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March 25, 2019

The Life of Carsten Thiel

Carsten Thiel is a man of education, and he frequently cites his own for the length of his success. Thiel’s studies began with chemistry in Malbrook, but were soon moved overseas to the University of Bristol. Since then, the man has made a name for himself in the pharmaceutical industry, catching the attention of even the most critical business reviewers and entrepreneurs.

The success of Carsten Thiel can be explained with his large background of professional experience; this much cannot be argued. However, just how he was able to accomplish such a feat is still not entirely clear. What was it that compelled this man to move further than the average? To seek the unsought?

Our guesses would be nothing more than up to chance if it were not for our ability to analyze Carsten Thiel’s life and background. It is this which will allow us to develop a thorough understanding of his past, and from this as a basis, we can speculate the reason for any particular development.

When Thiel finally left the education system, he was more than ready to enter the workforce. This would, after, be what all his hard work in school was meant to pay off for. It would be nice to see that fantasy follow through. Luckily, Thiel was able to see exactly that. His own imagining of an ideal future may as well have come alive, because he soon went on to launch successful business after successful business, operating as the primary lead for several groundbreaking, innovative, and widespread pharmaceutical companies. His proper line of education, experience, and massive success makes Carsten Thiel stand out as a perfect example of the American dream being brought into fruition.

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March 22, 2019

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offer data-driven, brain-based assessments and training programs created to help both children and adults improve their concentrations, get help with sleep, and to manage stress. They were founded in 2004 and fast became a national authority in applied neuroscience. There are nine brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


Neurocore Brain Performance Center believe in the importance of balance between the mind and body. Each person is individual and you might find that you can be helped by talking through your problems and begin to see things differently. The center will discuss lifestyle choices with you and provide you with tools to improve your diet, exercise habits, sleep, and social skills.

Looking At Depression


One of the frustrating things is that there is often no single identifiable cause for depression. People do have a higher tendency to suffer from depression if they have recently gone through a very stressful life period such as abuse, divorce or the death of a loved one. Neurocore has noted that there could be a biological/genetic factor to depression and those with a family history of depression might also succumb to it at some point in life.


Among the most common depressions are:


Major Depressive Depression through which a person feels low self-esteem and unavoidable, ongoing sadness every day for at least two weeks at a time.


Persistent Depressive Disorder is a longer lasting depression where symptoms do not let up even one single day for two years or longer. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Postpartum Depression for women begins after childbirth and can last between two weeks to a year.


Seasonal Affective Disorder begins at a time in the winter or during seasons when there is very little sunlight.


The symptoms of depression are different for each individual. Among the general signs are feelings of sadness, emptiness, or numbness that just won’t go away. Those with depression might sleep too much or too little, have unusual weight gain or lose, lose interest in activities that they once enjoyed, become more irritable, have a hard time with concentration, become fatigued and other symptoms. This is known as high-functioning depression where the individual seems to be normal on the outside but is constantly struggling on the inside.


Some of the physical signs of depression are headaches, stomach problems, general tension and even shortness of breath. It has been discovered that the structure and circuits of the brain begin working differently when a person becomes depressed.


March 21, 2019

Rebel Wilson’s 39th Birthday

Rebel Wilson— or, to be more complete, Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson— is one of the most prolific Australian actors, producers, and writers in history. Her beginnings, however, were rather humble. In 2003, she graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People, which allowed for her to further blossom into the role of significance which she ended up basking in not long after her graduation.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has celebrated her 39th birthday, an age that perhaps reminds us just how much time has truly passed in our lives. Regardless, Wilson remains the perfect image of youth, questioning the assertion of aging single-handedly.

Being such a likable and entertaining person, Wilson has some amazing friends who happened to throw one of those cheesy-but-cute surprise parties that looks like it came directly out of an episode of Full House. Rest assured, the act was greatly appreciated by Wilson, who expressed her admiration for her friends on Instagram the same day.

