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August 12, 2018

Sheldon Lavin: A Step Ahead of the Rest

When he joined the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin set out to achieve sustainable food production. This goal has largely informed the decisions and improvements that the food processor has taken over the years. Their ability to bring on board cutting-edge technology without any hesitation has influenced the great success that the group has achieved throughout its illustrious history.

Sheldon Lavin became part of Otto & Sons, the initial name of the group, as a consultant back in 1970. He was made partner five years later as the firm sought to expand its territory. In the same year, the firm was rebranded to OSI Industries. He had initially served as a bank executive before fully joining the firm.

Throughout his tenure, he has overseen the massive growth that the company has experienced. It currently has 65 outlets distributed in 17 countries. It has also provided employment opportunities for more than 20,000 individuals. At the close of 2016 it had a net worth that totaled to $6.1 billion, a figure that is constantly on the rise.

Of all the assets that the company boasts of, Sheldon Lavin believes that it is their employees that make the greatest difference. They try as much as they can to make them feel at home. This ensures that the employees stick with them through thick and thin. In the long run, the firm is the greatest beneficiary as fulfilled employees guarantee impeccable results.


Sheldon Lavin has actively participated in the advancement of numerous noble causes around Chicago and on a national scale. He generously contributes both his time and money to these causes. The United Negro College Fund, the Jewish United Fund, the Sheba Foundation as well as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society are some of the charities that have enjoyed his generosity. The Ronald McDonald House Charity has him on their board of trustees.


His leadership style and impressive business acumen has seen him receive a host of awards including the Carlifornia Green Business Award as well as the Global Visionary award. RSM US LLP also awarded him with the Lifetime Achievement award three years ago.

Sheldon Lavin has demonstrated great character in his business and philanthropic engagements. It is no wonder that he ranks highly whenever savvy businessmen are discussed.

August 09, 2018

Dr. Mark McKenna is Changing the Future of Aesthetic Healthcare

In today’s fast-paced world where we can have quick access to all sorts of services, Dr. Mark McKenna asked an important question. Why can’t we have quick access to aesthetic treatments where and when we want them?

With this question in mind, Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME Cosmetics. This brand is poised to become the go to service for anyone looking to improve their look, whether it be from Botox injections, weight loss treatments or a litany of other options for looking your best. Even though aesthetic medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry, fast access can be limited and quality practitioners can be difficult to find. The OVME Cosmetics brand is utilizing tech tools and top-tier professionals to solve these major hurdles. This grand idea will help create a national network of easily accessible, expert clinicians that are available at your home and on your schedule.

Although he received his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna chose to follow the entrepreneurial path after working with his father after medical school. He started a real estate business in New Orleans that was highly successful. He decided to make a change after hurricane Katrina, which led him to relocate to Atlanta and start a fee-for-service aesthetic business called ShapeMed. The success of this business, which ended up being bought by LifeTime Fitness, led to his current venture.

Taking the fee-for-service model of ShapeMed and adding a technical edge to it shows the forward thinking of this young entrepreneur. OVME is able to add a huge network of aesthetic practitioners to its network very quickly by utilizing an app to attract practitioners looking to make money at times when they are not seeing patients in an office. The genius of the model allows clients to receive tailored aesthetic services like Botox from a local, licensed, professional almost anywhere the client wants. There is also a rating system for the providers with comments that allow clients to choose someone with a good history. The patients also receive an online consultation prior to the procedure all with the ease of an Uber-style app that is user friendly and adaptable to the changing needs of the company.

Taking into account the current trend of fast, personalized service and the public’s continued love of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna’s approach appears to fill a growing need. Time will tell if this idea can gain traction and become the nationwide brand this young entrepreneur envisions.

August 09, 2018

Adam Milstein Will Never Throw In The Towel

Adam Milstein means business when he talks about the plight of Jewish people. He has invested massive amounts of his time advocating for the plight of ethnic/religious Jews, as well as Israelis. He is from Israel and believes in the concept of Zionism. He believes that Zionism and the existence of Zion make up the plight of Jews. After all, according to Jewish theology, Jews are supposed return to a homeland in some Messianic event. Throughout Jewish literature, and even Jewish culture, there is a belief that Jews are meant to have their own land where “goys” are not around—or perhaps around in very few numbers or with very little influence.


