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November 12, 2017

Richard Mishaan’s Career in the World of Design and How He Shares His Story through Writing Books

Richard Mishaan of the reputable Richard Mishaan Design keeps the sector of interior design within the United States lively and active. Thanks to him, the standards of design quality in the country are always on the rise. A native of Cartagena in Colombia, Mishaan had the upbringing that suits a creative designer. Right from a young age, he got to see the beautiful and colorful sceneries of Colombia, and that made him develop an undying passion for colors and coloring. He also spent a significant part of his youthful life with Italians and again that made him creative in his art. Upon relocating to New York, he was already in possession of an invaluable experience that others in the industry did not have the privilege of possessing.

Mishaan’s Career

To supplement his talent and to qualify as a professional in the art sector, Richard Mishaan had to enroll for a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Architecture degrees. After attaining the two from the New York University and the Columbia University School of Architecture respectively, he was taken in by Philip Johnson as an apprentice in the early 80s. After leaving Philip Johnson, he got his license to ply his trade within and without New York. Since then, he has worked on some extremely sensational designs, including on the Upper West Side Townhouse, 93rd Street Sales Center. Besides the commercial projects that he has completed so far, he was also the man who handled the interior design works for Hampton Summer Home. The Shelborne Hotel and the Trump World Towers, on the other hand, are some of the public and luxury places that Richard Mishaan has worked on. These projects are some of the examples that many designers imitate from due to their high-quality.

Authored Books

Richard Mishaan is the brain behind Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury: two books that upcoming designers and even other citizens use as guides to design. The books were published in May 2009 and November 2014 respectively, with The Monacelli Press being the publisher for both. It is through the books that Richard Mishaan satisfied his passion for sharing about his work with the world of design.