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June 21, 2018

ClassDojo – Ensuring Safety And Information Safe and Secure

ClassDojo is making strides in the way that they are utilizing their app. ClassDojo is always looking for ways to give teachers that new option to help make teaching just a little bit easier. The general premise of this app is to give parents the chance to be up close and personal with their children’s growth in class without actually being in class. ClassDojo closely identifies what teachers need to help bring parents closer, and so they created the video and photo option, allowing teachers to capture moments in class they feel the parents should see or know about.

This sharing option makes it fun on the kids and the parents. Most parents miss out on fun things that happen in class, and oftentimes, parents only get to hear about updates on their kids twice a year through a parent-teacher conference. There is so much to be shared out there that it’s a shame so many parents miss out. ClassDojo makes it easy for parents to know what is happening in the classroom.

ClassDojo knows that they take away some pretty important information away from teachers and parents that they are taking extra care of the info. The truth is that this app is working hard to keep everything secure and safe. The creators promised that they wouldn’t share any information with anybody or anyone. No third party is ever in connection with the app. No need to give away any Facebook info or anything similar. Students don’t even have to share their gender, student ID, social security number, or anything where the student’s identification can be processed.

Several millions of schools are making big changes by using this app. Teachers love the easiness of accessing it and using it to have a better handle on the students. It’s great getting to reward them when they do well in class. There is so much to be accomplished when using this app. Teachers are finding it incredible with what they are able to do because of ClassDojo. The connections you make and the process of how the class improves is incredible to always see.

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June 15, 2018

Vinod Gupta, a Man With a Big-Heart

Vinod Gupta, a multi-millionaire through self-efforts, was born in a small town in India. From a tender age, Vinod Gupta showed passion for education through the commitment he demonstrated in his studies. Having attended a village school several miles from their home, he managed to secure himself a position at Indian Institute of Technology where he pursued agricultural engineering. From the village, Gupta went for his master’s degree in business and agricultural engineering at the Us University of Nebraska found at Lincoln.

After school, he worked at Commodore Corporation before founding his own company called American Business Information with a team of marketing mailers in 1972 for his database services with only 100 dollars he borrowed. After 20 years he sold the company at 680 million dollars in 2010. Today Gupta works with Everest Group as a Managing General Partner to help to fail business, private equity and venture capital for other businesses.

Not forgetting his struggle Gupta uses his success for the benefit of others who may be disadvantaged to get a quality education. Through charities, Gupta has been able to improve schools and sponsor ongoing courses to enable others to access education, especially at Alma mater. Due to his passion, Gupta donated one million at Ram Rat Women Polytechnic to give an equal chance for women to get equal opportunities as their male counterparts in Education. This he did by providing all the necessary resources needed for education in polytechnic and therefore promoting gender equality.

He also donated 2 million to build the Business school of Management that was named after him which is one of the best business schools in India and Asia at Large. With the largest library in Asia, the school also offers boarding rooms for students who come from far. The students from these schools enjoy interactions with those from George Washington University due to the affiliation between the two Universities.

In the University of Nebraska where Gupta did his masters, he gave 500,000 dollars for a scholarship fund to help students who cannot afford the courses. When his son died he created a trust fund on his name with the help of Washington to provide more educational opportunities.

June 15, 2018

Jeff Herman finally opens up about Child Sexual Abuse Cases and their Prevention

Within the sphere of rising child sexual abuse is the fear of losing children or rendering them mentally incapacitated following the emotional and physical damages that come with the abuse. Moreover, as the world advances and more technological gadgets become part of every child’s upbringing, parents can barely monitor their children every second of the day. For that reason, a famous attorney and protector of children who have suffered from sexual abuse recently shared an important list of how parents can protect their children from sex predators. Jeff Herman was recently interviewed by Idea Mensch and he shared a lot in regards to his life, passion for law and his success in fighting for victims of sexual abuse.

The Background Information

Internationally recognized as a trial lawyer and an advocate for the rape survivors, Jeff Herman is aggressive, skilled and determined to protect children from molesters. With that said, he did not just wake up to this career. For starters, he used to work as a commercial attorney while representing entrepreneurs and corporate clients. However, on one busy day, he was asked to meet a guest client who coincidentally had a son who had been abused sexually. It was after hearing her predicaments that Jeff Herman decided to take up such cases instead of commercial cases. Until now, he has been playing that role. It is now two decades since Herman started representing victims of sexual abuse. Given that he is also a forensic attorney and he understands how molesters operate most of the time, Jeff Herman decided to share the following tips as preventive measures for children;

Talk to Children at an Early Age

Children are pretty vulnerable. However, they are also smart at a younger age and their ability to grasp real life situations is amazing. Therefore, talk to them about sex as early as they can blubber words and understand you as well. At the same time, let them know that adults can be abusive by touching their private parts. At this point, use appropriate language.