This belief makes a lot of sense and is justified when you think about how Jews have been persecuted in every country where they have been a minority. It has come to a point where if non-Jewish groups of people and governments have a chip on their shoulder against Jews, then Jews should really have their own country where they can govern themselves and live among each other. This is what is meant in the Jewish holy books when it says that God wants Jews to have their own nation and that Israel is the place to be. Adam Milstein understands the whole justification and stands behind it.


Adam Milstein is regularly vocal about his topic of concern, and expresses his opinions in various ways and through various mediums. For example, there are some articles online that have been published by him. Also, he started two foundations in the effort of bringing the Israeli American community together. He makes his livelihood as a managing partner at a firm that deals with real estate—Hager Pacific Properties.


Adam Milstein is a gigantic optimist when it comes to the state of Jewry in the present and future. There are some pathetic people out there who think that Adam Milstein should just throw in the towel because it appears that Jewish identity is fading. However, he knows that quitting is for losers.

August 06, 2018

Achievements of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is the partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a famous boutique law firm based in New York, The company has been known for advising its clients on matters to do with compensations, they also help as management teams and CEOs advisors and also helping corporations during the execution of certain compensation and governance matters. They are usually invited to sensitive situations and also transformative corporate events. They have been of great value to the world’s biggest companies. Considering the low number of boutique lawyers across the globe, they have been able to have a wide range of client base and have managed to secure their positions in life.


Mr Jeremy Goldstein before founding his firm, he has managed to work with the world’s leading firm that is based in New York. He is a great scholar and has what it takes to take the world to the next to next. He is a great scholar and has done his level best towards making his career develop.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in so many transactions that have been milestones to many companies. He is a rare gem when it comes to matters compensation, and he has been on the frontline making sure that he works for the success of his career. His star of success in life has always been shining for the best, and he has never given up on his dreams.

Some of the companies that Jeremy has been involved in include The Dow Company/Eohm and Haas Company, Merck/Schering Plough, Sanofi-Aventis/ Genzyme, Oracle/ BEA Systems Inc, Duke Energy/ Progress Energy, Good Rick/ United Technologies, Westlake/ Axiall, Verizon Wireless/ ALLTEL Corporation, NYSE Grouo Inc./ Euronect and ,many others.


These are some of the companies he has had a chance to work with, and his efforts towards success in life can be witnessed everywhere. He has been on the frontline pushing for major changes in his career and has never given up on the good cause of success. His main efforts in life are to secure a good and a permanent space in life.


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August 02, 2018

Love and Basketball (Yanni Hufnagel)

Yanni Hufnagel is the former assistant coach of Vanderbilt’s Men’s Basketball team. Prior to joining Vanderbilt, Hufnagel spent his time working for Harvard and led the school to consecutive 20-win seasons, consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, and an Ivy League title. Hufnagel has found success everywhere he has gone and it all ties back to his origins. Hufnagel received a bachelor’s from Cornell University in Industrial and Labor relations. He later went on to receive a Master’s in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Hufnagel began his coaching career at Oklahoma as a graduate assistant. Hufnagel amassed plenty of experience before taking up this mantle. That experience made the transition seamless. Hufnagel had experience working as an intern with the New Jersey Nets, and as a student manager at Cornell University. It would go to say that Hufnagel is passionate about basketball. Hufnagel has helped change the lives of many. Through his mentorship, recruitment, and development he has influenced the future. Most notable of those that Hufnagel influenced are Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. Both players have gone on to have success careers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Blake Griffin went on to become the first pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers. Jeremy Lin went undrafted but eventually ended up with the Golden State Warriors. Hufnagel has been able to be in positions like these because of his hard work. Hufnagel is an active recruiter and has had several of his recruitment classes ranked in the top 50 by the likes of CBS Sports, ESPN, Rivals, and Hufnagel has since moved on from Vanderbilt and has continued to actively recruit and coach. Hufnagel’s has last worked at the University of California and the University of Nevada. He looks to continue doing the thing he loves.

