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Just Fab is the Winner of the Subscription Based Business Model

The LA Times recently reported on the success of the subscription based fashion retailer JustFab. JustFab has somehow remained strong while other subscription based services have been suffering or closing down. Birchbox has laid off twelve percent of their employees. Beachmint completely shut down.

Just Fab is seen as one of the strongest of the subscription based retailers. Despite complaints they are still going strong. Some people have been calling the subscription based company a scam, yet it is still going strong and impressing even more customers than it is angering.

Two years before the company earned the title of being a unicorn business of that year based on being worth a billion dollars. The company is planning on making a total of six hundred and fifty million dollars by the end of this year which is an improvement from last year. Last year JustFab made five hundred and five million dollars.

They were considering moving quickly toward IPOs. This is a feat few subscription based businesses would even consider or dare to think about. They just aren’t seeing near as much growth as the likes of JustFab. The CEO and founder of JustFab -Adam Goldenberg- explains that the reason JustFab has lasted longer is because they are more keyed into changes and growth. They are more sustainable based on keeping up with trends and adding onto the products that are in demand.

They have added athletic wear, children’s clothing, shoe companies as subsidiary companies to JustFab. They never send randon proucts to customers. The customer is charged thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents each month to give them a good deal on all of the fashionable outfits they want in the store, other great deals and free shipping on the outfits that are purchased by the VIP JustFab member. Learn more about Just Fab:

The JustFab company has taken measures to improve where they need to. Such as they really irk some of their millennial customers if they make them upset. JustFab encourages all of their members or people who are interested in becoming VIP JustFab members to read everything they can about the service before they go into it. They need to know they will be charged a monthly fee to shop at a discount in the Just Fab store.

They need to know they can skip a monthly fee if they want or they can call the JustFab customer support if they wish to completely cancel. JustFab also had beefed up their customer service, so customer’s needs are met more quickly and subscription questions or problems can be easily taken care of.

The company has also been doing good by their use of hiring their own ad team. This is far less expensive than hiring an ad company to make your ads for you. They also are careful to always stay on trend and avoid making too much of an item so they don’t have unnecessary inventory.