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March 21, 2017

BMX bikes made for Pro’s by Pro’s


When I say what is the best BMX bikes what brand comes to mind? The most known name is none other than Haro. Haro was founded in 1978 by Bob Haro. The Haro bike received amazing reputation for having a unique look and a comfortable frame that was always coveted by the biking community. As the years progressed and different metals were developed Haro decided to make their bike frames lighter and more durable than ever.

This became a huge attraction to the BMX phenomenon that swept across the world, because it allowed BMX athletes to reach new heights and break the rules of nature. Haro bikes are known to be highly coveted as one of the best BMX bikes to this day. Everyone from the average kid who goes to the skate park on the weekends to the professionals who bike for a living, Haro is the trusted brand of bike that everyone goes to for BMX. With their sleek design and reliability, there is no other bike that comes close to this masterpiece of a bike.  Just make sure you have the right boot brands to go with your bike selection.