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March 08, 2018

Talkspace: Innovative Messaging Application

Communication has been an essential part of our daily lives in the 21st century. People would always need to connect online so that they can talk to their friends and family. There are also some applications which are designed to meet certain needs of an individual, just like Talkspace which allows someone to speak with their therapists using an app. Talkspace was designed so that people who are having issues with visiting a therapist can just talk to them online. Some people lack the confidence to speak with a real therapist, and they believe that by using Talkspace, they could be able to express what they have in mind without limiting themselves just because they are shy.

The number of Talkspace users around the world is constantly increasing. Some of those who have downloaded the application stated that they downloaded it because they do not have the time to visit their therapist, and it is very convenient to use. Time and money are also saved once the app is downloaded. On the therapist’s part, they stated that they would be downloaded the app because they know that their patients are getting better if they would be talking to them whatever platform is available. The app is similar to Snapchat, but it is somehow controversial because of how it is being used to speak with a therapist. Still, people are enjoying using it.

In Talkspace, people can send messages, photos, and audios to one another. Using Talkspace can ease the burden of speaking, and according to some therapists, some people effectively communicate using only photos, and they are fine with that. These people are having a hard time expressing and explaining themselves if they talk face to face, so using the app would help them describe how they feel. The therapists are also stating that it is vital for someone to respond to the messages that they are receiving because when they reply back to the sender, they somehow feel appreciated. This is good, according to the therapists, especially if someone is going to serious treatment and medication. Talkspace is the future of communication, and many people are starting to like it.