It is the sort of innocent appreciation for the little things in life that Rebel Wilson possesses which keeps fans continually inspired by her every move. By watching a strong woman lead her life in the manner she likes, working for the people she likes, one can hardly helped but start to flutter with appreciation for the cause of it. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

It is simply too difficult to pretend that seeing someone who can constantly find love in a world that is so largely consistent of hatred and bigotry. The ability to do this ought to be regarded as one of the most important skills an individual can possess.

Not only is Rebel Wilson a prolific figure on all fronts of the film industry, but she has solidified herself as one of Australia’s greatest comedians as well. Variety themselves named her one of the top ten comics of 2011.

When one looks upon Rebel Wilson’s career, it becomes apparent, that she is not only in it for the money and the fame, but that she has an abundant level of care for the work she completes. It is easy to say, after viewing her work, that one hundred percent of her heart goes into everything she does, creating bubbles of passion in every field she chooses to explore.

A woman like Rebel Wilson is extremely uncommon, and it is a blessing to live in an age where we can experience art on such a high caliber as her own.

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March 21, 2019

James Dondero : Dallas’s Philanthropic Hero

Dallas, Texas has no shortage of businessmen and large corporations, however, one man stands out as the hero of philanthropy. Introducing James Dondero, a highly successful businessman and current president of Highland Capital Management. Due to his efforts in working towards creating a company culture of philanthropy, James Dondero’s success has translated to various improvements within organizations all over the city. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Since the firm’s arrival to Texas in 1994, James and Highland have been able to fund various projects including the Dallas Zoo, SMU’s Tower Scholars program, and The Family Place, an important passion project for James. In addition to providing funding for these projects, James Dondero also assists in bringing these organizations together in order to have their work create a larger effect. Recently, James would seek out the assistance of Linda Owens, the former CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda Owens contributes much of her time making sure that Highland’s philanthropy branch the Highland Dallas Foundation is meeting its charitable giving goals. This also includes connecting various foundations across the city to increase the funding being provided to charities that need it the most.


As stated before, one of Jame’s most important projects includes raising money for “The Family Place”. This organization was formulated to help those dealing with family violence by providing them with counseling, shelter and any other type of assistance they might need. Through Highland Capital and its foundation, James was able to raise an incredible one million dollars for the organization. This donation helped reach the funding goals for “The Family Place” ahead of schedule. James Dondero stated later that the extra boost in contributions was because of a call to action by the Mayor to help fight domestic violence within the city. These efforts by Highland Capital and James Dondero will no doubt help a great number of people within the Dallas community. Read Read more about James Dondero at

March 18, 2019

Article Title: Carsten Thiel Makes An Impact In The Pharmaceutical Field

Carsten Thiel is a visionary in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Born and raised in Germany, Thiel completed his higher education in the UK. He would prove to be a fine student when he studied chemistry at the University of Bristol. He would gone on and complete his education at the prestigious university Max Planck Institute for Biophysical chemistry where he would earn Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

He would begin his career working for Hoffman La-Roche, a biotechnology firm as the communications and product manager. He quickly worked his way into a scientific marketing position and key account management. Within these roles, Thiel uses his chemistry and biology knowledge to help bring products from the testing stage on to the market.

His success gave him great responsibilities within the company and he used that to help spearhead the launch of Xenical. Xenical is a revolutionary new weight loss drug. Thiel’s scientific marketing strategy was to simply state the facts of the drug rather than make bold promises. This led to steady long-term sales for Xenical. Most weight loss drugs make bold promises and lead high sales during the product launch but quickly decline. Thiel’s strategy has led to long term sales that have lasted for several years.

Carsten Thiel believes the human element is the most important aspect in marketing a new pharmaceutical. When he worked for Amgen, he had to market a new treatment for hypophosphatasia a degenerate bone disease that begins manifesting itself before the patients are even born. This disease can cause babies to be born without rib cages and they cannot breathe properly. The company came up with a new treatment for the disease that’s delivered in the form of injections. It must be given three to six times per week.

