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March 10, 2019

2018 Proved Fortress Investment Group was a Good Get for SoftBank

What’s been made clear after 20 years of operation, it’s that Fortress Investment Group succeeds in the field of investment because they work undeterred by risk if the reward seems promising enough. It’s an approach that’s been rewarded time and again, growing them portfolio into an impressive collection of businesses that drew the attention of investors.

In the end it was SoftBank that won out and got control of the investment group’s $40 billion portfolio. But to more thoughtful observers, the real acquisition was Fortress Investment Group’s people and the approach to investing they developed while working to make bold decisions. This method of high risk and reward is why SoftBank hasn’t interfered in how they do business. Executives within the group remain in charge of daily functions, while SoftBank reclines in their seat on the board to receive updates.

2018 may appear to have been another typical year for Fortress Investment Group, despite big changes taking place behind the scenes. Two big acquisitions were made in South Florida last year. The first was mega food distributor SuperValu out in Pompano Beach. The other was a Tiffany & Co. store in a prime location in Palm Beach. Already there are plans to expand that second site to increase potential office space.

But in early 2018, it was made emphatically clear that the investment group was looking at industries for investment beyond real estate. In a series of interviews, CEO Rajeev Misra stated their interest in tech companies. More specifically, Fortress Investment Group would be looking into 100 tech companies in an effort to become their majority shareholders.

Misra’s plan was to get this done with the help of SoftBank’s Vision fund. This would allow them to scout tech companies that were already in their wheelhouse. This meant focusing on tech companies that were already servicing real estate needs and functions, like OpenDoor, Compass, and Katerra.

Long before they were acquired, Fortress Investment Group, made it clear to the investing world that they were interested in risky ventures that they would eventually turn out profitable for their investors. SoftBank was interested in that track record. Looking over their performance in 2018, it seems they got exactly that, and this investment group remains one with the talent and experience to keep growing a portfolio that matches their own excellence.

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January 18, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Michael Nierenberg

President and CEO, Michael Nierenberg, traded 339,177 shares of stock in New Residential Investment Corp. This brought the total transaction to $983,602 a couple of years back. The President and CEO had a stake of exactly 6,206,939 in direct shares valued at $14,734,358 at the time of close on that date. Michael Nierenberg, Chairman with NRZ, bought 18,600 shares priced at an average of $15 a share during February of 2017. This somewhat new stake is priced at $14,734,358.

About Michael Nierenberg

Mr. Nierenberg’s been a Chairman of the Board for New Residential Investment Corp ever since May 2016. He’s also been a representative on the Board of Directors starting since November 2013. He was designated as the CEO and President at the same time.

Mr. Nierenberg also serves as Managing Director with Fortress. Before growing into his CEO role at New Residential, Michael Nierenberg worked as the head of Securitized Products and Global Mortgages as well as managing director with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was responsible for every sale and trading activity performed in that division.

Mr. Nierenberg came aboard Bank of America Merrill Lynch in November 2008 after serving with JP Morgan. He was the lead for Global Securitized Products and an associate with the management board for the investment bank. Before his tenure with JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg had a variety of senior leadership roles throughout his fourteen years at Bear Stearns.

This included positions like co-lead for structured products, co-lead for mortgage-backed trading of securities and lead for foreign exchange trading operations and interest rates. He served as a representative for Bear Stearns’s Board of Directors from 2006-2008.

Michael Nierenberg dedicated seven years of work with Lehman Brothers before he entered into Bear Stearns and was pivotal in creating the organization’s adjustable rate mortgage venture. Michael Nierenberg’s skill, knowledge and experience that was detailed above gave the Board of Directors enough supportive evidence to decide that Mr. Nierenberg is a good pick for a director role.

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December 11, 2018

Matt Badiali: Sanctions Will Force Oil Higher

Early in November, the sanctions that the Trump administration vowed to place on Iran officially went into effect. There were financial analysts who were calling for this event to mark the beginning of higher oil prices, however, the oil market remained quite calm as sanctions began. Matt Badiali is one financial analyst who is still calling for higher oil prices due to the sanctions. He is an expert on all things related to the natural resource sector. He spent much of his career going around the world inspecting natural resource assets first hand as a geologist. Matt Badiali recently broke down the reasons the oil market remained quiet after the sanctions began, and he believes that it will be the American consumer whose pocketbook is eventually impacted by rising oil prices.

