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June 14, 2017

An Entrepreneur to Keep Our Eyes On: Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is not your average young man. Even though he is just graduating high school, he has an impressive resume already. He is a Project Manager for the Meriwether Group, contributes to philanthropic organizations, and has customer service experience. Sawyer Howitt, in my eyes, is already an entrepreneur. I am guessing that there are many exciting endeavors in his future, and I will be keeping an eye out for him as an up and coming leader in the field of business start-ups. Sawyer Howitt plans on attending Columbia and graduating with the class of 2022. He says that he would like to engage in a course of studies that enhances his entrepreneurial skills, and mentioned that he might pursue entrepreneurial finance.

What makes Sawyer Howitt such an exciting face in the sea of entrepreneurs? At a young age he is already overseeing and guiding business owners as they travel the entrepreneur’s journey. The Meriwether Group says that entrepreneurs are heros, bringing new and innovative solutions onto the world stage. Sawyer Howitt’s work plays an integral part in this process. As a project manager, his responsibilities include working with clients to better understand their business and then guide them towards success.

The Meriwether group was founded in 2008, by Sawyer Howitt’s father, David Howitt. Sawyer is quickly taking off in his father’s footsteps, and shows a great deal of motivation when it comes to working with his father in the family business. Sawyer Howitt is also an athlete, and brings a keen sense of competition to the team. He is driven to succeed.

Howitt’s hands on experience with customer service comes from work which he has done with Kure Juice Bars. Sawyer Howitt lives in Portland, Oregon. He will attend college in Manhattan. The Meriwether group is based in Portland, and also has an extension office in San Francisco, California. Besides working towards helping his Meriwether clients achieve business success and pursuing his studies, Howitt also plays racquet ball, is an avid photographer, and listens to music. He is a motivated man, highly driven, and has an abundance of opportunities in the years to come.