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What We Know About Zika

What we really know about the Zika virus is that we don’t know enough. Recently, a connection has been made between the Zika virus and shrunken heads in infants. The virus has been found to be present in the brain tissue of infants that have died due to the virus.

As the Zika virus continues to spread in South American countries, we also are seeing cases in the U.S. As a result of the virus spreading, the CDC and the World Health Organization are working to find answers.

On Monday, President Obama requested 1.8 million dollars in emergency funding from the U.S. Congress. This money would be used by the CDC to research the virus, it’s link to birth defects, and to develop vaccines.

What Jon Urbana and other researchers at Ellipse USA know at this time is that they don’t know enough about the virus. They will begin studying current cases by acting as detectives to see what similarities the different cases may have. This research will cover health, diet, traveling patterns, etc.