is expected to keep audience interested, hopefully romantically.