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March 07, 2019

Madison Street Capital Gets the Distressed Deal of the Year Award

Madison Street Capital has been on a special mission in the last decade. The company has invested its resources in making its reputation grow by serving the customers in the best way they know. The institution has achieved its goal, and this explains why it has been getting many awards in the global market. During the 13 Turnaround Awards that are offered by the M&A Advisor awards, Madison Street Capital was one of the companies that was offered a prestigious award. The investment banking firm which is based in the United States was announced to the winner of the Annual Turnaround Award, a coveted recognition which was highly competitive. The executives in charge of the awards said that Madison Street Capital should get the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year recognition because of their hard work and excellent performance when it was serving as the advisor for a popular company called Sachs Capital Group.


Sachs Capital Group wanted to take on a private company called RMG Networks, and the only institution capable of handling the complex transaction was Madison Street Capital. Choosing Madison Street Capital for the role was one of the best things that were ever done by the Sachs Capital Group. At the end of the whole transactions, all of the teams involved had nothing but praises to offer to the investment banking firm. For complex transactions that are sensitive, Madison Street Capital is always keen to offer the management to the best and most experienced professionals so that there are no failures. For the Sachs Capital Group activities, Barry Petersen, the executive who has been holding the role of senior managing director was chosen to take charge of leading the rest. Petersen is a veteran in advisory transactions, and he has the knowledge to make his company emerge as the winner.


Charles Botchway founded his organization with the sole of bringing a change in the global market, and he says that his team has been greatly honored for the work his team has been able to accomplish. Charles Botchway currently manages his company as the chief executive officer, and he oversees most of the transactions the company has been undertaking. The new award has managed Madison Street Capital reputation in the spotlight. Everyone now wants to hire the services of the global company because people have been assured of the best quality. The M&A Advisor Awards are not common in many companies, and this means Madison Street Capital is fortunate to have been recognized.


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October 18, 2018

Get insights about the impacts of Southridge Capital on Businesses

Southridge Captial is a firm that remains competent in its operations. It has been serving customers in the financial sectors with the aim of helping them to advance their services and build a vast portfolio. The firm which is based in Connecticut gives the most significant analysis to clients as they try to help them comprehend various concepts like debt optimization and utilization of equity. They have also done their best to assist customers in the sector of merger and acquisition, and they work hard when it comes to offering clients advisory services to ensure firms venture in lucrative deals only. It is involved in financing companies, and over 200 firms have benefitted.




Southridge Capital has been there for years and was founded by a great entrepreneur, Stephen Hicks. Today he runs the company as the Chief Executive Officer. Southridge prides itself for offering fast financial services to their customers in the world of investment. Stephen Hicks runs the company with a team of other professionals who have what it takes to thrive in the financial sector. They try to think and come up with innovative ideas. They are passionate about their work, and that is why they have dedicated their knowledge to enhance the performance of the company. They have a goal of expanding their services to different parts of the world so that as many businesses as possible can benefit from their excellent services. The team has helped in enhancing the company’s portfolio, and it is today renowned for offering excellent services. For more details visit Bloomberg.




Stephen Hicks is the entrepreneur behind the success of Southridge Capital. Since he has a rich educational background and experience, he established the company and used his entrepreneurial skills to grow and expand it. He started the company with the mission of helping small businesses to expand and achieve their goals. But Stephen is a talented entrepreneur who likes doing the right things. That is why he only works with those who are professionals and use the right ethics.




He is a leader who understands what companies need to excel. Small companies have benefitted from his willingness to help them build their portfolio. Others have benefitted financially and are now established companies.


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July 31, 2018

Here’s what you need to know about Anil Chaturvedi

Finding a banker you can trust can be tricky. Fortunately, Anil Chaturvedi offers a variety of services for consumers who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy banker they can count on. If you’ve been searching for a bank or banker you can trust, you understand just how important it is to choose someone who is reliable and trustworthy. It’s also important to select a banker with a strong background in economics so you can get the assistance, the guidance, and the care that you need to succeed financially.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University in Indiana in order to become a banker. He studied economics in college, where he graduated with honors. Later, he pursued his MBA in order to learn more about banking and economics. His strong background in economics has given Anil the information and the skills he needs to guide others to success.


It was later, when he started working in the State Bank of India, that Anil began pursuing his career in marketing. He was named “Man of the Year” for his work at the State Bank of India. While it’s not easy learning how to manage and take control of banking in an efficient and effective way, Anil managed to do an incredible job expanding the marketing offerings of the bank.


Anil Chaturvedi now works at Hinduja Bank as the marketing director. His position enables him to engage in highly efficient marketing techniques and tactics designed to guide the firm to a successful future. For consumers looking for ways to efficiently invest for a solid financial future, Anil’s company may hold the perfect answers. Anil Chaturvedi’s experience as a marketing professional enables him to make economically sound decisions that will continue to guide the company to success in the future.

May 15, 2018

Randal Nardone: The Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

After spending most of his career working for big corporate names, Randal Nardone knew that he wanted to start a company that he could run. Being a business leader was always a dream that Nardone had wanted to pursue, and in 1998, he made that dream possible by starting up a company known as Fortress Investment Group. Over the years, Nardone helped the company grow and expand to become a well-known name. Through its numerous endeavors, Nardone has helped the company grow and become one of the most well-known names in the industry. The company stands as one of the leading of its kind and offers a wide range of services to companies across the country.Fortress Investment is a company that has repeatedly emerged as an industry leader for what it does. During the past few years, Fortress Investment Group has grown to become a well-known name and one which sets the standards for others in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group was also one of the first investment companies to appear on the New York Stock Exchange, which was something that Randal Nardone helped the company achieve. Over time, Fortress Investment Group becomes a company that others would follow and be like.Randal Nardone has implemented a number of developments that have worked for the benefit of Fortress Investment Group. He has helped the company take on numerous profitable and beneficial ventures, and has brought on several new clients who all benefited from the services that Fortress Investment Group provides. Without a doubt, Randal Nardone’s contribution to the company has been incredibly significant, which is why he still stands as one of the leading people at the company.

In the past, Nardone has worked at varying positions with a number of major companies. Some of the big names that he has worked with include UBS, which is a company in which he stood as the managing director. This was the final position he worked at before deciding that he wanted to start out his own company and lead his own business.Even though Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the best in the business, there is still a lot of growing that the company needs to do. Its leaders are still working on ways in which they can improve the workings of the company and all that they do so that they can provide their very best to the clients who tot them.

June 14, 2017

Capital Group Continues to See Success

Timothy Armour is the investment guru who has driven his company to success. Armour is currently the chief executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company,Inc. which is a part of the Capital Group. Armour also serves as chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Tim Armour has gained more than 32 years of investment experience, all with Capital Group. He originally started at Capital Group as a member of The Associates Program. His investment career with Capital Group began as an equity investment analyst. He covered global telecommunications as well as American service companies and learn more about Timothy.


Timothy Armour is out to protect the investor. He has routinely urged investors to find managers who are actually worth their take. In his eyes most hedge fund managers are lazy and only rely on index funds and no longer do the research necessary to succeed in the market. Armour continues to believe that index funds do not distinguish themselves on business trends. Tim Armour says that a strong financial manager is the only way to succeed in the investment world and what Timothy knows.


Capital Group appointed Timothy Armour as chairman in 2015. As chairman, Tim Armour reached a deal with Samsung Asset Management that together allows them to create retirement solutions. Armour believed this deal will work to create solutions that will fulfill the needs of investors in Korea. As chairman, Tim Armour managed to survive a sudden stock market drop, while others were panicking and more information click here.


Tim Armour earned his bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College. He wrote an article on where he supported a wager made by Warren Buffett, in which he claimed he could make a lot of money just by buying passive index funds. Armour has been featured on a handful of business magazines and has appeared on several financial news shows on cable. Armour continues to drive this company toward success.