Matt Badiali says that the sanctions never officially started and that is the main reason that oil prices did not react as everyone else had been anticipating. There are eight countries that currently purchase a lot of oil from Iran, and they have been given a waiver to continue to buy oil for the next six months. However, after the six-month grace period ends, the US will punish any country who purchases oil from Iran.

The reaction of the oil market was exactly what the Trump administration wants. They are hoping to put enough pressure on Iran without causing oil prices to spike in the process. Matt Badiali feels that if the sanctions stay in effect, they will eventually push oil higher. He is anticipating that Iran will see its oil exports drop significantly after the six-month grace period. He does not believe that any other country will have the capabilities to fill in the supply deficit that he is forecasting. Matt Badiali also pointed out that Venezuela is producing much less oil than it used to, which will further put more pressure on the supply side of oil. His advice to American consumers is to be ready to pay dearly at the pump when summertime comes. He feels that it is the perfect time for investors to position themselves accordingly.

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December 04, 2018

Answers to Basic Freedom Checks Questions

Matt Badiali’s freedom checks left many questions unanswered when they debuted. Savvy investors quickly got past the hype and discovered the legit investment underneath. Many others shied away as the offer smelt to much of scam. Here are some concrete answer to basic freedom checks questions.

What are They?

Freedom Checks are investments in MLP stakes. These stakes function just like stocks and come from business called Master Limited Partnerships. They award buyers a percentage of the company’s profit. Like stocks this percentage is directly related to the amount of stakes owned. It is also dependent on the success of the company itself.

What are MLPs?

Master Limited Partnerships are business classifications that privately-owned companies used to operate like publicly-traded partnerships. MLPs offer stakes to investors who provide working capital through their purchase. This capital is then paid back to the investors over the course of the year. The extra money from the capital allows the business to expand and grow. This growth leads to higher profits which create higher returns.

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom checks are essentially return of capital payments. They are paid out in monthly to quarterly installments by the company. Stateside MLPs take advantage of a unique tax break, so these payments must be dealt out before taxes are taken. Investors are awarded payouts based on the number of stakes they own and the success of the business.

What is the Billion-dollar payout Badiali Talks About?

Stateside MLPs take advantage of a tax break afforded by the government in recognition of their service. This reward is in exchange for U.S. energy independency. It is offered under a tax statue known as 26-F. MLPs have to dispense with most of their profit to take advantage of it. As over 500 companies operate as MLPs this means a huge pool of money will be paid out to investors. As U.S. natural gas and oil is currently gaining prominence this sum will get even larger. According to Badiali’s projections it will be in the billions. MLP investors will nab a piece of that large pie with their stakes.

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September 18, 2018

Gareth Henry’s Predictions Regarding Global Investment

At an investment event called “the Alpha Hedge West conference” that took place in 2014, Gareth Henry made three predictions as to investing money into foreign countries. Gareth made the predictions that investing money into the countries of Brazil, Japan, and Scotland would be a great investment in the year of 2014. Gareth attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and is a graduate thereof with an actuarial mathematics degree. In 2007, Gareth became a member of the Fortress Investment Group, a company valued by industry experts at $63 billion at the time of the investment event. Gareth is a managing director of the Fortress Investment Group.

Gareth Henry predicted that no country would be a better place to invest in than Brazil in the year of 2014 in large part on the basis that the incumbent Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will fail in her attempt to get re-elected by the citizens of Brazil. This failure on the part of President Dilma Rousseff to get re-elected would ignite a major rally of all the Brazilian assets. In support of this prediction of Brazilian supremacy in terms of the place to invest money in in 2014, Gareth made observation of the fact that the equity market of Brazil, the Brazilian currency, and the interest rates of Brazil all have returned profits to investors.