July 31, 2018

Here’s what you need to know about Anil Chaturvedi

Finding a banker you can trust can be tricky. Fortunately, Anil Chaturvedi offers a variety of services for consumers who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy banker they can count on. If you’ve been searching for a bank or banker you can trust, you understand just how important it is to choose someone who is reliable and trustworthy. It’s also important to select a banker with a strong background in economics so you can get the assistance, the guidance, and the care that you need to succeed financially.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University in Indiana in order to become a banker. He studied economics in college, where he graduated with honors. Later, he pursued his MBA in order to learn more about banking and economics. His strong background in economics has given Anil the information and the skills he needs to guide others to success.


It was later, when he started working in the State Bank of India, that Anil began pursuing his career in marketing. He was named “Man of the Year” for his work at the State Bank of India. While it’s not easy learning how to manage and take control of banking in an efficient and effective way, Anil managed to do an incredible job expanding the marketing offerings of the bank.


Anil Chaturvedi now works at Hinduja Bank as the marketing director. His position enables him to engage in highly efficient marketing techniques and tactics designed to guide the firm to a successful future. For consumers looking for ways to efficiently invest for a solid financial future, Anil’s company may hold the perfect answers. Anil Chaturvedi’s experience as a marketing professional enables him to make economically sound decisions that will continue to guide the company to success in the future.

July 26, 2018

Cash is The Debt Killing King in Australia

The whole goal of getting out of debt is simplified if you are willing to cut up the credit cards and use cash only. This advice comes straight from the desk of Graeme Holm, Director of Infinity Group Australia. The financial service is backed by Mr. Holm’s 17 years of experience in the banking industry. He backs up what he says. His advice is summed up in the following key points.


  1. Stop Using Credit Cards – You must stop using credit cards because it all comes down to psychology and it is extremely easy to just spend the money when it is someone else’s.


  1. Cash is Simple – Everyone talks about getting on a budget, but if you are spending money and not keeping track of interest on cards, then it will quickly spin out of control.


  1. Don’t Buy on The Fever – If you cannot afford it then it should not be purchased. Many purchases simply are bought with emotion and this can be eliminated if cash is used alone.


  1. Consumer debt is bad debt – If you are spending money that you do not have, then it is almost impossible not to slip down the slippery rabbit hole of consumer debt.


  1. Technology can fail – You may walk around a store and get all your groceries in one basket. What happens if you get to the register and the machine doesn’t work? Fail again. Cash is technology fail proof.


  1. Extra change in the Piggy Bank – All those extra coins can quickly pile up and if you keep them together in one spot, then you will be able to have a nice payday after a short while.


The truth is pretty simple when it comes down to the math. If you are needing to eliminate debt, then you must stop putting yourself into more debt and get into a financially stable position. More debt is just more money that you have to pay back. So, go with cash and save yourself a headache and the heartache of being a slave to debt.

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July 26, 2018

The Career Path of Chris Burch and the Making of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch is the founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a firm that exists for the sole purpose of providing funding, advice, and supports for new businesses that have fresh ideas and inventions, all to augment their launch into the market. Chris Burch has a long history in business involving all areas through founding, acquisition, and development of multiple businesses and brands. From luxury resorts to prefabricated tiny homes, his preferred market area is in lifestyle-focused products and consumer experiences. Aside from corporate activities, he also leverages his businesses’ profits toward philanthropic activities around the world from hospitals to child welfare initiatives.

In an interview, Burch gave a bit of insight into how he does business and where the idea for Burch Creative Capital came from. He states that he is a very curious individual, who continuously studies the world around him. After succeeding in business as a young adult, he was inspired to assist other entrepreneurs with original ideas get started. While traveling around the Americas, Chris Burch tries to insure that he works with passionate people who are willing to go above and beyond to make ideas become reality. While he actively encourages others to pursue their passions and make their ideas a reality and bring them into the market, he does not encourage them to do so blindly as he states, “My advice is always to listen”. Burch also admits to having failed thousands of times, but to him each failure was a lesson that granted him new understanding which he could then use to try again.

