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June 06, 2017

The Winning Collegiate Basketball Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is the Assistant Coach of the basketball team at the University of Nevada who has just recently made the transition to coaching the Nevada Wolf Pack. That transition has proven to be successful for Hufnagel thus far. Hufnagel grew up in the game of basketball, first reading playbooks as a small boy and acting the scenes out with figurines then announcing games for local high school teams on the local TV stations while he was still in high school himself.


From there he helped as the manager for the basketball team while he studied at Cornell University. While studying at Cornell he got an offer to do a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets. After his graduation, he got a huge chance when to coach as one of the guys on the Nets team got him in touch with an old boss named Jeff Chapel in Oklahoma. Chapel had been looking for a graduate assistant coach for some time. Hufnagel eagerly flew out to Oklahoma to interview and that’s where he was offered the job.


Yanni Hufnagel’s coaching career took off from there. Personally, Hufnagel has earned an excellent reputation in the basketball world as he graduated from Cornell in 2006 and then received his Master’s degree in Adults Higher Education with an interest in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration from Oklahoma. He has coached at some of the best basketball colleges around such as Cornell University, Oklahoma (graduate assistant coach), Harvard University (assistant coach), Vanderbilt, Cal, and now he has most recently been at Nevada.


Yanni Hufnagel has also led the teams he has coached to some incredible success and records during his seasons there. Hufnagel has been coaching college basketball nonstop since his graduation from Cornell University in 2006. He began coaching in 2007 and hasn’t stopped since, which is closing in on 10 years of experience now. In his final season at California he led the Golden Bears to a 23-11 record. Hufnagel led Harvard to 3 20-win seasons, and had a cumulative 90-30 record after 4 years at the helm. Those are just some of the successes he has had as a coach, and the future continues to look bright at Nevada for Hufnagel.