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February 27, 2019

“Marc Beer raises $42 million in funding for his women’s health startup, Renovia “

Marc Beer Renovia is among the owners of the Renovia Inc. which is an upcoming venture. It focuses on producing fresh commodities for pelvic floor disorders. This is after a 42 million agreement was concluded with a medical firm. The company is located in Boston and is producing diagnostic drugs to treat the disorder such as urinary incontinence. The initial product Renovia created, Leva, was approved by the FDA. Longwood Fund is an institution that concentrates on healthcare and it invested in Renovia from the start. The funds obtained from the company are used to improve therapeutic goods such as modernized Leva machine. He undertook his studies from Miami University where he graduated with a BS.


Marc Beer Renovia is grateful to have the assistance of the funding company since their main objective is to improve diagnosis and treatments. In addition, the goal of the company is to better the lives of women who are suffering from a pelvic floor disorder. By joining technologies and form factors with advanced health platforms, this will give clients better services. They will be in a position to feed their clients with information on the disorder and reduce health fees. This is going to help the clients save the cost on charges and utilize it in a beneficial way.


Besides being in the health sector, Marc Beer Renovia is a strategic consultant to OvaScience. The biotech firm is based in Waltham where it announced that it is partnering with Millendo Therapeutics to improve their products. He has over 25 years of experience in biotechnology and diagnostics. Moreover, he has a wide knowledge of pharmaceuticals which makes him a competent health expert. Renovia was established in 2016 and closed financing with prominent capital funds. This was in the best interest of every individual of the company so as to develop it.


Marc Beer Renovia came up with ViaCell in 2000 making him the ultimate owner. It is a biotechnology firm which focuses on the collection of umbilical cord blood stem cells. He managed the company for seven years, which made it prosper in the commercial sector. Under his management, the firm developed to contain over 300 workers. While managing the company, he had several tasks with Genzyme. Lately, he served as the vice president of Global Marketing in which he had a duty of launching multiple commodities. The products being presented were of rare illnesses on a worldwide measure. Learn more:


January 27, 2019

“Paul Saunders Talks About Burnout “

Paul Saunders founder of the James River Capital Corporation knows the warning signs of burnout in employees. He believes employers must pay attention to the warning signs and help their employees reduce stress. This he says, helps employees to avoid burnout, and eventually gets them back on track.

He says one sign of burnout is a loss of control. Often this comes from rigid schedules, with little flexibility. This leads the employees to feel trapped. He suggests having employees, take 15 minutes every day to outline their goals. This will give them a sense of control.

Another problem that arises is a lack of promotion or not being compensated for work. When management does not communicate with employees, this often leads to negative feelings about the job. Managers should be honest and open about decisions, and provide reasonable explanations. Offering workshops or seminars to help workers cope with stress, helps with employee performance.

When employees are stressed, they often become moody and angry. These feelings lead to a lack of motivation. Managers should talk with employees often, and they should suggest hobbies or activities outside of work. When employees experience burnout says Paul Saunders they often lose confidence and the quality of their work declines.

When managers check in with employees, and set goals that are reasonable to achieve they help them get back on track. Burnout he says is very pervasive, in the age of mobile phones, and the fast pace that businesses and consumers keep.

Paul Saunders founded the Jame River Capital Corp in 1986 and its affiliates, as part of the alternative investment department at Kidder Peabody and Company. Several year later, be bought this company with partner Kevin Brandt. He followed his passion for finance and received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and M.B.A. from University of Chicago. Paul worked in the corporate finance department and commodities at A.G Becker.

Later he became director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder Peabody and Company and later managing director. When he purchased KP Futures Management Corporation in 1995 he changed the name to James River Capital Corp. He and his wife recently developed their own charity called Saunders Family Foundation. Learn more: