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March 05, 2019

The Name of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf was born into a powerful and wealthy Brazilian family, a power and wealth he has multiplied many times over. After high school, Maluf graduate from the Armando Penteado Foundation Foundation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, instead of entering that profession, he pursued a lifelong career with Eucatex, the family business. He did so well in the ensuing years that in 1997 he was made its top leader.

Maluf tells aspiring business leaders that such roles are not easy. He says he has found that many such individuals have the false assumption that being a business executive means less work and more money. This is because an executive leadership position means that you are responsible for continually making sure the business stays profitable and becomes more so. See more on Wikipedia.

Maluf says another mistaken assumption is that if you want to start a new business, you have to already have a lot of money first. He says that it is not about having a lot of pre-existent capital and not entirely about hard work. He says it is about working smart while you are working hard.

When Flavio’s great grandfather, Salim Maluf, first started Eucatex in 1940, it was only a sawmill, but one of the largest in all of Latin America. In the 1960s, Flavio’s uncle and father enlarged the scope of the company and led it to enter the wood fiber lining industry. Its name, Eucatex, comes from the fact that it makes wooden slabs from Eucalyptus trees.

During a typical workweek, Flavio he in his office works from 8:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m, four days a week. And then one day every week he visits one of his affiliated offices. He gets his ideas for things Eucatex can make from magazines, the internet, and just shopping around and looking at the products out there.

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February 21, 2019

The impact of New Residential Investment Corp on business

The New Residential Investment Corp is a prominent real estate investment trust utilized by its clients. It was initiated on 26 September 2011 and has made a remarkable significance for the commercial enterprises. The key role of the firm is to make investments and returns to the clients and stakeholders. In addition, the organization is dedicated to concentrating on investments that concern real estates. The New Residential Investment Corp is diversified into parts like investments in real estate securities and investments in extra mortgage service rates. Through its development, it has been able to create job opportunities and elevated the community at large.

New Residential Investment Corp has purchased the servicer advances to comprise of the rights to basic fee component among others. Through this acquisition, it has managed to gain returns on the servicers utilizing the mechanism. Furthermore, it acquired the rated bonds supported by the protected categories of servicers issued by mortgage amenities. The New Residential Investment Corp invests into two types of securities. These are the residential mortgage-backed securities and the non-residential mortgage-backed securities. They play a crucial role in the firm due to the durations given to each of them.

In the residential mortgage-backed securities, the New Residential Investment Corp invests in some agencies such as the mortgage pass-through certificates. However, the non-residential mortgage-backed securities that the firm may purchase might be protected by fixed-rate and flexible-rate mortgages. The majority of the securities have a range of short to medium- term duration.

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February 19, 2019

Ryan Seacrest Teaches Work Ethics

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist with lots of diverse interest, ranging from being a host to being a producer and broadcasting in some of the local and nationally syndicated radio and cable television in the US. He has hosted the shows and programs like American Idol from the year 2002 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest since the year 2004. He also founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, in 2009, a non-profitable foundation which is dedicated to helping the youth get inspired by the use of both education and entertainment. Having an interest in entrepreneurship and fashion he founded a cloth line for men known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction in 2014 which is known to present the most iconic and classy looks. In 2017 he went to work with Kelly Ripa to host the show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest is considered to be the most hardworking American with almost ten jobs to run. To be able to manage this tight schedule, he must have an excellent work ethic. Here are some ideas that help him run all these jobs. He is an early riser, at 5 AM he is up to exercise and freshen up for an early start. He believes that there is a reason for everything he does and that there is always an opportunity for something great. He learns to beat up his insecurities, for instance, remaining fit gives him confidence.

Ryan Seacrest is known for his consistent that is flexible when it comes to change and he is organized. He advises people to accept any job that comes by as it opens an opportunity to exposure. He also believes in doing something that the community around will benefit from. He works constantly as he says that to beat the competition that is out there one has to give the best. He also interacts with people on social media and has more than four million followers.

