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How White Shark Media is Boosting Customers Experiences by Dealing with Complaints Effectively


Companies that have integrated digital and traditional marketing activities realize immense profits. However, the challenge comes during the implementation of the integrated plan. Some firms prefer implementing the digital and traditional marketing plans separately. The separate implementation does not bring satisfying returns. White Shark Media is a reputable digital marketing firm that has set standards in the digital marketing and technology industry.

The agency provides cost-efficient Search Marketing Campaigns and offers a mind-blowing experience for their customers. The agency has helped firms in America to expand their business and realize tremendous success by utilizing its marketing tools and strategies. Three experienced Danish entrepreneurs established the agency in 2011. The goal of the agency is to provide digital marketing strategies that will help companies to exploit the potential that the US and Latin America markets present. The agency conducts research and tests their marketing strategies before recommending them to clients. Therefore, clients are assured of getting evidence-based digital marketing strategy.

White Shark Media Reviews

Based on the reviews posted by most customers, communication is a major pillar that White Shark Media has strengthened over the last couples of years. The response to calls and messages is fast and friendly.

The agency offers personalized services that address unique needs of each client. Most clients are happy with the way their queries or clarifications are handled. Some of them expressed their happiness for receiving private messages from the customer care department of the agency.

The staffs update facebook clients on the activities that the agency is undertaking. In addition, they are updated on how their projects are progressing. Most customers were happy with the SEO services offered by White Shark Media.

Complaints handling strategies

Being an established company handling many clients, White Shark Media receives complaints from customers who are unsatisfied with the services they receive. Therefore, the agency is implementing strategies to minimize the number of complaints.

Improving communication

The agency aims at implementing strategies that will better communication. Currently, clients can interact with professionals directly without their calls having to go through the receptionist. Customers are updated on the activities of the agency at the end of each month through the GoTomeeting online conferencing tool.

Enhancing optimized campaigns

The agency has implemented new campaigns that are better performing. These campaigns have elicited envy even from the competitors. Additionally, a new approach is used to boost the performance of existing campaigns.

Reviewing SEO services

The plans for offering SEO services are still underway. However, the firm evaluates SEO proposals, as well as SEO works provided by other companies to their clients.