Gareth Henry also predicted that investing in Japan will return profits to investors in 2014 on the basis that Japan proved to be a great trade in the previous year, and he see no reason why the trend will not continue as there will be a stronger implementation of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Abenomics in 2014.

Gareth Henry, in addition, predicted that investing in Scotland will return profits to investors in 2014 on the basis that the upheaval that resulted from Scotland’s failed independence vote has brought about many fantastic trade opportunities for investors in 2014.

Gareth Henry concluded with the suggestion that investors pay close attention to upcoming global geopolitics and political changes of the 12 months ahead on the basis that these changes could significantly impact global investments.

September 04, 2018

Gareth Henry: The Deal Maker Of All Times

Gareth Henry is a famous executive in the world of big business. He has managed many global firms and steered them to their success. He has worked for Angelo, Gordon & Co. This is a famous firm based in New York City. It deals with alternative investments. Here, he worked as a Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations. His expertise in the area of managing finances runs for many years. Before joining this premier institution, he worked for Fortress Investment. Fortress Group is a big investment company which manages investments on behalf of investors. It has a portfolio which runs in excess of $70 billion. At Fortress Group, he held the position of Global Head of Investor Relations for Group’s Liquid Markets business.

Gareth Henry is no doubt an astute executive who has a burning desire to succeed. He has established extensive networks with both local and Gareth Henry international investors who value his advice and management skills so much. He has worked for many years which has given him the necessary experience needed to meet the ever-changing needs of his clientele base. He has substantial relations with institutional investors, high net worth individuals and private firms across the world. Such networks are required to lay the foundation of any successful firms. This is the quality which the executive takes, to the firms which hire him.

What is more, Gareth Henry is a good leader. He is in a position to work with people from different cultures, abilities, and regions to deliver a sustainable and robust performance to the investors. He has an excellent reputation in the business world for offering reasonable returns. He employs modern strategies which can beat the market and deliver above-average returns. During his illustrious career at Fortress Group, he led the firm in the acquisition of clients from different parts of the world like Canada, Europe Asia and the Middle East among other regions. Most of his colleagues described him as a talented marketer who was able to lead the sales team. At Fortress Group, Gareth Henry was responsible for the development and the implementation of a sales strategy across the core business sections of hedge fund, private equity, and fixed income businesses.

August 20, 2018

Fortress Investment Group: Expanding Influence

The Sky is the Limit

It seems that there is no stopping the lean, mean, investment machine that is the Fortress Investment Group. This humble company started in 1998, looking to help clients build their wealth with savvy investments. Now, in 2018, the company manages over 40 billion in revenue from over 1,700 clients. Fortress’s clients range from single private investors, to a multitude of institutions with massive capital.

Believe it or not, Fortress was the first private-equity investment company to go public. It was this movement that has always made Fortress a leader that tests the limits of what it means to be an investment firm.


The Fortress Investment Group has a philosophy of fearlessness. FIG’s philosophy is what has helped them maintain their status as a trendsetter after decades of being in business. You can always count on Fortress to make the calculated play. This does not mean that Fortress gambles. The firm takes calculated and adjusted risks that from a percentage standpoint, will generate revenue over a planned period of time. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group.

The Fortress Investment Group has a strategy that stands out from the crowd. Their willingness to make big plays on little characters has helped give their firm much of the success they have experienced over the years. There are so many investors looking to partner with Fortress because they respect the infrastructure and key decision-makers that are working within and making all of the magic happen for their investors.

Award Winning

The Fortress Investment Group isn’t just successful because they have over 900 employees and a great headquarters in New York. The firm is an award-winning play maker that any investor worth their salt would respect. That is why Institutional Investor Magazine gave FIG the “Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” award in 2014. It seems like few things could stop FIG from rising through the ranks.

In seven years FIG earned a 39% increase for all of their private investors. This influential company continues to expand, and inside investors and onlookers alike are eager to see what the future will hold for this investment powerhouse.

