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June 21, 2018

ClassDojo – Ensuring Safety And Information Safe and Secure

ClassDojo is making strides in the way that they are utilizing their app. ClassDojo is always looking for ways to give teachers that new option to help make teaching just a little bit easier. The general premise of this app is to give parents the chance to be up close and personal with their children’s growth in class without actually being in class. ClassDojo closely identifies what teachers need to help bring parents closer, and so they created the video and photo option, allowing teachers to capture moments in class they feel the parents should see or know about.

This sharing option makes it fun on the kids and the parents. Most parents miss out on fun things that happen in class, and oftentimes, parents only get to hear about updates on their kids twice a year through a parent-teacher conference. There is so much to be shared out there that it’s a shame so many parents miss out. ClassDojo makes it easy for parents to know what is happening in the classroom.

ClassDojo knows that they take away some pretty important information away from teachers and parents that they are taking extra care of the info. The truth is that this app is working hard to keep everything secure and safe. The creators promised that they wouldn’t share any information with anybody or anyone. No third party is ever in connection with the app. No need to give away any Facebook info or anything similar. Students don’t even have to share their gender, student ID, social security number, or anything where the student’s identification can be processed.

Several millions of schools are making big changes by using this app. Teachers love the easiness of accessing it and using it to have a better handle on the students. It’s great getting to reward them when they do well in class. There is so much to be accomplished when using this app. Teachers are finding it incredible with what they are able to do because of ClassDojo. The connections you make and the process of how the class improves is incredible to always see.

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