Be Persistent with the Talk

Children can be forgetful. Therefore, as soon as you begin the sexual abuse talk, you need to keep on initiating it for them to keep tabs with the different forms of abuse and how heinous even family members and teachers can be.

The Overview

Jeff Herman owns Herman Law, a law firm with a dedicated team of professionals who qualify to represent such victims. With his team, Mr. Herman tasks his investigative unit to breakdown cases and set court hearing to help victims in finding justice.

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June 10, 2018

José Auriemo Neto: The Road to Real Estate Success

He is a Brazilian resident and citizen and serving for the JHSF. He is playing the role of chairman and chief executive where they are focusing mostly on the development of real estate. They are mainly majoring in both commercial and residential properties. The man is interested in public apartments, offices and hotel buildings although he is administering some extensive retail shopping that is located near Cidade Jardim, shopping complex in Sao Paulo. Some others are Bela Vista that is in Salvador, Metro Tucuruv and Ponta Negra which is in Manus.

Jose Auriemo Neto is trying to keep developing more and he has two of them in Sao Paulo district which is under construction and making Brazil to be referred as economic market growth.

In 2009 period, Jose oversaw his venture at first to turn the group into a retail investment. He signed some exclusive agreements when they partnered with Hermes, Pucci and also Jimmy Choo and they capable of opening luxury brands for the first time and it was under JHSF ownership which was located in Cidade Jardim complex shopping. In 2002 they capable of securing a partnership with Valentino and they managed to launch the first R.E.D and also Valentino which was referred to as Valentino stores in Brazil.

He went to FAAP university, therefore, becoming an Alumnus of the university which is in Sa Paulo. He started his career at a young age in 1993 at JHSF. In 1997, he founded the group’s service department and he created a parking lot which was a management that was called Parkbem. The department was very successful and it was in 1998 where he secured the rights to develop the group’s shopping destination which they called it Santa Cruz and referred to it as a success in development. He is still working on other investment strategies which are real estate.

May 31, 2018

Perfecting Your Spring 2018 Makeup Game With Lime Crime

Now that spring is here, there are endless opportunities to go out and showcase your newest looks. Before you do, however, make sure that you know the basics of nailing a spring makeup look.

Make Sure You Have A Good Foundation

A good foundation is essential for making your look work. There are a few key things to think about when looking for a foundation that will work best for you.

Powder or Liquid? – There are two basic types of foundation, powder and liquid. Generally, those with drier skin will want to opt for a liquid foundation, and those with oily skin will want to go with a powder foundation.

Does it Come In Your Tone? – The second major consideration to take into account when purchasing foundation is whether it matches your skin tone. Most makeup stores will have a variety of tones to choose from, and some even have employees dedicated to helping you find a foundation that matches your skin tone best.

Don’t Neglect Your Eyeliner

Whether you’re going for a loud glam rock look or a more modest one, eyeliner is an absolute must. Eyeliner is a crucial part of the makeup around your eye area. It calls attention to the shape of your eyes and makes them seem larger. You can use either a gel or pencil eyeliner as long as you understand how to apply it correctly.

Experiment With Spring Colors

Now that spring is here, there’s a whole new palette of colors in style! Generally, colors like pink and purple come into season around this time. Conveniently, a company called Lime Crime has collected what we consider the definitive palette for spring in their Venus 3 eye shadow kit. It’s a unique palette, consisting of the pinks and purples that spring makeup is known for as well as some glittered and complimentary colors.

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May 19, 2018

How Sheldon Lavin made a sharp turn from a financial consultancy to become the CEO of OSI Group

After graduating with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Sheldon Lavin never thought that he could step a foot in the food industry, and if he did so, he would be working in the finance department. However, the path that he took right from his graduation led him to the doors of one of the biggest food industries in the world not as a financial consultant, but as the CEO of OSI Group.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is tasked with overseeing the operations of OSI Industries, a premier food company dealing in the production and distribution of value-added products. The company started over a century ago by providing high-quality meat but it has now evolved to include other products such as pizza, beef patties, sausage links, pork, poultry products, and fish.

