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March 21, 2019

James Dondero : Dallas’s Philanthropic Hero

Dallas, Texas has no shortage of businessmen and large corporations, however, one man stands out as the hero of philanthropy. Introducing James Dondero, a highly successful businessman and current president of Highland Capital Management. Due to his efforts in working towards creating a company culture of philanthropy, James Dondero’s success has translated to various improvements within organizations all over the city. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Since the firm’s arrival to Texas in 1994, James and Highland have been able to fund various projects including the Dallas Zoo, SMU’s Tower Scholars program, and The Family Place, an important passion project for James. In addition to providing funding for these projects, James Dondero also assists in bringing these organizations together in order to have their work create a larger effect. Recently, James would seek out the assistance of Linda Owens, the former CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda Owens contributes much of her time making sure that Highland’s philanthropy branch the Highland Dallas Foundation is meeting its charitable giving goals. This also includes connecting various foundations across the city to increase the funding being provided to charities that need it the most.


As stated before, one of Jame’s most important projects includes raising money for “The Family Place”. This organization was formulated to help those dealing with family violence by providing them with counseling, shelter and any other type of assistance they might need. Through Highland Capital and its foundation, James was able to raise an incredible one million dollars for the organization. This donation helped reach the funding goals for “The Family Place” ahead of schedule. James Dondero stated later that the extra boost in contributions was because of a call to action by the Mayor to help fight domestic violence within the city. These efforts by Highland Capital and James Dondero will no doubt help a great number of people within the Dallas community. Read Read more about James Dondero at