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August 09, 2018

Dr. Mark McKenna is Changing the Future of Aesthetic Healthcare

In today’s fast-paced world where we can have quick access to all sorts of services, Dr. Mark McKenna asked an important question. Why can’t we have quick access to aesthetic treatments where and when we want them?

With this question in mind, Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME Cosmetics. This brand is poised to become the go to service for anyone looking to improve their look, whether it be from Botox injections, weight loss treatments or a litany of other options for looking your best. Even though aesthetic medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry, fast access can be limited and quality practitioners can be difficult to find. The OVME Cosmetics brand is utilizing tech tools and top-tier professionals to solve these major hurdles. This grand idea will help create a national network of easily accessible, expert clinicians that are available at your home and on your schedule.

Although he received his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna chose to follow the entrepreneurial path after working with his father after medical school. He started a real estate business in New Orleans that was highly successful. He decided to make a change after hurricane Katrina, which led him to relocate to Atlanta and start a fee-for-service aesthetic business called ShapeMed. The success of this business, which ended up being bought by LifeTime Fitness, led to his current venture.

Taking the fee-for-service model of ShapeMed and adding a technical edge to it shows the forward thinking of this young entrepreneur. OVME is able to add a huge network of aesthetic practitioners to its network very quickly by utilizing an app to attract practitioners looking to make money at times when they are not seeing patients in an office. The genius of the model allows clients to receive tailored aesthetic services like Botox from a local, licensed, professional almost anywhere the client wants. There is also a rating system for the providers with comments that allow clients to choose someone with a good history. The patients also receive an online consultation prior to the procedure all with the ease of an Uber-style app that is user friendly and adaptable to the changing needs of the company.

Taking into account the current trend of fast, personalized service and the public’s continued love of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna’s approach appears to fill a growing need. Time will tell if this idea can gain traction and become the nationwide brand this young entrepreneur envisions.

July 26, 2018

Dr. Saad Saad Continues To Save Many Children’s Lives Thanks To His Inventions

For more than forty years, Dr. Saad Saad has performed several pediatric surgeries. Most of these surgeries are complex but Saad has over the time tried to make them less painful. While it has not been to do so, Saad has always remained focused. In the end, through his two inventions, millions of children in the world can now go to the operation table without fear. the aim of his inventions is to lower or even remove the use of several tests that children go through prior to a surgery.




  1. Saad Saad’s Early Life



Saad has lived in several countries. He was born in Lebanon. However, as a young man, he spends his life together with his other siblings and parents in Kuwait. After some time, he was forced to live the rest of his family and move elsewhere. This time, Saad went to Egypt. While here, Saad Saad joined Cairo University. He studied medicine and graduated with a medical degree. After his graduation, Dr. Saad left for England. He moved to Europe to do his internship. While he was doing his internship in England, Dr. Saad Saad thought it nice to further his education in the medical field. The best way to do so was to move to the United States of America. When he landed in the U.S. Saad studied pediatric surgery. After passing through rigorous tests, he finally became a certified resident pediatric surgeon.




Many Years of Service




For many years, Dr. Saad has helped his community in New Jersey. His services also include many children as well as young adults who live in Holyland. On several occasions, Dr. Saad accepted many medical missions that included volunteering and paid. First, he did four missions locally. Later, the surgeon would accept the invitation to travel to West Bank as well as Jerusalem to help children who needed complex surgeries. Dr. Saad made eight such missions to the Middle East. He would do many of these complex surgeries free. While on all these missions, both home and away, Saad would see how his patients would go through a lot of pain.




For this reason, Dr. Saad Saad invented Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device (Patent No. 5,727,553), and the Methods and Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area through the Endoscope (Patent No. 5,725,478).

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