OSI Group is a large food company with operations in more than seventeen countries and more than sixty processing facilities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Canada. In 2011, OSI Industries had grown immensely and it was making over $3 billion in annual revenues. However, these figures were just pocket change considering that the company doubled the annual revenues in just four years to hit the $6 billion market. It is no wonder OSI Group was ranked among the top hundred largest private companies by the Forbes.

Where did Sheldon start?

In 1975, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of OSI Industries had thought of expanding the company but had no access to capital. They approached Sheldon Lavin who owned a financial consultancy firm that helped food companies to access funds from lenders. Sheldon did not only help the company access funds from the lenders, but he also became a partner in the business by acquiring 50 percent stake. After accessing the funds, OSI Group managed to penetrate into new markets in Europe, Asia, and South America.

A string of acquisitions

Under Sheldon’s reign, OSI Group penetrated the lucrative Chinese market and built several food processing facilities. OSI Group also purchased other outlets such as Flagship Europe, Baho Food, and the former Tyson Food plant.

Winning awards

Besides helping OSI in winning, Sheldon has also bagged several accolades. Among them include awards for environmental and health management, safety and the recently awarded Global Visionary Awards which is given to top leaders who have managed to turn their dreams to reality.

Sheldon Lavin participates in numerous charitable and philanthropic causes. Some of the notable charities that Sheldon supports include the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House of Charities and Inner City Foundation of Chicago among others.

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May 15, 2018

Randal Nardone: The Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

After spending most of his career working for big corporate names, Randal Nardone knew that he wanted to start a company that he could run. Being a business leader was always a dream that Nardone had wanted to pursue, and in 1998, he made that dream possible by starting up a company known as Fortress Investment Group. Over the years, Nardone helped the company grow and expand to become a well-known name. Through its numerous endeavors, Nardone has helped the company grow and become one of the most well-known names in the industry. The company stands as one of the leading of its kind and offers a wide range of services to companies across the country.Fortress Investment is a company that has repeatedly emerged as an industry leader for what it does. During the past few years, Fortress Investment Group has grown to become a well-known name and one which sets the standards for others in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group was also one of the first investment companies to appear on the New York Stock Exchange, which was something that Randal Nardone helped the company achieve. Over time, Fortress Investment Group becomes a company that others would follow and be like.Randal Nardone has implemented a number of developments that have worked for the benefit of Fortress Investment Group. He has helped the company take on numerous profitable and beneficial ventures, and has brought on several new clients who all benefited from the services that Fortress Investment Group provides. Without a doubt, Randal Nardone’s contribution to the company has been incredibly significant, which is why he still stands as one of the leading people at the company.

In the past, Nardone has worked at varying positions with a number of major companies. Some of the big names that he has worked with include UBS, which is a company in which he stood as the managing director. This was the final position he worked at before deciding that he wanted to start out his own company and lead his own business.Even though Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the best in the business, there is still a lot of growing that the company needs to do. Its leaders are still working on ways in which they can improve the workings of the company and all that they do so that they can provide their very best to the clients who tot them.

May 14, 2018

Robert Deignan the Software Organizer

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS (Advanced Tech Support) Digital Services are formerly known as ICE (Inbound Call Experts), LLC. The company was formed in August 2011 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Robert received a bachelor degree in 1995 from Purdue University in Organizational Leadership and Business Management. Over the years, he has become a successful entrepreneur in achieving a top provider of premium digital support to clients worldwide. Robert worked at Fralink Inc. from July 1998 to March 2001 and in NameiS3 Inc as the Executive Vice President for nine years since 2002. He operates the company with Justin Wright as the president and Paul Herdsman as the COO. The company has headquarters in St Deerfield Beach, University of Dr. Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale.


ATS Digital Services is the first company to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation, founded by old hands of Microsoft Cybersecurity since it fulfilled all the thirty-nine parameters of compliance with the considerable assistance of Robert Deignan. This enhanced their credibility as well as giving them the authority to assist clients in software applications problems. The certification facilitated the confidence of the firm by software customers, software vendors, security companies, and software regulators.


