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Fabletics: A Fun Brand Of Athleisure

One trend that has made quite the statement in recent years is Athleisure. This popular style of clothing is athletic leisure. No longer just active wear, this type of clothing has become a lifestyle for many and trend that is most certainly here to stay. Providing both comfort and style to everyone, these athleisure clothing outfits are great for any occasion. In a recent article, it discussed the growing popularity of this trend and how versatile the clothing really is.
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The article goes on to state that in 2014, $323 million dollars of athleisure wear was sold to consumers worldwide, only to increase by one percent in 2015. This trend has become a lifestyle. It is the comfort factor plus the fact that they make a fashionable statement that makes this type of clothing so highly desirable. Plus, the fact that it’s a widely known celebrity trend makes it all that much more popular. To read more from this article, visit:

One popular clothing brand of athleisure is their well known Instagram fan base. Their co-creator and spokeswoman Kate Hudson models the clothing for many commercials and advertisements, and she does a wonderful job promoting the company. They have much more reasonable prices and even offer a subscription to have clothing mailed to your front door each month. What could be better than that?

Also, the clothing is made exclusively for Fabletics so you won’t be finding it in any department stores. But stay tuned, because Fabletics hopes to introduce retail stores this year, making it even easier to purchase this fashionable line. If you are a fan of athletic leisure clothing, be sure to check out their website- their styles are fabulous and their prices, unbeatable!

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