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November 20, 2018

ClassDojo: Not Just for Educators

In a market where investors expect returns in seven years or less, ClassDojo stands apart. It has taken the education technology company that long to release their first plan to earn any money at all. Until this point, the company has directed their efforts into creating a product that enables teachers to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. In fact, 2 out of 3 schools use this product to create a community for families and teachers to work together for a student’s success. And that isn’t all. Next February parents will use ClassDojo for more than monitoring their student’s progress. The company announced a new subscription service, ClassDojo Beyond School with features similar to the classroom version including the most popular.

Access to the app will give parents new tools to encourage positive habits at home. They will be able to award points for specific behaviors (such as completing chores or being kind to a sibling). While there are critics of this type of points system, the idea is for children to treat everyday actives like a game rather than simple chores to be completed. In addition, ClassDojo included other activities designed to increase parent/child relationships: such as meditation videos and a place for children to record self-reflections. And while some parents might have concerns about another app for their child to play on another screen, all of these actives are short, designed so that a child could do several activities and still not spend more than 15 minutes on the app.

Regardless, it is still unusual for investors to wait so long for a return on their investment. Therefore it was crucial for ClassDojo to lay out a clear, long-term plan for growth to entice potential capitalist. With an initial investment of $31.1 million dollars, ClassDojo was clearly able to do just that. And during the last seven years, they have created a communication platform for teachers, parents, and children to engage and connect with each other.