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November 13, 2017

The Sensational Celebration Whitney Wolfe Herd Planned For Bumble Bizz

The launch of Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Bizz was at The Grill, the former location for the iconic Four Seasons, and the original home of the power lunch. Whitney feels power lunches are not only for men, and women deserve to be seated at the table. Bumble Bizz is a career app, and for heterosexual interactions women have the first move. The app promotes mentorship among women, and sharing information. The celebration began with cocktails before the guests had dinner in the main dining room. Whitney Wolf Herd welcomed her guests including her cohosts Kate Hudson, Fergie, Karlie Kloss and Priyanka Chopra.

Fergie spoke earlier in a classic red power suit, and spoke of her Duchess Music label, becoming a mom, her career, and her work and family schedules. She talked about the importance of meditation, and the delicate balance required to be a mom. She said the day she stopped singing due to becoming a mom would never happen, and believes women must take charge, become comfortable with power, and remove past fears.

Whitney herself outlined what she believes is missing in current society. Although she admits Hashtags have power, she does not feel it is enough. The crowd listened attentively and included Princess Beatrice, Rachel Zoe, Amy Astley, Sara and Erin Foster, Leandra Medine, and numerous others. Whitney is trying to ensure the next generation is spared from what is currently happening, and cited this as her reason for creating Bumble. This sentiment was furthered by Chopra of Quantico on Mondays. She believes the opportunities given to women regarding their vocations, careers, and ability to choose the terms for their lives are what is being furthered by Bumble. The evening was about women providing support for each other.

The conversation was lively and concerned current events. The guests enjoyed filet or salmon mignon, tuna tartare, and after dinner cocktails before the special surprise performance began. This started when the stage was taken by Fergie in a sparkly jacket featuring a grizzly bear embroidered on the back and a tracksuit. She immediately launched into I Gotta Feeling, closely followed by Fergilicious. The chorus was changed to Bumbilicious. As the director of field marketing, Samantha Fulgham was with Fergie in the middle of the circle that was formed quickly. Fergie pulled off a split in the very center of the dance floor, and this ended the evening with the perfect sense of a female power move.

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September 17, 2017

Michael Herd Married Whitney Wolfe in a Lavish Ceremony in an Italian Coast

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe designed a dating app, Bumble to help people find their soul mates. Currently, the CEO is no longer looking for a mate as she found her life time partner and tied the knot. Whitney married Michael Herd, a Texas oil heir in a flamboyant ceremony at the Villa Treville Positano situated along the prominent Amalfi Coast. The wedding took place last weekend. Michael Herd is the grandson of the founder of Herd Producing Co., a Texas oil company.

The couple has not announced their marriage publicly, but the guests leaked the photos taken at the event on various social media pages. One of the guests, artist Ashley Longshore, wrote on Instagram that the couple and their beautiful wedding make people believe in love, unlimited possibilities, and beauty. She went on and wished the couple happiness in their marriage. The couple used the Instagram hashtag #homeiswheretheherdis to play off her husband’s last name.

The stunning views of the Amalfi Coast set a great mood for the occasion. The bride wore a stylish Oscar de la Renta gown at the wedding. In the evening, the guests had a candlelit dinner adorned with red roses and a clear view of the breathtaking Italian coast. The bride slipped into a silky cream-colored dress for the reception that reflected pure joy from the friends, good food, and drinks. The reception venue was decorated with a canopy of lemon trees which was complimented by the lemon accents on the menus and dinner tables. The couple chose a big single-tier wedding cake that was topped with fresh ripe strawberries and other fruits.

Whitney and Michael first met on a valentine’s day in Aspen three years ago. They got engaged last July. Whitney created a dating app, Bumble, which gives the ladies more control in online dating. In 2014, she was honored by Business Insider as one of the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech. The online dating company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Currently, it has 35 employees. For more info about us: click here.

Bumble partnered with Spotify in 2016 thus allowing its users to connect their Spotify accounts to their Bumble profiles to display their music interests. Bumble BFF mode allows the clients to find platonic friends. When the users switch into Bumble BFF mode, the app replaces the potential soul mates with people of the same sex who are also searching for friends. Bumble was the first online dating app to include photo verification in the United States. The company plans to launch Bumble Bizz, a career networking app in 2017.