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June 03, 2017

The Successful Life and Career of Philanthropist and Ceo Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Leftkofsky is an active Philanthropist, successful entrepreneur and co-founder of many organizations. Eric co-founded the Tempus Group, which is a startup that fine tunes cancer treatment and establishes databases for the cause. Eric was motivated personally to start Tempus when his wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer. While taking his wife to the Doctor, Eric Leftkofsky noticed there was a lack of data given to the cohort of patients for any given treatment. His goal was to build a database and pathology system that could aggregate data, scrub it, then feed the clean version back to the original source for verification and validation.

Eric has been called a serial entrepreneur because he’s founded and co-founded many successful businesses. He’s the founder of Lightbank venture capital firm. He’s the co-founder and Chairman of the well-known Groupon, (NASDAQ:GRPN), which is global e-commerce marketplace. He’s the co-founder of Uptake Technologies, which is the world’s largest leading predictive analytic platform. He and his wife Liz are the co-chairs of Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation advances high impact initiatives that enhance the lives of communities in which it serves and learn more about Eric.

Eric is an author of accelerated disruption and an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He’s also active serving as the trustee of Lurie Children’s hospital of Chicago. He’s very involved with the Art Institute of Chicago museums of Chicago, the World Business of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. Lefkofsky graduated and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Eric and his wife have generously given financial contributions to many charities. They strongly support the Greater Chicago area with after-school programs with disadvantaged youth and funding scholarship programs. They support organizations for teachers and administrators that seek development tools and resources. His largest donation of $1.2 million has been to the University of Michigan’s school’s Health System. He’s also made donations to John Hopkins, Chicago’s Children Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and many more donations throughout the years to other many other charities.

Eric Lefkofsky is definitely a pioneer of his time and he’s a successful entrepreneur that supports and give generous contributions to many charities and his Twitter.

The Hidden Dangers of AirBnB: A Caution for Homeowners

AirBnB has revolutionized the temporary lodging industry. With AirBnB, homeowners have discovered a way to pay expenses simply by listing their home (or only a room or two) for rent online. Travelers save some money, owners make some money, and everyone is happy.

Well, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes, bad things happen to properties, landlords, renters, or all three. Renting out a home on AirBnB is still renting out a home.

As seen in a few well-publicized incidents, short-term renters can be a handful — even those already known through services like AirBnB. They don’t always follow rules. Things happen. Losses can be incurred.

It pays to understand the potential downside of renting your house before jumping into the fray.

Renters from AirBnB are tenants like any others. They can be injured while on your property. They can steal valuable contents from the home. They can damage neighbors’ property. They can refuse payment. AirBnB generally won’t cover these incidents.

AirBnB includes insurance of a sort, but this is only secondary to standard homeowner’s coverage. It doesn’t take effect until standard coverage has reached its limit. In some cases, the homeowner’s policy won’t pay damages at all.

Before listing a home or room on AirBnB, it’s wise to consult a financial professional like Austin’s Richard D. Blair. Blair’s firm Wealth Solutions, Incorporated offers advice to homeowners considering entering the short-term rental business. Blair has 22 years of experience as a financial planner, and can offer advice on how to protect yourself before risking loss due to a short-term rental gone wrong.

Richard Blair is also a fully-qualified wealth advisor and financial planner able to guide customers through all aspects of wealth management and financial life. He’s certified as a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. He started Wealth Solutions immediately out of college in 1994, and has a long record of successfully guiding customers towards their goals, whether as landlords of short-term rentals, or something even more ambitious.

Before listing your home on AirBnB and making that leap, consult a qualified financial planner like Richard Blair.

George Soros Expedition to Becoming a Successful Investment

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930, as Schart Gyorgy. He is a Hungarian-American business mogul. Soros is also an investor, a philanthropist, and an author. His ancestry is Jewish-Hungarian. Soros is the chairperson of Soros Fund Management, which he founded in 1973. George Soros is famously known as the man who broke the bank.