Ryan Seacrest secret is that he loves being busy, focused and is grateful that he has worked. He loves his homeland and has built his career from there. He believes in having a good mentor and advise people not to relax and enjoy when they hit great goals but to continue striving as no one has control over everything.

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February 17, 2019

Ashley Lightspeed’s Work at Lightspeed Ventures

Ashley Lightspeed is an iconic woman in the business industry. She uses prototyping as a critical element to strategize and grow businesses. Ashley developed an interest in business when she was in University. She saw prototyping as a great way to establish business wares. As a young woman, Ashley wanted to become an architect like her father; she used to spend time with her dad watching him prototype constructions. At that time architecture was interesting to Ashley. Her first job after graduating was at Bain, but she did not work there for a long time. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed visit at Crunchbase.

Ashley Lightspeed joined Thumbtack due to her urge to understand Silicon Valley. She also wanted to explore her career more and use prototyping to benefit others. At Thumbtack, Ashley worked as a Category Manager; her role involved planning events and creating a stable customer base. Ashley first encountered Ventures capital during fundraising event. Lightspeed Venture’s official easily identified her talents and capabilities. Later on, she was hired to work at Lightspeed; the firm has a history of easily identifying talent and using it for their benefit.

Several years of working at Thumbtack, Ashley Lightspeed left to continue with her studies at Stanford GSB. While studying, she was exploring her full potential; she wanted to open her own company and help other firms to grow. At Lightspeed, Ashley’s work was to work with start-up organizations. She invested in them and helped them discover their growth strategies. Ashley believes in craftsmanship; according to her craftsmanship is a crucial asset for any company to use. Craftsmanship is where an entrepreneur develops a concept of products while putting into consideration her consumer’s needs. Craftsmanship enables entrepreneurs to discover services and products consumers would like and also understand them better. Consumers will, therefore, get goods that are in high demand easily.



January 20, 2019

Wes Edens: Brightline Partners with Virgin Group

Wes Edens is an executive who has worked hard to find his place in the tight market. The businessman, who has earned his respect in the world of finance, had made a great impact in the community through his company, Fortress Investment Group. In his successful career life, Wes Edens has mastered how to come up with investment ideas that work. The businessman has his name in the billionaire list. This only means that the finance expert has earned his good profits from the many years he has been in business. His position at Fortress Investment Group has also helped him to make wealth. The global investment company has been performing well in the recent years, securing a leading position in the global market. The independent company is currently based in the New York States, with various offices in different places in the world.

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Last year, Wes Edens started a company that would be focusing in the transport industry. The new company, which is known as Brightline, has all the qualities of a successful institution in the competitive market. This firm has excellent features, and it enjoys leadership from an international finance executive who helps to make the most critical decisions in the firm. Brightline has performed well, months after coming into the railroad industry. After handling the market so well in just few months, the company has announced that it has managed to secure a partnership with an institution that is very popular in the market. The popular company is known as Virgin Group, and it is one of the most respected in the hotel and travel industry. Thanks to the partnership, Brightline will use the expertise acquired by Virgin over the years so that at the end of the day, customers will have the best experience. Together, the two firms are looking forward to form a brand that will be known as Virgin Trains USA.

With an influential founder to take care of the funding activities, Brighline is already excited about the new partnership. The expansion activities will be easier with the help of Virgin Group. The two teams look forward to working with each other and giving customers a great experience when traveling.

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December 20, 2018

What does Shervin Pishevar Really Express in his 21-hour Tweet Storm?

Following his unending words, you have probably come across this man, Shervin Pishevar, in various social media platforms. As, such, it is not surprising at all how he went ranting in a tweet storm for 21 hours and over 50 messages on predictions of a possible decline in the U.S economy.

Among the many issues, Pishevar, the founding father of Sherpa Capital discussed in this particular tweet include bitcoin, bonds, immigration, and SpaceX. According to him, bitcoin is likely to experience a significant drop off between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars. It will then start rising bit by bit.

From the predictions of the coming financial storm as a result of a drop in the stock market, the early Uber investor touched on the crippling situation of Silicon Valley. The tech crunch also expressed his thoughts on a wide range of other issues that are likely to affect the U.S economy. Some of the problems Shervin Pishevar predicts are;

The expected continuation in the ongoing bitcoin crash.

The United States is losing dramatically to countries like China, especially on matters involving infrastructure developments.

The likelihood of bonds volatile nature extending across other significant markets.

How California has lost its firm grip on technological innovations and cultural stability.

An extensive reduction in the stock markets by 6,000 points is on the way.

The big business organizations in the U.S will continue gaining more power due to the low rates of new business start-ups.

Notably, the 21-hour tweet storm happens to be Shervin Pishevar’s first public statement since his resignation in December following a series of sexual harassment allegations. Having been off the public eye for a considerable period, Shervin’s come back with the two-day extravaganza is quite significant. It is hard to determine his motivation for re-emergence into the limelight. Some see revenge as the motivating factor on those who tainted his excellent reputation.

Over the years, Shervin Pishevar has greatly contributed to the world of investments through his helpful insights and analysis reports on various industries. In most cases, his predictions are always true. As such, despite painting a dying picture of the state of the U.s economy in his messages, every investor who wishes to succeed should heed his warnings and prepare accordingly.

December 10, 2018

How Is The Dallas Based Stream Energy Involved In Philanthropy?

Since establishment, Stream energy has dedicated its efforts towards provision of services to both residential and corporate clients. These extend from energy needs, wireless connectivity, telemedicine, and security services.

It is, therefore, only natural that a company with a ’people first’ mission statement would dedicate significant resources and time towards charitable courses with the management emphasizing on philanthropy as being part of the company’s DNA. But what philanthropic deeds has the company been involved in?

Longstanding partnerships with charity groups

Stream Energy has been involved in charitable workshops and philanthropic locally and internationally for over a decade. It has often come to the aid of distressed and disadvantaged members of the society across the country and provided them both moral and financial support.

This longstanding dedication to uplifting humanity has caught the attention of such institutions as that recently highlighted the energy company’s involvement in philanthropy. More importantly, it has earned the company long-standing relationships and partnership with equally people-minded organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Involvement in Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey that recently swept over Houston neighborhood in Dallas, leaving a trail of destruction will forever remain arced in the history books for Stream energy. The company is hailed as among the first businesses in Dallas to come to the aid of the hurricane victims.

Apart from helping with the rescue efforts, the company employees offered moral support to these victims by supplying them with food and basic necessities. The company would also offer financial support to its clients to help accelerate their recovery.

Establishment of an internal charitable department

Despite having been involved in charitable courses and philanthropy for over ten years, most of stream energy’s philanthropic deeds were informal. However, after Hurricane Harvey, the company decided to introduce a new department within its corporate structure to address its corporate responsibility and philanthropy.

This major step was arrived at after a careful evaluation of the impact the company’s involvement in the Hurricane Harvey had. The actions have not only earned it respect in the business community but have also contributed to a surge in demand for company services among what the company management considers more loyal customers.

November 23, 2018

Impressionable facts about Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has made the lives of many people easy through the investment advice he offers to them. He is also an accomplished author, and he shares his views on investment through a vast number of media platforms. He has gained fame over the years, and many people strive to read his articles to gain insight on the various ways they can invest their money. Through his counsel, he has profoundly contributed to the growth of the economy in the country as people have taken heed to his advice through investing in better things that create room for the acquisition of higher profits.

Matt Badiali is also passionate about working closely with people that inspire him. Matt Badiali strives to associate himself with successful people, as he believes that he can gain great ideas and help from them. He has also earned admiration form many people who believe in his ability to bring change in the world. Before starting his career, he ought the counsel of his friend, who was a famous guru in the field of finance. Matt always spent most of his time with his friend who shared with him the basics on finances and the world of finances. His knowledge on natural resources has also boosted his career, and he has also used the knowledge he gained in finance to offer insight to his readers. Additionally, he has also shown a great interest in investment.

Matt Badiali is also the founder of Real World Strategist. Through his firm, he educated people on the various ways they can wisely choose the best natural resources to invest for success. He also teaches people on the various ways they can study the natural resources to determine whether they are likely to bring profits or great losses in their firms. Through the various stocks that he recommends to his clients, he has boosted the careers and lives of a considerable number of them. Matt Badiali also inspires many people through the advise he offers to them through his daily newsletter in the Banyan Hill firm. As an influential leader, he looks forward to helping people eliminate issues that affect their firms in the wrong way.

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September 29, 2018

Ted Bauman: How To Kill A Bull

Ted Bauman is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He holds degrees from the University of Cape Town in History and Economics. His earliest work experience involved working at fast food restaurants and gas stations. Later he traveled all over the world for Habitat for Humanity. He took managerial roles in housing projects in the nonprofit sector. His writings have been published in respectable journals. Today, one of his areas of specialization involves writing about low-risk investing and wealth preservation strategies. Many of his life experiences through volunteer work and employment have led him to believe that society should try to help the lower classes.

Lately, Ted Bauman has been advising his readers to adopt a more cautious stance in regard to the US Stock market. Mr. Bauman has always recommended that individuals start off investing in a defensive manner before they get aggressive. Most pundits on financial outlets talk about the current bull market going on indefinitely, but there are a few respectable individuals on Wall Street who are starting to get nervous about the stock market. The bull market is the longest in history and Mr. Bauman feels that there are factors that could start to push stock prices lower. He says that if the Federal Reserve keeps pushing interest rates, investors seeking safer yield will exit the stock market. If economic data keeps showing up positive, the Federal Reserve will likely remain on their current course of action. Ted Bauman believes that if interest rates hit four percent, the bull market will end. He also pointed out that the current trade war could speed the process of ending the bull market in equities.

Ted Bauman advises investors to brace for a down market if it comes but he urges investors not to try to time the market. Sometimes, it could take up to a year for a bear market to be officially acknowledged. If the stock market does crash, equities may bounce back in a similar matter to 1987. Investors who panicked lost money and those that remained calm made a ten percent rate of return by the end of the year. Mr. Bauman believes that investors should make sure they have bonds in their financial portfolio because they can help an investor survive a bear market in stocks.


September 22, 2018

Ted Bauman Is An Investment Professional Who Writes Enlightening Content For Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman is an investor and writer who teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He works as the editor of a spread of publications within the publishing company including Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. Bauman helps investors to protect their assets better, to protect their privacy, and points out low-risk investment strategies. For most of his life, he has worked to help people find the resources they need to live an independent life. He has also worked with many nonprofits in South Africa where he was able to help 14 million people from all over the world.

If you take a look at Ted Bauman’s Twitter account, you can see that he is focused on sharing the most helpful articles with his followers. Many of them cover investment opportunities and some of them are educational in nature. On his Twitter account, he is also alerting people of the possibility of a second Great Depression, and he has been indicating there that the Dow could drop by as much as 70%. When September 11th of 2018 came around, instead of sending out random tweets, Ted Bauman shared a tweet that linked to an article that explained how the stock market was effected on 09/11.

Ted Bauman was asked in a recent interview if he would do anything differently if he could start his life over. In reply, he commented that the most important thing he would do differently is to become much better with managing his time when he was a younger man. Instead, he has had to learn the hard way how to do so, and he also admitted that he would have been more productive over the course of his life. Bauman has also talked about how he would work harder to understand the detailed and more complicated sides of economics; if only to be able to engage people who look at the world in this way. Ted Bauman has also spoken about his position with Banyan Hill and has commented that he keeps up with every bit of news he can in order to be a better source of information for his readers.

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