July 31, 2018

Here’s what you need to know about Anil Chaturvedi

Finding a banker you can trust can be tricky. Fortunately, Anil Chaturvedi offers a variety of services for consumers who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy banker they can count on. If you’ve been searching for a bank or banker you can trust, you understand just how important it is to choose someone who is reliable and trustworthy. It’s also important to select a banker with a strong background in economics so you can get the assistance, the guidance, and the care that you need to succeed financially.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University in Indiana in order to become a banker. He studied economics in college, where he graduated with honors. Later, he pursued his MBA in order to learn more about banking and economics. His strong background in economics has given Anil the information and the skills he needs to guide others to success.


It was later, when he started working in the State Bank of India, that Anil began pursuing his career in marketing. He was named “Man of the Year” for his work at the State Bank of India. While it’s not easy learning how to manage and take control of banking in an efficient and effective way, Anil managed to do an incredible job expanding the marketing offerings of the bank.


Anil Chaturvedi now works at Hinduja Bank as the marketing director. His position enables him to engage in highly efficient marketing techniques and tactics designed to guide the firm to a successful future. For consumers looking for ways to efficiently invest for a solid financial future, Anil’s company may hold the perfect answers. Anil Chaturvedi’s experience as a marketing professional enables him to make economically sound decisions that will continue to guide the company to success in the future.

May 15, 2018

Randal Nardone: The Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

After spending most of his career working for big corporate names, Randal Nardone knew that he wanted to start a company that he could run. Being a business leader was always a dream that Nardone had wanted to pursue, and in 1998, he made that dream possible by starting up a company known as Fortress Investment Group. Over the years, Nardone helped the company grow and expand to become a well-known name. Through its numerous endeavors, Nardone has helped the company grow and become one of the most well-known names in the industry. The company stands as one of the leading of its kind and offers a wide range of services to companies across the country.Fortress Investment is a company that has repeatedly emerged as an industry leader for what it does. During the past few years, Fortress Investment Group has grown to become a well-known name and one which sets the standards for others in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group was also one of the first investment companies to appear on the New York Stock Exchange, which was something that Randal Nardone helped the company achieve. Over time, Fortress Investment Group becomes a company that others would follow and be like.Randal Nardone has implemented a number of developments that have worked for the benefit of Fortress Investment Group. He has helped the company take on numerous profitable and beneficial ventures, and has brought on several new clients who all benefited from the services that Fortress Investment Group provides. Without a doubt, Randal Nardone’s contribution to the company has been incredibly significant, which is why he still stands as one of the leading people at the company.

In the past, Nardone has worked at varying positions with a number of major companies. Some of the big names that he has worked with include UBS, which is a company in which he stood as the managing director. This was the final position he worked at before deciding that he wanted to start out his own company and lead his own business.Even though Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the best in the business, there is still a lot of growing that the company needs to do. Its leaders are still working on ways in which they can improve the workings of the company and all that they do so that they can provide their very best to the clients who tot them.

May 03, 2018

Southridge Capital Work

Is there ever a time when you wonder how you do better with your money?If that means savig money to get somewhere in life?

Southridge Capital works hard to understand the thoughts or images that are in the clients mind when they seek help for money. Southridge works hard too see if they can meet the plans that the client has when they walk through that door. Sometimes there has to be some more planning done in order to make sure that the company and the client are on the same page which is important becausr the client is the one that is going to be fufilling the plant that they have made together. This allows for some change to happen in the planning stages and helps he client understand what they need the most help with without worrying. Everbody has issues with money at some point in their lives and this company works hard to understand where their client is coming from when they present their plan. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Southridge Capitial likes to help those that hae good plans and like to help those that are confused n where to start begin to make a financial plan that will work with the.=m. This creates a trust between the company and the client that works with them when they are fufilling that plan they have created. Southridge works together like a team to make sure that the company has the money that was to be used for the project that was being invisioned when they were writing up the plan. THis plan that I keep talking about should be thoughtout and worked with the upper levels that the client is representing. This shows that there is trust between the lower and upper levels in the workplace. Trust is the main thing that any company should have and if they do then they are doing something right with each other. This is what Southridge Capital works to do they work to help those who need help. They also make sure that everything that the company and client talked about are being used for that purpose which means that they check in from time to time. You can visit their Facebook page.

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