A seven-year-old boy, who was afraid of needles didn’t want to take his injections. Thiel came up with the idea of a buddy system. Where patients see someone else receive the treatment first and if they are ok after receiving the treatment, I will be ok too. It’s the “If they can do it, I can do it” concept in action.

Carsten Thiel will continue to innovate and change the pharmaceutical landscape. His strategies have proven successful and will continue to do so for years to come.

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March 17, 2019

Equities First Holdings Moves To The Southern Hemisphere

Equities First Holdings has moved to the Southern Hemisphere with offices in New Zealand and Australia. The company has worked out a way to serve many customers through their special lending model, and they are adapting to the local laws in each place that they go. The company also wants to be sure that they can be progressive in their lending practices.

This company has done a very good job of helping people get the money they need, but they do not ask for regular collateral. The company knows that it needs to help people close their loans faster, and that is why the application is so simple. The firm believes that they can provide people with better service when the collateral is reduced, and they only accept stock collateral to make this possible. The business model at Equities First makes everything easier on the customers who just need their money now.

March 14, 2019

Investing In New Residential Investment Corp

If you are interested in taking the leap into purchasing stocks on the stock market, you might want to look at a stock that has been recently released. In most cases, when a new stock comes on the market, it is priced relatively low to begin with. It will then fluctuate quite a bit before it settles on its base price. New Residential Investment Corp has just released shares for the stock market and they are predicted to go very high over the next few months. Although it is difficult to substantiate this prediction, experts look at the history of the company and how financially sound it is.

New Residential Investment Corp has steadily increased their revenue over the years and has grown into many markets for their investments. Since they were founded in 2011, their board members have made investments in mortgages for both residential customers and business customers. The primary focus of investments is in residential mortgages and they have control over thousands of them at this time. The public offering of their stock has been well received and many investors are purchasing them.

The type of mortgages that they secure are based on community buildings. They collect the rents each month from their investments and then share it among their investors. This type of investing is much different from the typical shareholder investing that is done on the stock market. New Residential Investment Corp feels that they have proven their success and are looking to have the average investor purchase and make money off of their stocks.

New Residential Investment Corp believes that they have the expertise and knowledge to continue to grow their business investments. They have a staff of experts in many different areas of mortgage investing and they pool their knowledge when making decisions on what they will next purchase. This is the basis of their business model and it has been working for them for many years. By investing in relatively low interest rate mortgages, they are able to secure more private residences and buildings in their portfolio.

The companies board of directors is looking to expand their investments to include more commercial buildings in the future. They are primarily focused on shopping malls and condominium complexes. These investments would greatly increase their revenue and thereby increase their stock prices. New Residential Investment Corp is planning many more investments in the future.

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March 11, 2019

Allied Wallet Services to Canada and Spain

Allied Wallet company has been in operation since 2002 when Dr. Andy Khawaja founded it with the aim of providing online payment solution and revolutionized e-commerce. Over the years the company has enrolled more than a million clients from various parts of the globe to increase the logistics of the company. There are more than 1000 employees well trained and dedicated to providing high standard services to all clients. There are more than ten technologies in the company that ensures the smooth running of the company. CEO Dr. Khawaja has taken the initiative to expand the reach of the company to various parts of the world.

Allied Wallet Expansion has been in Canada where almost 97% of the people have started using these online payments methods. The company, therefore, has taken the initiative to modify and improve their services giving people a variety of benefits including being able to select the bank of their choice and make payments directly from their accounts. There is stiff competition from other related companies, but Allied Wallet emerges at the top since it has established a chain of compatible payments services including CaixaBankWallet, SOFORT, Trustly among others.