February 14, 2017

The Expansion of Fabletics

Women all over the world understand that working out is essential to a healthy and happy life; however, what is the unfortunate realty is the fact that buying the clothing items for this lifestyle is often expensive and unattainable. In an industry that is known to consist of high quality brands with high prices, women are often hesitant to buy clothing within this industry and are discouraged to continue with an active lifestyle. As an observer of this, one individual in particular took this as an opportunity in order to create her own brand of clothing which consists of high quality athletic gear that is offered to women all over the world without breaking the bank in the process.


This individual is Kate Hudson, the proud owner and creator of Fabletics, an athletic gear brand that has been designed to be tailored to each customer’s specifications which includes their shape, size, as well as style preference. Kate Hudson noticed that there was a gap missing within the athletic gear industry and took advantage of her opportunity to fill this gap. Kate Hudson has been able to make her brand even more appealing to women by combining what women love the most about shopping which includes convenience, excellent fit, as well as an overall quality experience.


The experience that women get when visiting the Fabletics gear website is a different experience from visiting shops or other websites. For first time users, a quiz is given for users to answer a couple of questions about their size, where the gear would be used, as well as their preference in style. Options for style include more wild varieties in prints or can include a more classic look. Women can wear their new gear in any environment which includes running outdoors, visiting the gym, weightlifting, or taking a class indoors.


Kate Hudson not only created this brand of clothing for other women to wear, but also created this brand of clothing for herself. As a working mom, Kate Hudson is now glad to have reliable clothing that she can put on quickly after waking up. Kate Hudson created this brand of clothing to be reliable in the morning. Not only will it look great on women of all shapes and sizes, but will also make any woman feel confident and ready for the day. Kate Hudson wants to make sure that her customers look great with putting minimal effort into their wardrobe. With Fabletics, the clothing does all the work to bring out the beautiful features in the body.


Fabletics is a company that is only three years old and has been growing at a rapid pace. Though this company is young, Fabletics is already worth over $250 million with plans to grow even more within the next few years to come. The clothing that is offered by Kate Hudson has been selling quickly and new styles have been requested. Fabletics is a trending company that will continue to meet the demands of the customers.

January 05, 2017

Fabletics Will Use Its Online Presence To Build A Store Chain

Chains of stores were started long ago, and the Internet was not a factor in the growth of these large companies. Each store represented capital the company laid out to build a new structure, and they build familiarity through advertising and word of mouth. Modern businesses such as Fabletics start store chains after they are established online, and this article explains how Fabletics did just that. A business that moves into the retail sector may reverse their showroom philosophy for the benefit of their customers.

#1: Customers Shop With Fabletics Knowing What To Expect

Every customer coming to Fabletics knows what they may expect given the layout of their site, and Kate Hudson built a brand that offers workout clothes for women who need them every day. Women are often accused of not dressing well because they are in casual clothes, and Fabletics wants their customers to come in knowing what they will get. They show up expecting the store to have more than what is seen on the website, and they often it.

#2: How Many Stores Will Open?

100 stores will open in North America with the new plan from Fabletics, and they will open each store with all the products they have offered online and more. They plan to expand what they offer to ensure each customer has something they love. Women who are apt to try clothes on may come to the store, and they may order online in the future. There is a symbiotic relationship between the stores and the website that makes shopping quite easy for every lady.

#3: The Brand Have Proper Construction

Kate Hudson built Fabletics as a properly-constructed brand that has the fabrics and stitching to back up their talk. There are quite a few people who need such a cut in order to fit their clothes, and women of all sizes may trust Fabletics due to their generous styling. Kate Hudson wears the clothes in public often, and she wants women of all sizes because the clothes were made for any lady.

#4: How May A Woman Dress For Every Day with Fabletics?

Fabletics is a lovely brand that ensures the power of every woman who wears their clothes. They look better in the clothes because they are cut for every woman, and they do not exclude who a lady who has curves. It is quite helpful for a woman to slip into casual clothes that make her feel good about her body. She may modulate her clothes from one style to another, and she may prepare for a meal, shopping or a trip to gym.

Women who wish to emulate Kate Hudson may do so without any trouble, and they will find it quite easy to look great in anything they wear. A woman who wants to feel good about her body may wear something slimming, and she may throw it on in moments. There is no fuss with Fabletics, and the brand helps every woman get ready for the day in seconds.