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October 14, 2017

Life and Work of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny became popular for his extensive teaching career as well as for his research n the medical sciences of oncology and biogerontology. He is a Russian doctor and scientists who has been doing research for a few decades, and he has also worked side by side with a number of established professionals over the years.In terms of education and training, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny achieved his degree in St. Petersburg where he attended the renowned First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg. From the institution, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny achieved his M. D. in internal medicine as well as a Ph. D. in cardiology and experimental medicine. After the completion of his studies, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny took the first steps to his career and moved to the United States of America and to New York City to be exact.In the city of New York, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny became a member of the well known New York Medical College located in Valhalla.

Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny started working there as an associate professor back in 202 and continued the job until he received an opportunity from a more established medical institution. Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny was appointed to the position of senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute which also located in New York City, in Albany. Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny was at the post for afew year until he moved on to his current work place.In 2009, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny started doing his research n a more focused manner and made significant expansions to his work largely because he became a part of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Works as a professor of oncology, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny was able to narrow down his research and achieve far more result.One of the factors of his successful career at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute is the reliable research funding and the new and better technology he had access to.

The studies that Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny has been conducting are on the subject of protecting healthy cells from cancer cells.Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny has been working towards establishing innovative cancer therapy treatments that target the root of the disease directly. Another medical science that Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny has been studying and doing research on is the science of biogerontology or the mechanisms and process of aging. Over the course of his studies, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny has come to the conclusion that a drug against cancer might have a highly beneficial effect on aging and it might even help slow down the process. The drug in question is a popular one. It is called Rapamycin, and it has been in use for many a decade. Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny believes that due to the TOR signaling of the drug might help greatly with longevity.Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny also occupies himself with a lot of writing as he has completed over a hundred original pieces on medical and scientific thematics. Along with writing, Dr. Mikhail Blagsklonny is also an editor for a number of online medical journals.

July 24, 2017

Oncotarget Works to Help Doctors

Doctors are the people who are consistently trying to help other people. There are different things that doctors will be able to do if they can just follow different procedures and this is an important part of the way that things work. Doctors, though, need to have support to be able to find new treatment options for their patients. If they have a place where they are able to find different types of information, they will have a better chance at being able to treat people. All of this will allow the doctors the chance to make sure that they are getting the best experience possible in the areas of medicine that they are practicing in. It is something that has allowed doctors the chance to try new things and get more out of the situations that they are in. Doctors who know the right way to be able to learn more about medicine will be more successful in their own careers.

Oncotarget was started as a way for oncologists to learn more about treatment options for cancer. It is something that has done its job and even resulted in people learning about the way that cancer can actually be treated by methods that are traditionally used in cosmetic surgery fields of medicine. Thanks to everything that Oncotarget has done, there are now many more options that people can use to take advantage of the different cancer treatment areas they are in.

It is something that the creator of Oncotarget was intending on from the beginning and it paid off in the end.For people to be able to get what they need out of the options that they have, they need to read and study the methods that are listed by Oncotarget. This is something that has made a difference and something that has made it easier for people to get more out of the options that they have. It is very simple for people to learn the methods that Oncotarget publishes and it allows them the chance to make things better for people who are in different areas of medicine.

July 21, 2017

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Commitment to Patients Led To Discovery

Mikhail Blagosklonny has always wanted to make sure that his patients were protected. He knew that consistently working for cures was one of the easiest ways that he could make things better on his own. He wanted his patients to be protected and also wanted to make sure that he was the one who was giving them the best treatment possible. As an oncologist, he deals with a sensitive part of medicine. He knows that it takes doing several different things to make a difference and that people will not be able to change things unless they are able to get more out of the cancer treatment that they are receiving.One thing that Mikhail Blagosklonny has always done is look for new ways to make things better on his own. For example, he wants to show people what they will be able to do if the are undergoing cancer treatment. Before, people had to stay away from things that could harm their bodies because of low immunity. Now, though, people don’t have to worry about that and can, instead, use the abilities that they have through Mikhail Blagosklonny to make sure that they are getting all of the protection that they need.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has discovered a way to increase immunity while going through cancer treatment. It is through cell rejuvenation and immunity rejuvenation. He wanted people to be able to learn more about the things that they could do if they just worked hard to be able to do it. He also wanted people to know that, without the therapy, they could be subject to diseases that could be harmful. For example, a cold could easily kill someone who has cancer because their immunity is that weakened. With cell rejuvenation therapy, there are ways for people to be protected against even the strongest colds.Oncotarget was directly responsible for Mikhail Blagosklonny finding this information. This is the publication that he created to help his peers connect with each other and that is something that has made a huge difference in the medical community.

