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November 12, 2018

Why Sunday Riley Skin Care Products May Cost A Lot But They’re Totally Worth It

Sunday Riley is a company that was established in 2009. It is named after its founder, something she was unsure of when the lead buyer at Barneys New York told her that was what she had to name the company. It felt a bit awkward to her as well as giving her nowhere to hide if people didn’t like her skin care products. But, she felt like if that’s what Barneys wanted that was what she would do.

This company’s products are now available all over the nation at different retail stores, as well as online of course. This includes Sephora, Nordstrom, and Target. Among their popular products are Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment and Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm. These products certainly are not inexpensive but they are much less than most luxury brands as being affordable is important to Sunday Riley.

Another defining thing about Sunday Riley skin care products is that they actually work. Most people don’t trust skin care products because they’ve bought them and didn’t see any results at all or bad ones instead of good. Since Sunday Riley has a lot of experience as a cosmetic chemist and product formulator she knows how to mix up a formula that actually does what it claims to do.

She also only wants to give people the absolute best products. For a few years, there were Sunday Riley cosmetics for sale. However, she was never really happy with these products and felt like they took away from her company being about skin care. She made the decision to pull the plug without looking back. For this reason, you can find her company’s mascara, foundation and other makeups on resale websites but they aren’t sold in any stores.

Sunday Riley says that when her company started out they couldn’t afford to spend much on advertising. What worked was giving their products to social media influencers. This paid off because they really loved the products and told all of their followers about them. Word of this brand spread from friend to friend and that was how it became a popular national brand.

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January 03, 2017

Shea Butter For Healthy Hair And Scalp


Raw and unrefined natural products offer some of the most beneficial beauty benefits because they contain all of their natural mineral and vitamin compositions. Our skin and hair need vitamins, minerals and fats to stay beautiful and healthy. Natural shea butter products contain rich levels of vitamins, antioxidants, fats, and minerals that help to enrich the hair and improve it from the root to the tip. Because of all the natural benefits contained in raw shea butter it is an excellent emollient to treat the scalp with. It is rich in vitamin E and it also stimulates the growth of the hair and conditions the hair follicle. It can relieve an itchy scalp, help with psoriasis, and help to stimulate hair growth. It is also an all over hair conditioner that can help to naturally detangle the hair and coat the shaft. It keeps the hair hydrated and heathy preventing breakage.


One of the most concentrated and healthy shea butters on the market comes from EuGenia Shea. This shea butter is made from the nuts harvested in Ghana off of the African Shea Tree. The nuts are harvested by women employed by EuGenia Shea who may not have had access to secure jobs. The company also gives back 15% of their sales to the women to form an educational fund so they may have better access to education for themselves and for their children.


EuGenia products are natural and unrefined, they are raw shea butter and they can be purchased in that form. This gives the consumer the best deal for their dollar as they can go on to make any custom product they would like from EuGenia shea mixing their olive oil, sweet almond oil, or coco butter with the shea butter. It also comes in beautiful little tins that are great to give as gifts. Anyone would love to receive a EuGenia Shea butter gift tin and keep it in their nightstand or purse for easy application to the skin, hair lips, and nail cuticles.

Get Wowed Using Wen By Chaz: Beauty Blogger Boosted Limp Locks

It’s not easy having fine, thin hair that refuses to do what you want it to do. Beauty blogger Emily McClure was in that boat, along with many others whose hair needs a super boost.
When it comes to store bought shampoos, conditioners and other treatments, it’s the presence of harsh detergents that will actually weaken and damage your hair. Those nasty sulfates aren’t doing you any favors, and that’s why famous stylist Chaz Dean decided to make a difference. See,

The celebrity hair expert created the WEN by Chaz system that features a luxurious, no lather shampoo. Instead, you are washing, conditioning, de-tangling and nourishing your hair with healthy cleansing conditioners. These gorgeous 1-bottle formulas put the shine and strength back into hair of every type and condition.

Emily desired that Hollywood hair with movement, so she decided to try WEN by Chaz for seven days and report on it for Bustle. She also kept a daily hair diary complete with hair selfies.

Emily’s limp locks began enjoying the Wen formula as it added thickness, softness and major gloss to her hair. After she blow-dried and styled her medium length hair, she was quite impressed. WEN by Chaz gave her an amazing head of celebrity hair, and her pretty selfies are proof. You would never guess her locks were fine and thin.

As the week progressed, her best gal pals even noticed Emily’s new hair and threw compliments her way.

Emily was loving WEN by Chaz and only had a few reservations. For superior results, Emily advises to follow a daily AM WEN wash with a blow-dry and styling time. Wen is available on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora and can be purchased online too via Amazon.

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Woman Shares Experience Using Cleansing Conditioner on Her Fine Hair

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Emily McClure tried a lot of products on her thin and fine hair, but nothing seemed to work. Fed up with her hair struggles, she decided to give into the hype and give Wen a try. For eight days, she replaced her normal hair care routine with ten pumps of WEN. After the first day, she immediately noticed that her hair felt more voluminous as she lost less hair as she did with her usual shampoo. After the third day, she saw that her hair’s health was already improving. By the end of the experiment, she discovered that her hair was softer, shinier, and bouncier than it had ever been before.

Wen By Chaz Dean is an all-in-one product that combines shampoo, conditioner and styling serum into one bottle. It works for all hair types, even for those with fine, delicate strands like Emily’s. It comes in several varieties that address all hair needs. For example, Sweet Almond Mint is ideal for those who need add shine to brighten up their dull locks, while Lavender and Sephora’s Fig Cleansing Conditioner are more suitable for those who need to calm their hair and need a more soothing touch. All in all, Wen is a good choice for anyone who wants healthy, happy hair. Learn more about Wen products: