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December 19, 2017

Rocketship Education’s Strides

Education is getting a fresh face from nonprofit charter schools such as Rocketship Education. This innovative institution is dedicated to the idea that every child regardless of economic standing can achieve greatness. Founded in 2006 the charter school now operates in over 3 states and the District of Columbia. They have refined their program to produce the best results for students, employing cutting-edge techniques that target students needs on an individual level. Their program has been recognized as in the top 10% of all California schools serving underprivileged areas.

Rocketship engages it’s students in a way that encourages them to get involved with their community as well as to get their families involved with their education. Beginning with the most qualified applicants, Rocketship makes sure that any instructor is well versed in the key stem fields. From there it is required that teachers meet with the families of students at least once in the student’s home. This requirement allows students and teachers to bond and come up with an educational plan unique to their child. Seeing children in their homes as well as meeting their families also provides instructors with a clear reference to any challenges the student may face when it comes to learning. It also carries the benefit of forging a relationship between the teacher and the student’s parents, allowing the teacher an opportunity to express the important impact family involvement can have on a child’s success.

When there is a flood many people expect the government to help and for charities to spring into life. These reactions are typical of those institutions. However, parents of rocketeers found out their school isn’t the average school. From its inception Rocketship education has promoted a connection to the community, however, no one anticipated the impressive response when flooding hit. After the flood waters had receded families of students found themselves without the money required to start over. The school quickly took initiative and raised over $60,000 for relief efforts. This money helped families put deposits on new places to live as well as purchase vital possessions lost to the flood.