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January 06, 2019

Big plans are in the future for DAMAC despite a drop in revenue

Hussain Sajwani, who is the CEO of DAMAC Properties, was in favor of Donald Trump’s hard stance on trading with China. The DAMAC owner ironically has some deals with the president relating to golf courses, which are one of the best in the world, according to the article from The fact is that due to the tough stance on China, it hurt DAMAC Properties as its shares fell, despite this however, the company is not stopping as it plans to expand and build more property in Europe. The entrepreneur is happy that he worked with the Trump organization on the golf courses and that he does not get involved with politics as his job is within the business and in having it thrive. He states that his business keeps him very busy around the clock and that free trade is important to the business world. The DAMAC owner does not believe that profits tell the whole story when it comes to owning a business, as he believes that there are other essential elements to building a successful business such as hiring more team members, giving excellent service to customers, and getting recognition from others. Despite the drop in revenue, Hussain Sajwani believes that the real estate market will bounce back after some poor months. The entrepreneur also has his own blog where he depicts how the market has been great since 2002 when DAMAC was born, and he believes that despite the decrease in sales that it will fire back up with new properties being built and more spending being put into buildings in the country. The big mission of the DAMAC owner is to expand his business abroad to Europe as they are looking to expand in London. Brexit has shown to be a setback in the whole matter, regardless DAMAC is looking to expand their presence there. DAMAC has plenty of real estates in Dubai but also has built golf courses, parks, and villas. The next step for the company is to be able to expand their presence throughout Europe.


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