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March 02, 2017

Doe Deere Is Changing The Cosmetics Game

Russian-born New Yorker Doe Deere is on a mission to prove to everyone that cosmetics are more than just imperfection concealers, but more of a form of self-expression and personal freedom. As CEO and founder of the unique, innovative Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere believes that beauty is more about what feels right in the moment, not what necessarily looks best. She founded the colorful, unique, cruelty-free cosmetics line in 2008.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics line loaded with bold and vibrant, animal-friendly cosmetics that have quickly become an international sensation. The name of the company is much simpler than the cosmetics itself, deriving from Deere’s favorite color and her desire to create makeup so bright that wearing them might be considered illegal.

Doe Deere started out in 2004, creating an eBay account under the name “limecrime.” This account was used for her DIY fashion line, but she wanted to create a whole look, not just clothing. She started adding makeup to her looks and it quickly became what she would be known for. Her love for makeup came from a childhood love for bright and unusual colors that she could never find. It was there that she found her niche.

As CEO, Doe Deere’s day is very busy, but she takes it all in stride. She begins most of her days by meeting with her Creative Director and going over projects and strategies. After that she meets with Lime Crime’s President and Vice President. She will admit that most of her day is taken up by meetings, but she doesn’t mind; it keeps everyone on the same page, working towards the same goals. Deere usually spends the remaining portion of her day either working on visuals or in the lab alongside her chemists, developing new products.

She knows that inspiration doesn’t come quickly, but when it does she takes full advantage. When an idea for a new product does come along, Doe Deere insists on trying it out on herself first. If the product doesn’t feel right to her, it’s back to the drawing board. Taking each and every product to a personal level is the only way she can ensure that the products she sells is authentic to not only herself but to the Lime Crime name.

As a leader, Doe Deere preaches the importance of treating each person in her life with respect and appreciation. She believes that inspiring respect as a leader involves uplifting and driving her people to success through positive reinforcement, including her employees, partners, and vendors.