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July 11, 2017

Cotemar Mexico: A Hero in the Oil Industry

The oil industry in Mexico is changing, and Cotemar Mexico is at the center of the revolution. Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican company that offers services in the oil and gas industry.

Cotemar, established in 1979 offers services in offshore oil development and maintenance. The company has experience in infrastructure. Cotemar has integrated the E&P Offshore solutions. The solutions have been to streamline the clients’ operations.


The company offers a wide range of services including:

Maintenance services: Cotemar offers services including equipment, pipe installation, security and safety, IT services, and the telecommunication systems.

Assets Solutions: the Company has equipment for heavy lifting, turnaround and outages, commissioning and decommissioning, and production facilities.

Asset Integrity Management: maintaining structural integrity mandatory and the company has designed solutions to address the issue. They also provide facility life extension and corrosion management. The team inspects, maintains and repairs the equipment. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Production engineering and optimization: the Company offers various production services including drilling mud recycling, gas management, facilities design, Carbon monoxide emission reduction, and water treatment.

Logistics: this is the department that supports the normal operations of the Company. Under this department, the team manages the personal equipment and materials, receiving the warehousing products, and office setup

The company also offers accommodation and catering services. The accommodation services are designed to support the personnel. The services offered include food preparation, cleaning services, laundry services, and housekeeping. All the vessels have cabins for two or four people.

Cotemar is committed to providing quality of life. They strive to offer great jobs to their employees so that they can develop their abilities and improve their lives. The Company is also committed to the community and taking care of the environment. They have devised projects and practices that create awareness about the environment.

Core values

Cotemar is guided by its core values that influence their performance. The values include:

Integrity: they perform all their work with integrity, transparency, consistency, and honestly.

Reliability: the team strives to offer excellent services

Innovation: the company strives to adopt new ideas to better their services.

Collaboration: Teamwork is at the core of the Company. The team works together to enhance their talents and skills.

Responsibility: the company has established a balance between the resources, environment, and the community.

There are two ways that one can join the company. You can join through the internship and direct employment.

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