Burch also talks about having to constantly be in the mind of the consumer, and he claims he does so more through gadgetry than software. However, he primarily utilizes his favorite gadgets to access online podcasts and audio books to keep up with, and ultimately better understand, his consumers, refer to (

In the end, he concludes that failure is an opportunity to gain better understanding of a process and then be able to use that understanding to do better the next time. He also states that he has no regrets, aside from the possibility that he may not have been as confident in his youth as he should have been. Now, with all his experiences and life lessons, he has the opportunity and ability to assist other young entrepreneurs to confidently enter the market through his firm, Burch Creative Capital, according to

July 26, 2018

Dr. Saad Saad Continues To Save Many Children’s Lives Thanks To His Inventions

For more than forty years, Dr. Saad Saad has performed several pediatric surgeries. Most of these surgeries are complex but Saad has over the time tried to make them less painful. While it has not been to do so, Saad has always remained focused. In the end, through his two inventions, millions of children in the world can now go to the operation table without fear. the aim of his inventions is to lower or even remove the use of several tests that children go through prior to a surgery.




  1. Saad Saad’s Early Life



Saad has lived in several countries. He was born in Lebanon. However, as a young man, he spends his life together with his other siblings and parents in Kuwait. After some time, he was forced to live the rest of his family and move elsewhere. This time, Saad went to Egypt. While here, Saad Saad joined Cairo University. He studied medicine and graduated with a medical degree. After his graduation, Dr. Saad left for England. He moved to Europe to do his internship. While he was doing his internship in England, Dr. Saad Saad thought it nice to further his education in the medical field. The best way to do so was to move to the United States of America. When he landed in the U.S. Saad studied pediatric surgery. After passing through rigorous tests, he finally became a certified resident pediatric surgeon.




Many Years of Service




For many years, Dr. Saad has helped his community in New Jersey. His services also include many children as well as young adults who live in Holyland. On several occasions, Dr. Saad accepted many medical missions that included volunteering and paid. First, he did four missions locally. Later, the surgeon would accept the invitation to travel to West Bank as well as Jerusalem to help children who needed complex surgeries. Dr. Saad made eight such missions to the Middle East. He would do many of these complex surgeries free. While on all these missions, both home and away, Saad would see how his patients would go through a lot of pain.




For this reason, Dr. Saad Saad invented Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device (Patent No. 5,727,553), and the Methods and Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area through the Endoscope (Patent No. 5,725,478).

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July 18, 2018

Michael Lacey – Inspiring a new generation of Mathematicians

Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959, in Abilene, Texas. His passion for math and to teach it in a way that is different from the general perception has made him an extremely valuable asset to the mathematical world.

Michael Lacey, who took his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas in 1981 would go on to take his PhD. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, Urbana Illinois under the supervision and the watchful eye of Dr Walter Phillip, attaining his PhD. in 1987. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Almost immediately, Dr Lacey would join Louisiana State University as an Assistant Professor, staying with the Baton Rouge-based university for only a year before heading over to Indiana State University in Bloomington where he would stay for the next 7 years.

After his stay at Indiana State University, he would then get recruited as an Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atalanta and would start working without tenure before finally getting his tenure in 1998.

In 2001, Michael Lacey would take over as a Full Professor, teaching many courses like the honors courses on Probability and Statistics, Calculus, among many others. In 2017, he would earn the position of the Associate Chair for Faculty while continuing to work as a Full Professor and even be involved with a nationwide distance learning program.

Author of over a 100 published works that include books and journals, Michael Lacey has been involved in teaching and mathematics his whole life and brings with him the wealth of experience and knowledge only few can fathom. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

His innovative approach to teaching which includes making the class work with each other to tackle problems and even imparting a mindset that enables his students to think at a higher level, making sure the class is truly life-changing.

His approach to things, be it mathematical problems or life, has enabled his students to learn from someone that takes complex topics and simplifies them to the level anyone could understand by using examples they can relate to.

People like Michael have shown that teaching is much more than imparting information, a huge part of teaching is inspiring the next generation. Michael Lacey continues to do just that by mentoring doctoral and post-doc students as well as continuing his position as a Full Professor at Georgia Tech University.