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July 06, 2018

Fashion’s Most Promising and Prominent Display

This year’s New York Fashion Week took off with its usual buzz this past September. Renowned for its cutting-edge capability The School of Fashion at The Academy of Art and Design showcased its ingenuity once again.

Their appearance marks the schools 21st runway spectacular, delivering unparalleled design to the New York City. 10 recent graduates from various eclectic and diverse backgrounds took to the stage to showcase their latest fashion trends to the world.

To top it off the models displaying the new styles included names like Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sarah Kozlowski, the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA.

After spending hundreds of strenuous and diligent hours exacting the perfect design the students and alumni arrived at the moment the fashion world was waiting for. A release of newest trends to hit the industry.

The Academy of Art and Design is based in San Francisco, California. The school is constantly on the cutting edge of creativity and design. Founded in 1929 the school has a rich and deep heritage. Rooted in years of innovation it’s no wonder they produce the best of the best.

The academy’s demographics are incredibly diverse. While boasting a student body that represents 112 countries they also have 17 different housing facilities across the city. The academy holds 70 exhibits and art shows every single year in the San Francisco area, giving students and alumni ample exposure to hone their craft.

For those wanting to receive their world class instruction but can’t manage of move to west coast there is an outstanding online education option. This provides students the opportunity for exposure and interaction with the world’s top designers without having to leave your current location.

For all these reasons and more The Academy of Art and Design perform every year delivering the most innovative and creative design the fashion world has to offer.