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October 11, 2016

All Natural Lip Balm Products From Evolution Of Smooth What Is A Lip Balm?

A lip balm is a balm or cream that you apply to your lips. It often comes in stick form, similar to the format that you find lipsticks for women. Lip balms are for all genders though. Both men and women use lip balm. It is not a cosmetic product. It is a skin care product.

Lip balms are used to moisturize the lips and prevent them from drying out (watch YouTube tutorial). Dry lips are more prone to become cracked. Some lip balms also act as a protectant against the sun, cold, wind and elements. Such lip balms will often contain a sunscreen or other lubricants that can lock in moisture. You will also find medical lip balms that can be used to help treat cold sores or other infections.

Evolution Of Smooth’s Natural Lip Balms

Evolution of Balm is an all natural skin care company that produces lip balm products. Both premium all natural and organic lip balms are sold by Evolution of Smooth. The organic lip balms are made from certified organic ingredients. These organic lip balms also cost more than the regular all natural balms by Evolution of Smooth.

Most of the lip balms sold by Evolution of Smooth come in spherical packaging. However some of the balms are available in traditional stick formats. Regular moisturizing lip balms are sold by Evolution of Smooth ( and come in a variety of flavors such as sweet mint and pomegranate raspberry. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are available on Walmart supermarkets or online via Ulta and Racked.

The active protection line contains sunscreens which help protect the lips from the drying effects of the sun. There is a 15 SPF lemon twist active protection lip balm and a 30 SPF active protection balm with grapefruit flavor. A medicated lip balm contains natural medicine that fights cold sores. It comes in a tangerine flavor.