ATS has given customers the authority to access remote screen sharing and telephone technical support, for now, seven years since its formation. It majorly focuses on best customers’ service by offering quick solutions, using the most efficient tools, having qualified group of technicians who provide best software services in the market. Robert has been endorsed by over thirty people in a variety of career sectors, including his colleagues in Nameis3. They term him as a skilled man in startups, E-Commerce and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who gave the first premium software services. ATS has grown remarkably due to his commitment to entrepreneur skills even before certification. It aims at creating procedures and applying the best to problems at hand.

May 07, 2018

Enormous Contribution of Roberto Santiago To The Success of Manaira Shopping

Ever Brazilian entrepreneur has perhaps heard the fame of Roberto Santiago and of course, he is a mentor to many upcoming entrepreneurs. The legendary businessman did not just happen, he has his own story to tell and the battles he has fought in his recession journey. His determination and entrepreneurial skills have made him be the successful man that everyone is proud of in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago is the owner and consequently, the Manager of one of the most lucrative malls in Brazil called Manaira Shopping Mall located in Joao Pessoa. The mal happens to be the most outstanding business part in Paraiba State. He built a firm foundation by attending Pio X-Marist College and later pursued Degree in Business Administration at the University Centre at Joao Pessoa. He later stepped into the preparatory path to his career at Café Santa Rosa but after some time he left to start his own Cartoonage Company which developed to produce more creative and decorative products.

The proceeds from the Company enabled him to save enough that he directed it in real estate and the investment turned out to be one of the best ventures he has ever discovered. From this humble beginning, he saved enough to buy land and develop the Mall and within two years it was launched in 1987. The mall was set in his hometown and it was kind of giving back to his community by creating job opportunities and being involved in various community social responsibilities.

Under the leadership of Robert Santiago, the shopping mall has grown to accommodate a variety of facilities like theaters, classic restaurants, gaming areas, concert halls, gymnasium, financial and educational institutions. Basically, you can have all you need under -one roof; this has made it be one of the most famous buildings in Paraiba. His aim is to provide comfort, place of leisure and a lot of fun for his customers; the two main trademarks of Manaira Shopping Mall are entertainment and fun.

The mall is well equipped with the latest high tech equipment that makes the gaming lounge and cinema rooms to be more realistic. The game station is well equipped with over 200 machines which thrill the customers to the top. In addition, you cannot fail to hold meetings even for the VIP since the mall provides VIP rooms. Wondering where to hold your wedding or graduation ceremony? Worry no more; Roberto Santiago has made that special hall for you in the mall.

Roberto Santiago attracted the attention of many investors especially in 2015 when his investment stood the economic crises that hit the world. By then many businesses collapsed but the Mall was not affected. Santiago has been increasing the size and the technology in the mall as the demand has been moving up. The architectural designs chosen by this legend in building the mall makes it more outstanding.


May 04, 2018


Sahm Adrangi is an entrepreneur located in the United States. He got his education in the same location and advanced in economics. Through his education, he has gained experience and knowledge which has enabled him to work with several companies. He uses his skills to analyze the investment value of different companies and the credit value. The analysis of the companies has been of help in restructuring and reformation

Currently, Sahm Adrangi is the head and founder of the Kerrisdale Capital. In this company, he uses it as a channel to help people and different organizations to get the credibility value of their investment ventures. Through this business, he has been able to work with various companies giving them both positive and negative reports.

One instance is the negative report given by the Kodak Company. Eastman Kodak Company was started in the late nineteenth century. Over the years, it has tried to improve his credibility by trying to make digital filming and digital photography better through digital printing. However, there are several issues that hold the company’s growth.

Kodak Company is seen to have negative growth value according to Sahm Adrangi. The credibility value of the company seems to fail as it is doing things out of action. The company purchased the KODAK Coin and Kash Miner which according to him are signs of desperation. They are quick moves to try reviving the company without reasoning on the cause of action and reparations.

Moreover, the gross leverage of the company is ranging at a high rate than the previous years. Sahm Adrangi sees this as a sign of a collapsing company which will require restructuring to stabilize. This is because the cash value of the company is lower than expected to make the company have a lower credibility value.

The company is seen as a scam because it uses other ventures as the support system to control the company. For instance, the use of Blockchain technology is a risk to the company. As known, Blockchain can disrupt a lot of security systems which the Kodak Company is not ready to prevent the extent of the damage if it occurs. In the long run, Sahm Adrangi sees the strategy as the cause of credibility loss of the company.