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March 06, 2017

Tony Petrello Presents A Bright And Positive Outlook For Nabors Industries, Ltd.

Competition is merely a challenge to the illustrious and positive oil and gas industry leader: Tony Petrello. Tony Petrello, despite any problematic economic factors, gets around such issues–beautifully.

It is Tony Petrello’s leadership style that graces the Board Room of Nabors Industries, Ltd.–one of the greatest well-digging and product manufacturers within the oil and gas market.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., is an international company. It provides services in the United States, other areas in the Americas, and within other world regions. It provides its competence within very cold climates, as well as very dry areas, of the world. Its massive inventory is technologically superior, and second-to-none.

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It invests wisely, agreeable with the “Tony Petrello stratagem,” in providing its operators, the best, in sound and technologically superior well-digging equipment, whether the digging is conducted, onshore or off-shore.

The labor force of Nabors Industries Ltd., include some of the most knowledgeable operators in the world. It is Tony Petrello’s leadership style, of expecting superior and positive results that produces, much, in the way of motivation and proper discernment with regard to the Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s, operational staff, and management.

He works tirelessly, as well as members of staff, in assuring that the company’s client base are treated fairly and provided with the greatest, advanced technological pieces of equipment, in order to assure operator convenience, comfort and safety.

Tony Petrello, too, works in partnership with other servicers, within the oil and gas communities, in order to assure the highest degree of cost-effectiveness, and technological resources are provided to his highly sophisticated customer-base.

It is Petrello’s leadership style, that easily keeps Nabors Industries, Ltd., moving forward, now, and into the twenty-1st century.

One example of coupling Nabors Industries Ltd., with that of another servicer was the announcement of the union of Weatherford International Limited with Nabors Industries, Ltd., as of February of this year.

The two companies, felt, the team spirit of the two organizations, was reasonably a very cost-effective measure. Weatherford can provide certain services and solutions; and Nabors Industries, Ltd., can accordingly, offer its unique brand of equipment and services. Together: Weatherford and Nabors Industries Ltd., can grow together and individually, and deliver greater efficiencies, within the U.S. gas and oil industry, in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

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Timothy Armour: From Candidate to Chairman

After the death of Jim Rothenberg, former chairman of Capital Group, the company began looking for his successor. Although the board of directors had many candidates, there was only one prominent possibility, Timothy Armour. Tim has been with Capital Group since the start of his professional career. Immediately after graduating from college, Tim was accepted into Capital’s Associate Program. From that point on, Tim Armour was a Capital man. He worked his way up to becoming Chairman of Capital’s Management Committee. That’s made him Capital’s frontrunner for the open Chairman position.

Since the death of Rothenberg, Capital has fallen behind due to a new generation of reactive fund managers. The new chairman needs to be able to rebuild Capital’s market share, which is a key challenge the company is looking forward to taking on head first. Following the death of Rothenberg, Capital is also expected to begin reshuffling its management positions.

Armour would make an excellent chairman. He worked closely with Rothenberg and learned a lot. Armour would bring a more modern point of view when it comes to long-term benefits. He was one of the few members of the team that researched what kind of long-term benefits were possible with certain types of active fund management. Armour hasn’t claimed to be an expert that deserves the chairman position, but his career record does exactly that. It was Armour that convinced Capital to engage more with the media. Instead of seeming too secretive, Armour pointed out the benefits of revealing some of the company’s operations.

Considering all of Timothy Armour’s achievements, it’s no wonder that Capital decided to elect him Chairman. Many other senior members received new responsibilities along with Tim. Together, they plan to usher in a new energy. The company continued to see a decline after losing Rothenberg, but with the chairman now filled, Capital hopes that’s behind it. Armour commented on how invaluable Rothenberg was to the company. He called Rothenberg a talented man that could see the best long-term outcome. He promised that the slow days would be over soon. He and the new executives ensured their clients that they plan to continue Capital’s 84-year legacy.

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