Soros was born in Budapest his mother name was Elizabeth, and his father was Tivadar. His father was a lawyer and at one time was a political prisoner of war. Soros grew up in a Jewish home, and his parents were always critical of his religion. In 1944 when Soros was 13 years Nazi Germany occupied their country Hungary.

In 1947, George Soros emigrated to England and attended the London School of Economics. In 1951, Soros earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy and in 1954 acquired an MSc in philosophy both from the London School of Economics.

George Soros had difficulty getting work after he graduated and his first job was as a traveling salesperson. In 1954 after numerous applications and interviews Soros began his financial career at Singer & Friedlander in London on He started as a clerk and then became the arbitrage department. In 1956, Soros relocated to Ney York City and worked as an arbitrage trader for F.M. Mayer while there Soros specialized in European stocks.

He then worked for Wertheim and Co in 1959 before moving to Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder from 1963 to 1973 as the vice president.

Soros later founded Soros Fund Management on, and he became the chairman. The company grew from success to success and in 2013 made through the quantum fund $5.5 billion making it the most successful in the history of hedge fund. Since the firm begun in 1973, the fund has generated $40 billion.

George Soros is most famous for his 1992 $1 billion profit in a day. Soros has built a huge position in starting pounds leading to September 1992. George has noted the unfavorable position of the United Kingdom in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. The pound had been brought to the European Exchange Rate Mechanism at a very high rate. The inflation was also high and was hurting assets prices. On that day of September 1992, Soros sold more than $10 billion in pounds. He profited from the UK government failure to raise interest rates. On that day Soros made over a billion dollars is a single day.

Finally, the UK exited the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and devalued the pound.

George Soros is also a philanthropist and has contributed many charities in different countries. He has also helped many political movements. He is a supporter of American liberal and American progressive political causes. Soros also played a role in the transformation of communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe.

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George Soros’ Financial Advice on the Current Economic Position

The 2008 financial meltdown is one of the most disastrous financial ruins in financial history. Economic pundits rank it just after the 1928 Great Depression. The financial crisis shook the economy of the United States of America and that of other countries around the world. This period is considered to be one of the darkest days that plagued Wall Street with many people losing hard earned money invested in the Bourse. The most affected areas were the stock exchange market, the commercial banks in the US and the housing that had been rising for over a decade. Many banking institutions collapsed, the Housing Market was left in shambles barely unable to stand on its knees and the shares took a great hit bringing the economy of the world’s strongest nation to its knees.

The top financial institutions on were bailed out by the government while the small ones went under. The biggest lesson that can be learnt from the 2008 Financial Crash is that those who suffer most are the individual innocent investors and small financial institutions. The seasoned investors got wind of the crash and took advantage and the commercial banks were bailed out by the state.

George Soros, one of the smartest financial investors in the world expressed fears of a similar financial crash going by the current financial in the United States and the financial probity of other major nations like the United Kingdom. One of the main reasons that caused the financial collapse was lack of discipline and unethical practices by commercial banks in the United States. There was uncontrolled issuance of risky loans by the institutions coupled with mortgage backed securities in the housing market. This information can also be sourced from

Going with the current worrisome financial position in the United States and China it is necessary for people to wake up and do something to avoid a replica of the meltdown. This can be done by appealing to the United States government on to enact legislation that would adequately protect innocent investors in the financial sector in the country. Apart from offering a deterrent function, the legislation ought to require financial institutions to establish a Fund that would sufficiently compensate the investors in case of a financial crash. Therefore it is imperative to take George Soros’s fears as a wakeup call and do something to avoid another crippling financial crisis.

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 but following the Second World War, he fled to the United Kingdom in 1947. He studied at the Prestigious London School of Economics and later settled in the United States. George Soros founded a profitable hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management whose main function is dealing with international investments for wealthy institutions.

Apart from his sitting as a Board Director in a number of corporations in the United States and heading Soros Fund Management, George Soros is involved in philanthropic activities. He constantly makes enormous contributions to his alma mater and other colleges in the United States. His philanthropic activities are done through Open Society Foundations which he chairs. He is also a best-selling author and has penned numerous articles on finance and economics in different magazines.