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May 12, 2017

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, investor and philanthropist located in Scottsdale Arizona. He believes that technology is an incredibly powerful tool and is using technology and computer systems in his latest entrepreneurial work.

Jason Hope believes strongly in what is called The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the connected technology that allows devices to sync together. This allows devices to share connectivity, data and to reduce waste. Hope believes that The Internet of Things is the way of the future and will be where technological advancement gets its biggest gains.

The Internet of things is more than just connecting a smart phone to a computer, but rather connecting a coffee machine to lights, mapping out bus and train routes and changing the way that technology can really shape the way that we live. Not only will it affect the lives of people in city and suburban areas, but advancements in GPS and emergency tracking will allow rural areas to see the benefit of the Technology of Things as well.

Hope’s educational background with a B.S. in Finance and a MBA in Business, both from Arizona State University, may not illuminate his passion for technology. However, they have helped him in his entrepreneurial exploits which have lead to his passion for technology. Hope offers grants to Arizona high school seniors and college students that share his passion for technology. Philanthropically, Hope spends time and money on SENS research and offers up advice on finding a charity that best fits your passions on his website.

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FreedomPop’s President Has A Sit Down Interview About Where The Company Is Headed

In a recent video interview the President of FreedomPop, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, went on record with a firm confidence in the expansion of the company as a whole. With their recent acquisition of $50 million in funding added to this another $30 million and you’ve got another hefty some that investors have been more than happy to provide. Constantinopoulos also stated that the average data usage in their UK test launch has reached a 40% conversion rate after only 4 months in the UK. the conversion meaning that the customer upgrades to payments. In the US demographic, this is around 14% so far. For the video from Mobile World Live, click the link.

In Europe, the average usage of data is between 500 and 700 megabytes of data. In less developed areas, this is more around 200-300 megabytes. The trends suggest that this number will reach the 500-700 range very soon. At the rate the company is expanding, this forecast is probably spot-on. There is no shortage of confidence from this up and coming powerhouse. The expectation is that the trend will continue throughout other smaller markets, until they expand as well. Big mobile companies are surely on the hot-seat so to speak, since they charge for all of their data.

If you have an Android device, you may already using the FreedomPop platform. If not, the company offers android users unlimited talk, text and data for only $5 a month. This is a plan that is meant to drastically cut your bill and in the long run, convert you to an affordable upgrade plan. You are never forced into anything. The main goal for the company is to offer affordable and necessary services to everyone.

This number of hot-spots has reached 10 million in the US. We are sure to see many more as the company expands it’s reach. With their totally free 4G internet and provider this is a threat to all the big mobile giants.

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