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4 Great products from Purina Beneful

Over the years I have tried several dog foods for my dogs. I have tried the expensive brands and some of the other well known name brands, but I have finally found a dog food and dog treat that both my dogs enjoy. I have been using Purinastore‘s Beneful dog food for years since I made the switch from an expensive dog food brand. I have a chocolate lab and a dachshund both dogs go crazy with excitement when they see me get the Beneful bag out of my car from the grocery store.
I have tried the Amazon best selling Beneful Original with Real Beef accented with spinach, peas and carrots. The reason I choose this food from my chocolate lab is the 23 essential vitamins and minerals along with the antioxidant rich nutrition that helps support healthy immune system. My lab loves this food, she has been happier and healthier in my opinion with this dog food.

I do switch up once and awhile with Beneful Chopped Blend. This dog food is a wet dog food [product link:] that you can see all the real ingredients once you open the container. I have tried three different chopped blends and my lab and Dachshund love all three brands they have tried. One blend is the chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. There is also Salmon, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. The last blend I have tried for my dogs has been turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Both dogs love the real ingredients in the Chopped Blend.

My dachshund loves Beneful Incredibites tender and crunchy mini bites. This food is rich in nutrition and protein. Again this food has 23 essential vitamins and minerals that is one of the pluses that I see in this food and why I feed my dogs this brand.

When the dogs are behaving and need a treat I go to Beneful’s Baked Delights dog snacks. One of the flavors that my dogs love is the Shortbread Cookie. It has the soft center flavor of apple and bacon. The other flavor they enjoy is the Beneful Hug’s. They have a soft savory center made with beef and cheese. These treats are a must have around my house for my “fur kids”.

Each one of Purina’s Beneful brands are 100% made in the U.S.A with the best ingredients. If you have not tried this brand I highly recommend Beneful to any dog lover that is looking for a healthy dog food.

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Choosing a Dog Food Brand That’s Right for Your Dog

When it comes to owning a dog, you want to make sure you are giving your dog the very best care that you can possibly give it. This all starts with good dog food. There are a lot of different brands and varieties out there on the market today, so how do you decide which brand is best for you and your dog? Nestle Purinastore is the producer of Beneful, just one of many great dog brands out there that offer dry food, wet food, and treats.
Their original dry food is made with real beef and is filled with antioxidant-rich nutrients. With a mixture of tender and crunchy bites, your dog will gobble this healthy food right up. You can rest easy knowing your dog is getting the right ingredients as this dry food is made with ground yellow corn, beef, and whole wheat flour. Why not give your dog what they are asking for? This bag is available on Wal-Mart a variety of different sizes anywhere from 3.5 pound bags to a whopping 44 pound bag.

If your dog needs to be put on a diet, the Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Food is your best option. This dry food is made with real chicken and wholesome ingredients. Feeding your dog this food will help ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle while maintaining the proper weight. Like the original food, this has a mixture of tender and crunchy bites that your dog will love. This dry food is available in a 3.5 pound bag all the way up to a 44 pound bag.

Beneful also offers wet dog food in various flavors. You can choose from options such as the Incredibites or Chopped Blends. The Incredibites food comes in 3 ounce cans and includes real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. The Chopped Blends brand comes in 10 ounce tubs and has protein-rich ingredients such as real beef, barley, carrots, and peas.

Another Beneful product you can give your dog is treats. Treats are meant to be given to your dog sparingly so they don’t gain weight. Beneful offers a variety of different dog treats to choose from. If you are worried about tarter build-up on your dog’s teeth, you can purchase the Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These help reduce the amount of tarter and plaque build-up while also offering a flavor your dog will love. This product comes in a small, medium, or large pouch.