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August 10, 2016

The Norka Luque Music Sound

Norka Luque was born in 1986 in Caracas,Venezuela. She went to France soon after graduating from high school in the U.S. and resided there for four years where she enrolled in business administration. However, attending school did not dissuade her from pursing her dream and eagerness of becoming a singer, so she ultimately joined the musical group Bad Moon Rising whose genre is unconventional music.
In Monaco she entered the banking domain however,she retreated to her first lingering passion of music so she returned to the U.S. and connected with Jose Velasquez,a music producer who assisted her with releasing her first album with the collaboration of the prominent and respected Emilio Estefan Jr. who possesses several Grammys for his amazing production of the Miami Sound Machine,where his wife Gloria Estefan is the lead vocal sensation.
Emilio Estefan Jr.actually discovered Norka Luque and coached her and because of his connections in the music industry he proudly introduced Norka to other music producers who were impressed with her talent. Her first debut album became a success and was acknowledged in the Latin Music Awards as well.
In 2014, Norka was confronted with major health issues as a consequence of epilepsy, which is a central nervous system disorder. She underwent brain surgery in 2015 and endured a long and convoluted personal journey filled with oppression, which was a temporary setback for her in her career,nevertheless in spite of her misfortune she bounced back stronger and more determined than ever immersing herself in her music, pursuing her endeavor.
She is influenced by Shakira, Aerosmiuth, George Michael, Ricky Martin and other renowned artists. Her intense devotion to music encompasses all genres.
She is a follower of Pop, R&B, rap, dance and alternative rock. Music plays a compelling and profound stimulating aspect in her life and her ambitious career.
She is content with her day to day life with family and her interests in tennis, travel to distant places,food and appreciation for the arts.
The Norka Luque inspirational sound is defined as being very disparate and innovative sound that will take Latin music to a new . She is accomplishing great things with her music,and navigating towards the top of the charts,her ultimate destiny. She always envisioned herself as bringing forth a definite and encouraging revelation through her music.
Norka Luque has discovered that the superlative wonder in life is the precious gift of being alive. Visit her website to learn more about her upcoming events.