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Why Dr. Rod Rohrich is Doing the Symposiums

Dr. Rod Rohrich feels he has a lot of things he needs to say to help the medical community. He is a cosmetic surgeon, but he knows there are things he can do to help those who are working in the field. There have been other ways for him to make sure he is giving the community what they want and what they need no matter how long they have been practicing and how long they have been doing different things with their patients. For Rod J. Rohrich, this means he needs to regularly attend symposiums and other events to give back to other plastic surgeons.

At the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, Rod J. Rohrich felt he could help others realize what they could do with different procedures. There, he talked about ones that would help those who had cleft or palette issues. He also talked about body sculpting and how that can be one of the most elegant plastic surgeries. For Rod J. Rohrich, this was a place to showcase everything he was able to do in a different setting from what he was normally used to and what he normally wanted to try and do for his patients.

Then, he decided to run his own symposiums. These would be all about plastic surgery. He did one in Dallas where he was helping people realize there were new plastic surgeries they could do and he felt they would all be successful. It was a general meeting on plastic surgery. Then, Rod J. Rohrich hosted and chaired a symposium that was all about how he could help people with rhinoplasty. This symposium gave him a chance to show people what he was doing and how he was helping others with the issues they were facing in the surgery field.

As long as Rod J. Rohrich was continuing to help people and to give back to the community he was a part of, he felt confident these symposiums and other things would work for his benefit. He also knew he could try his best to make things better so he wouldn’t have to worry about the issues he was facing in different areas. For Rod J. Rohrich, this was an important part of the industry and an important part of what he could do to help people who were both cosmetic surgeons and people who were his patients. It gave him the inspiration to help others.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Transforming Bodies, Transforming Lives

Almost everyone has something that they want to change with their bodies. Whether is a flatter belly, fuller lips, bigger breasts, skinnier thighs, we all have certain preferences. Thankfully, due to advancements in technology, this is fully achievable through the process of cosmetic surgery. However, it is important to find doctors with the right expertise and credentials. One of them is Dr. Jennifer Walden, a successful cosmetic surgeon from Texas.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden

As a cosmetic surgeon for the past 8 years and counting, Dr. Walden has achieved remarkable success in her practice. Graduating salutatorian from University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, she eventually completed her fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She eventually built her own successful practice in New York and decided to move back to her hometown in Texas at 2011. She is also a co-author of a medical book titled “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” which are used by cosmetic surgery students worldwide.

Success Story of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Being a female in a male-dominated population of cosmetic surgeons didn’t stop Dr. Jennifer Walden from excelling in her profession. She is an active member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Her past awards include the following: Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate (Vancouver, BC, 2004), The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation received from American Medical Women’s Association (1998), and The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship awarded by the Kelsey-Seybold Foundation of Houston (1998).

Satisfied Clients

Her success is attributable to the number of satisfied clients who underwent various treatment procedures. Women who underwent breast augmentation from previous doctors transferred for her services and were highly satisfied. Botox, liposuction, implants, skin treatments, and other common cosmetic procedures were reviewed to be of good quality and even customer service is superb. Dr. Walden has made a name for herself in the cosmetic surgery industry, and new clients just keep on coming.

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December 10, 2017

Eric Lefkofsky: Philanthropy of a Scientist

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and scientist. He is considered as an innovator of the field of medicine, and he developed several methods and devices to advance the capability of medicinal science. He is working with several scientists on a number of medical researches, and their main goal is to eradicate diseases that pose a threat to mankind. He established Tempus, a technological company which aims to create devices that will help scientists cure and treat several diseases, and one of the most ambitious projects that the company decided to build is a computer network that holds the largest collection of patient data in the world. This network keeps both molecular and clinical information on an operating system that can be accessed by anyone worldwide. Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the project they are developing with Tempus would help thousands of people in the future.

Eric Lefkofsky is a philanthropist who decided that his purpose in life is to help humanity in the field of medicine and sciences. He established a foundation with his wife called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which was founded in 2006, and the main objective of their foundation is to enhance and improve the quality of life for everyone. The foundation is donating funds to education, medical research, cultural initiatives, and human rights protection.

Some of the schools which are benefiting from the Lefkofsky Family Foundation are the Academy for Urban School Leadership, Citizen Schools, Teach for America, and the Success Project – all of which are aiming to provide free education to the American youth and to alleviate the condition of the American education system. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is also helping different human rights groups including Human Rights Watch, and they are giving them funds to protect the rights of everyone. Eric Lefkofsky believes that everyone has the right to live free, and any violation of their rights must be looked upon and groups who are mandated to protect these people must help them at all cost. The foundation is also giving a sum of their money to museums and other facilities which aims to promote culture. Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that his foundation will have a lasting impact especially to those who were assisted by his efforts.