Different specialists are able to connect with each other and learn more about the diseases that they are not working with. They are also able to get exactly what they need from the other specialists. Without the Oncotarget publication, each of these people would not be able to connect and would likely not even know that the other one existed.For Mikhail Blagosklonny, the Oncotarget idea has been a huge help for him and his colleagues. It is something that has made things easier for people to try new things and do more with the situations that they are in. Mikhail Blagosklonny knows that Oncotarget was responsible for helping him find the information on rejuvenation therapy. He hopes that the publication will continue to help him find out the information that the needs to make things better as he continues his fight against cancer through his oncology practice with the cancer patients that he has.

Million Dollar YouTubers

YouTube is a social media site that is packed with fun and interesting videos that are uploaded to the site by regular people. The videos are on a wide range of subjects. Some are on everyday subjects that range from a cute baby burping, funny pet videos, silly humor, inspirational videos, and beauty tutorials like those uploaded by famous YouTuber Wengie. Surprisingly, a large number of those famous YouTubers are actually “Million Dollar YouTubers” that are really piling up the cash. What does it take to join the Million Dollar Club on YouTube? Well, it takes launching a channel that really attracts millions of subscribers like Wengie.

Wengie’s A Million Dollar YouTuber
Wengie is a beauty guru on YouTube. Wengie is also a Million Dollar success story. The fact is that the Australian-Chinese beauty was already earning a six figure income in a very successful marketing career. However, she was captivated by the impact that social media had on people online. She took a big risk and left her six figure income marketing career to launch a brand new career on social media. Well, it paid off big time for Wengie. Today, the beauty guru has around a million subscribers to her channel. They tune in on a regular basis to view her makeup tips and beauty tutorials. Wengie likes being unique and she believes that it is her unique style that attracts millions of people to her YouTube channel. Certainly, her multi-cultural background adds much to the uniqueness and the ability to attract both western and eastern parts of the world to her Wengie channel on YouTube.

About Wengie
Wengie is an Australian-Chinese beauty guru on YouTube. Her full name is Wendy Huang. The beauty guru gave up her six figure income to follow her dream. Her dream was to share beauty secrets with like minded people across the world.

Certainly, it is one of the top beauty channels in the country. Creating YouTube channels and sharing beauty secrets with the world is her real passion. Join Wendy Huang on the Wonderful World of Wengie.

Dr.Sergio Cortes Looks for Ways to Help Out Flood Ravaged Region

Dr. Sergio Cortes finds himself deep into the national Brazilian health crisis as flooding waters have have added to the problem. As a the Zika virus begins to spread violently throughout Brazil, Colombia and now up to 24 countries, Dr. Cortes was already inundated with battling the health repercussions from diseases like dengue,hepatitis A and yellow fever to name a few. Since the torrential downpours began two weeks ago the situation in northern and eastern Brazil has become increasingly grave.

Extra.Global recently caught up with Health Sec. Dr. Sergio Cortes as he tours the flooded regions of Xerém, Duque de Caxia with his evaluation team. Dr. Sergio Cortes explained on wikipedia that a big part of the solution here is a proactive stance to try and control the mosquito population in the area. The Aedes aegypti, explains Dr. Cortes, is the transmitter of the Zika virus as well as dengue and a few other pretty tough pathogens. By controlling, preventing and eventually eliminating the Aedes aegypti mosquito Dr. Cortes hopes that the widespread transmission of these diseases will be curtailed. Dr. Cortes also has instructed the local residents to only drink bottled water and to use for bottled water for all food preparation and cleaning of utensils, plates and kitchen areas. Dr. Cortes explains that by planning less outdoor activities and by wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants that local residents can also help to prevent the transmission of these extremely serious maladies.

The Brazilian government has just made a voluntary request to all females in the country to try and abstain from becoming pregnant for the next 2 to 3 years. The reason being that the Zika virus has recently been linked to almost 4000 births effects in Brazil. 147 of these birth defects were 2014, the very scary fact is that over 3600 of the births were in the last year in 1800 of those in the last few months. Other countries have also started to caution their citizens about traveling into areas where the virus has been discovered.

Dr. Cortes has also implemented special training to workers at the seven special emergency shelters so that they may have the skills to be able to detect the early symptoms of these diseases.

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