In Spain, the Allied Wallet company serves more than 23 million people precisely the online merchants. Most of these online shoppers utilize their money on purchases related to fashion, books, CDs, tickets, electronics among others. Allied Wallet has ensured that their services are at low transaction cost hence maintain good relation with the clients. Their services will last long and even by 2022 research have shown that fashion and other online purchases will have increased; hence Allied Wallet is convenient and reliable. Through the Digital Agenda for Spain, there was an increase in the number of internet users thus high internet connectivity increasing the number of clients at Allied Wallet.

Dr. Khawaja has introduced Trustly and SOFORT services in Spain which provides instant, safe and secure bank transfer. These services processes more than 3 million monthly transactions involving more than 30, 00 online shoppers. Many people who experience the benefits of Allied Wallet have recommended others to join since it’s a solution to online transactions.

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March 10, 2019

2018 Proved Fortress Investment Group was a Good Get for SoftBank

What’s been made clear after 20 years of operation, it’s that Fortress Investment Group succeeds in the field of investment because they work undeterred by risk if the reward seems promising enough. It’s an approach that’s been rewarded time and again, growing them portfolio into an impressive collection of businesses that drew the attention of investors.

In the end it was SoftBank that won out and got control of the investment group’s $40 billion portfolio. But to more thoughtful observers, the real acquisition was Fortress Investment Group’s people and the approach to investing they developed while working to make bold decisions. This method of high risk and reward is why SoftBank hasn’t interfered in how they do business. Executives within the group remain in charge of daily functions, while SoftBank reclines in their seat on the board to receive updates.

2018 may appear to have been another typical year for Fortress Investment Group, despite big changes taking place behind the scenes. Two big acquisitions were made in South Florida last year. The first was mega food distributor SuperValu out in Pompano Beach. The other was a Tiffany & Co. store in a prime location in Palm Beach. Already there are plans to expand that second site to increase potential office space.

But in early 2018, it was made emphatically clear that the investment group was looking at industries for investment beyond real estate. In a series of interviews, CEO Rajeev Misra stated their interest in tech companies. More specifically, Fortress Investment Group would be looking into 100 tech companies in an effort to become their majority shareholders.

Misra’s plan was to get this done with the help of SoftBank’s Vision fund. This would allow them to scout tech companies that were already in their wheelhouse. This meant focusing on tech companies that were already servicing real estate needs and functions, like OpenDoor, Compass, and Katerra.

Long before they were acquired, Fortress Investment Group, made it clear to the investing world that they were interested in risky ventures that they would eventually turn out profitable for their investors. SoftBank was interested in that track record. Looking over their performance in 2018, it seems they got exactly that, and this investment group remains one with the talent and experience to keep growing a portfolio that matches their own excellence.

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March 10, 2019

Felipe Montoro Jens: Looking After Government Projects in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who is currently serving the Brazilian government. He developed skills in developing financial strategies for corporations and individuals, and he is also specializing in looking after architectural projects and determining if it is suitable to be used. He was tagged by the Brazilian government to work for them because of his skills in identifying areas that can be developed into a waste disposal unit, and he was also tasked to look after government projects and determine if the budget allocated is enough.

Back when he was in college, Felipe Montoro Jens took up a business degree. His alma mater, the Getulio Vargas Foundation, is one of the leading educational institutions in Brazil. He was trained at the institution how to develop business skills, and what he can do to become more competitive in the field of business. To further his ambition in becoming a relevant individual in the field of business, he decided to study at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, a top business school managed by Arizona State University. He was able to secure a job immediately after graduating, and he used the knowledge that he gained from his alma mater to become more competitive in the field of business. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to continue the conversation.

His relevance allowed the Brazilian government to contact him and asked him to serve the government. Knowing that his country needed him, he accepted the job from the government and went back to Brazil. Today, he is managing government projects across the country, tagging all important information about its condition. One of his recent project involvements would be the creation of a vast water supply for the remote communities in the country, and the supervision of the creation of multiple schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The government still has a lot of projects in store, and Felipe Montoro Jens is expected to perform his duty.