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December 22, 2016

Why George Soros Rallied Behind Clinton During the 2016 US Presidential Election

Billionaire investor George Soros has made a name for himself by making jaw-dropping contributions to libertarian causes across the world. George Soros lived up to this reputation during the just-concluded US Presidential elections by contributing a whopping 25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His spirited efforts to fund Clinton’s campaign saw him labelled a boogeyman by Republicans. This only helped kindle his desire to promote liberation ideas in America.

How Soros’s Dalliance with Democrats Developed

The investor has not only been supporting Democratic Party presidential candidates. In essence, he has been supporting Democratic candidates at all levels of the political divide. He has similarly been funding pro-liberation ideals, which are mostly fronted by Democrats, since 2004.

During the just-concluded elections, George Soros and his allies flexed their financial muscle to oil one of the most comprehensive election campaign machineries in history. According to the Federal Election Commission, the figure might even be higher than what has been widely projected in the media. Despite the fact that his favored candidate lost out, he still remains committed to the party’s ideals.

George Soros was to attend the Democratic convention but unfortunately, missed out due to his commitment to the Economic situation in Europe. How he balances his political and business endeavors at an advanced age baffles foes and admirers alike. Just recently, he made his much-awaited return to the trading floor. Those who are close to him point out that in 2016, he was more politically involved that he had ever been before.

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Soros-Clinton Rapport

The Hungarian-American billionaire has been a close acquaintance of Hillary Clinton for more than 25 years. Political commentators point out that it is this closeness that led him to be more politically engaged in the course of her presidential campaign. Others attribute the increased political activity to his conviction about the pragmatism of Hillary’s policies.

The hedge fund billionaire’s chief political adviser, Michael Vachon points out that in as much as Soros has been a key supporter of the Democratic Party, the stakes were exceptionally high in 2016. This is because most ideals that he stands for such as immigrant reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform, were under threat. He felt that only a Democrats government would vouch for these reforms. His willingness to fund Clinton’s campaign was a major boost to Democrats. In doing so, he managed to catalyze other left-wing activists to support Clinton.

Voter Mobilization Groups

Soros used a unique model to marshal support for Clinton and her team. He mainly made contributions through pro-Hillary PAC’s such as Priorities USA Action. These PAC’s mainly targeted immigrant voters, and those that have been historically maligned by successive governments. His aim was to boost immigrant voter registration and turnout in important swing states. Besides this, he made notable contributions to groups that were devoted to opposing conservative efforts to curb voting in certain areas. After the elections, Soros led a group of high-profile individuals to chart the way forward for liberal ideals. This clearly shows that he is still committed to enhancing democracy across the globe.

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