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February 11, 2019

Get Beautiful Lips With The EOS Brand

Are you having a problem finding the proper lubrication for your lips? Unfortunately, your lips go through a lot day in and day out. Many people turn to lip gloss products to give their lips shine. The popular logoless EOS brand continues to be a trusted brand that’s used by thousands of girls and guys around the world. Trust their brand to carry you throughout harsh weather with the maximum coverage. They continue to offer their users a complete hypoallergenic blend that promises to give their users the maximum coverage. Best of all, their products are safe to use multiple times a day.

Are you interested in the maximum coverage with a great fragrance to match? The EOS blend is one of the very few lip balm products that offers their clients aromatherapy. Their fast acting ingredients go deep within your skin tissue to offer you dedicated shine. Their lip balm is complete with vitamins and antioxidants that also promotes healthy lips. Today, everyone is concerned with their appearance. Why not try a lip balm with proven results that you can trust? You’re invited to reach out to the EOS blend today for coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

January 28, 2019

Sunday Riley has Come up With Skincare Products That Are Good For the Skin

Sunday Riley, CEO, founded her own skincare and makeup brand in 2009. The CEO’s products are marketed under various names including Good Genes. The Sunday Riley brand is a cult brand known as green technology. She took her personal skin care routine and marketed it. Riley wants to live to age 120 without looking like a 90-year-old. To continue to look young into your senior years, one needs active ingredients like botanicals. Riley tries out every product she makes and tweaks it. Through trial and error Riley learns how to make her cosmetics better. One should never be afraid of trial and error.

Good Genes isn’t Sunday Riley’s favorite cosmetic product. She is proud of all her products. If she is really dissatisfied with a product, Sunday Riley will drop it from the product line. Good Genes is performing, so Riley keeps it in the product line. Riley tries to be unemotional about her products because if any of them stop performing well, she can remove it from the product line. Good Genes is made in 20 different shades.

Sunday Riley believes that the person and the product line are not the same. The success of the product has humbled Riley and made her feel a responsibility towards her public. Sunday Riley does not like to read about the publicity of her products. If anyone has a complaint about her products, Riley wants to hear it from her team.

Customers are obsessed with Good Genes because it makes them look great without irritating their skin. Skincare junkies can expect instant results. It is hard to say if Good Genes is Riley’s best selling product. Good Genes performs very well. Sunday Riley is very satisfied with Power Couple, UFO, CEO, and Luna that are all experiencing fantastic sales. All the products work together as an effective skin regiment.

One must wash her face twice a day and use Good Genes three times a week to get rid of dead skin. Wash the face with UFO and Tidal. Luna must be used at night. Juno is good for an occasional facial massage.