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June 15, 2018

Jeff Herman finally opens up about Child Sexual Abuse Cases and their Prevention

Within the sphere of rising child sexual abuse is the fear of losing children or rendering them mentally incapacitated following the emotional and physical damages that come with the abuse. Moreover, as the world advances and more technological gadgets become part of every child’s upbringing, parents can barely monitor their children every second of the day. For that reason, a famous attorney and protector of children who have suffered from sexual abuse recently shared an important list of how parents can protect their children from sex predators. Jeff Herman was recently interviewed by Idea Mensch and he shared a lot in regards to his life, passion for law and his success in fighting for victims of sexual abuse.

The Background Information

Internationally recognized as a trial lawyer and an advocate for the rape survivors, Jeff Herman is aggressive, skilled and determined to protect children from molesters. With that said, he did not just wake up to this career. For starters, he used to work as a commercial attorney while representing entrepreneurs and corporate clients. However, on one busy day, he was asked to meet a guest client who coincidentally had a son who had been abused sexually. It was after hearing her predicaments that Jeff Herman decided to take up such cases instead of commercial cases. Until now, he has been playing that role. It is now two decades since Herman started representing victims of sexual abuse. Given that he is also a forensic attorney and he understands how molesters operate most of the time, Jeff Herman decided to share the following tips as preventive measures for children;

Talk to Children at an Early Age

Children are pretty vulnerable. However, they are also smart at a younger age and their ability to grasp real life situations is amazing. Therefore, talk to them about sex as early as they can blubber words and understand you as well. At the same time, let them know that adults can be abusive by touching their private parts. At this point, use appropriate language.

Be Persistent with the Talk

Children can be forgetful. Therefore, as soon as you begin the sexual abuse talk, you need to keep on initiating it for them to keep tabs with the different forms of abuse and how heinous even family members and teachers can be.

The Overview

Jeff Herman owns Herman Law, a law firm with a dedicated team of professionals who qualify to represent such victims. With his team, Mr. Herman tasks his investigative unit to breakdown cases and set court hearing to help victims in finding justice.

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