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February 19, 2019

Ryan Seacrest Teaches Work Ethics

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist with lots of diverse interest, ranging from being a host to being a producer and broadcasting in some of the local and nationally syndicated radio and cable television in the US. He has hosted the shows and programs like American Idol from the year 2002 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest since the year 2004. He also founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, in 2009, a non-profitable foundation which is dedicated to helping the youth get inspired by the use of both education and entertainment. Having an interest in entrepreneurship and fashion he founded a cloth line for men known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction in 2014 which is known to present the most iconic and classy looks. In 2017 he went to work with Kelly Ripa to host the show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest is considered to be the most hardworking American with almost ten jobs to run. To be able to manage this tight schedule, he must have an excellent work ethic. Here are some ideas that help him run all these jobs. He is an early riser, at 5 AM he is up to exercise and freshen up for an early start. He believes that there is a reason for everything he does and that there is always an opportunity for something great. He learns to beat up his insecurities, for instance, remaining fit gives him confidence.

Ryan Seacrest is known for his consistent that is flexible when it comes to change and he is organized. He advises people to accept any job that comes by as it opens an opportunity to exposure. He also believes in doing something that the community around will benefit from. He works constantly as he says that to beat the competition that is out there one has to give the best. He also interacts with people on social media and has more than four million followers.

Ryan Seacrest secret is that he loves being busy, focused and is grateful that he has worked. He loves his homeland and has built his career from there. He believes in having a good mentor and advise people not to relax and enjoy when they hit great goals but to continue striving as no one has control over everything.

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September 07, 2018

The Chainsmokers Set Fire to Billboard Charts

Every now and there will be a production group that comes to the forefront that knows how to connect with fans behind the scenes and on the front lines. In the past Kanye West and Timbaland have been able to turn put their producer hats on for their own music and step into the spotlight at artists.

Right now this is what The Chainsmokers have become. They are the producers that are taking a lot of interest in producing music for others, but they are also taking time to build their own their own music. Their debut album is still hanging on the Billboard charts after more than a year. This should be an exciting thing for the duo, but they have been working so hard one might wonder if they have even noticed.

The “Sick Boy” single dropped, and it had a darker flow than their previous material, but the fans are still embracing this. They have won awards like the Grammy for “Best Dance Recording” and Billboard awards for the “Top Hot 100 Song.” They have also releases new singles like “Side Effects” that further cements their connection with Generation Z. For people that that are fans of this group there may be a method to how they attract so many fans, and the “Side Effects” alterations provide a clue.

There are six versions of this “Side Effects” song that have been released, and that is part of the Chainsmokers charm. Emily Warren is singing the vocals on the track, and actress Camila Mendes appears in the video. The Chainsmokers, in terms of the visual imagery for the song, are nowhere to be found. Yet, there are 6 different versions of the song for fans to listen to. They have created different EDM sounds for fans to embrace. They know how to capture the attention of a multitude of listeners.

The Chainsmokers are making a splash as the producers that know how to keep people entertained by moving back and forth from production to the spotlight as artists. Stepping back as producers for “Side Effects” was a calculated move.

June 29, 2018

The Chainsmoker’s Discuss Their Fan base in Recent Interview

Andrew Taggart, who along with Alex Pall make up The Chainsmokers, explained that their audience is quickly expanding.


“We’ve grown from having a college audience to having an over 30 audience and an under 15 audience,” Taggart said during an interview with Interview Magazine.


The Chainsmokers are able to target such a large crowd because they have it all. Their music is produced personally and sounds like nothing else being made today. Their lyrics are also very personal and emotional motivated, making their music more than simple dance and party tunes.


Take for example “Closer.” It is a song about a young couple who are in love and have recently began a live away from home together. If you listen to the music, you will hear a mix of several different emotions layered into a clear, concise song. If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics the song sounds like a simple party hit. The Chainsmokers have been able to share their music with audiences who look for different things in their music. It is no wonder The Chainsmokers haven’t stopped expanding since their first single in 2014.


Alex Pall, the other member of The Chainsmokers, also chimed in about their growing fanbase. Pall explained that Instagram enabled him to find out exactly who his fans are, even conversing with them. Pall said he has seen fans from places like South Africa listening to his music. He also said that their primary audience consists of 16 to 25, but surprisingly, the demographics are almost perfectly split between boys and girls. Pall also sees fans outside of their normal demographics. They have fans under 15; they have fans over the age of 30 too.


The Chainsmoker’s continued growth can be attributed to their ongoing innovations. For example, “Closer” marked Andrew Taggart’s debut as a lead singer. This decision also lead to changes to their live show, making their live concerts a better experience for fans.