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March 30, 2019

David McDonald: The Leader Behind OSI Group

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. OSI Group is a company that provides food processing products and services. Founded in 1909, OSI Group is headquartered at Aurora, Illinois. The company offers meat processing, fried foods, and sandwich or entrée assembly to just name a few. It serves clients globally.

 OSI Group

As previously mentioned, OSI Group was founded in 1909. Today, David McDonald serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. OSI Group was born from humble beginnings. Throughout time, the company grew and now provides its products and services to the global community. Today we take a look at an article dated April 30th of 2018. It begins to talk about OSI Group and its “100 years of food processing”. It says that OSI Group employs over “20,000 employees” and has 65 food processing facilities worldwide. It then moves on to talk about OSI Group’s origins. It says that a “German immigrant” named Otto Kolschowsky founded OSI Group. From humble beginnings, Otto opened a “small retail meat market and butcher shop” in 1909. Decades later, his small shop became OSI Group. The article goes on to further detail OSI Group and its history. If you would like to read the full article.


As previously mentioned, David McDonald serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science in 1987. In an article, President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald is interviewed. The article begins with detailing his beginnings with OSI Group. It says after graduating from college, Mr. McDonald joined the company and started as a project manager. Through hard work and dedication, he later became the leader of the company. During the interview, Mr. McDonald states that he was “at the bottom of the totem pole but managed to work my way up”. Because of his interest in biology and agriculture, Mr. McDonald majored and earned his degree in Animal Science. This was the “inspiration” for Mr. McDonald to join OSI Group after college. The interview covers topics such as his experiences at OSI Group, marketing strategies, to Mr. McDonald’s books that inspire him. If you would like to read the full article.

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March 17, 2019

Equities First Holdings Moves To The Southern Hemisphere

Equities First Holdings has moved to the Southern Hemisphere with offices in New Zealand and Australia. The company has worked out a way to serve many customers through their special lending model, and they are adapting to the local laws in each place that they go. The company also wants to be sure that they can be progressive in their lending practices.

This company has done a very good job of helping people get the money they need, but they do not ask for regular collateral. The company knows that it needs to help people close their loans faster, and that is why the application is so simple. The firm believes that they can provide people with better service when the collateral is reduced, and they only accept stock collateral to make this possible. The business model at Equities First makes everything easier on the customers who just need their money now.

March 10, 2019

Felipe Montoro Jens: Looking After Government Projects in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who is currently serving the Brazilian government. He developed skills in developing financial strategies for corporations and individuals, and he is also specializing in looking after architectural projects and determining if it is suitable to be used. He was tagged by the Brazilian government to work for them because of his skills in identifying areas that can be developed into a waste disposal unit, and he was also tasked to look after government projects and determine if the budget allocated is enough.

Back when he was in college, Felipe Montoro Jens took up a business degree. His alma mater, the Getulio Vargas Foundation, is one of the leading educational institutions in Brazil. He was trained at the institution how to develop business skills, and what he can do to become more competitive in the field of business. To further his ambition in becoming a relevant individual in the field of business, he decided to study at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, a top business school managed by Arizona State University. He was able to secure a job immediately after graduating, and he used the knowledge that he gained from his alma mater to become more competitive in the field of business. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to continue the conversation.

His relevance allowed the Brazilian government to contact him and asked him to serve the government. Knowing that his country needed him, he accepted the job from the government and went back to Brazil. Today, he is managing government projects across the country, tagging all important information about its condition. One of his recent project involvements would be the creation of a vast water supply for the remote communities in the country, and the supervision of the creation of multiple schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The government still has a lot of projects in store, and Felipe Montoro Jens is expected to perform his duty.